PROFILE: Hudson Taylor Take The Time To “Care”

Taylor made.

Taylor made.

Take two boys from Ireland who look like models, give them some guitars and a fan base of thousands and you have a blueprint for one of the top new talents around. At just 19 and 21 years old, respectively, the siblings of Hudson Taylor are destined for some big action in 2014. After opening for other bands over the past few years, like British quartet Lawson, they’ll be setting out on a run of shows all on their own in the next few months. However, the guys still have one thing eludes them: breaking the U.S. market. With their newrelease “Care”, that could all change very quickly. If you hear the potential that I did listening to it for the first time, you know how large it could be.

The duo of Alfie and Harry Hudson-Taylor grew up on the streets of Dublin in a household full of entertainers. They busked their way around and crafted a set of original songs, releasing their debut EP, Battles, in August of last year. It topped the iTunes charts in their home country and cracked the top 20 in the United Kingdom. Another EP, Cinematic Lifestyle, followed in November. The two EPs were pulled, than rereleased to digital retailers last month after the two signed to Polydor Records, their first major label deal. Now in the process of recording for their first full-length album, Hudson Taylor is out with yet a third EP, titled Osea. It will be released on October 13 in Europe with no Stateside issue at the moment, though they do have the 4-track release Chasing Rubies which is available here.

If you’re an avid music video fan, “Care” is being featured on YouTube at the moment on a playlist titled Devil’s Resting Place along with other songs by John Newman and Tom Odell, so may just see it pop up on the sidebar of your page. It’s amassed over 130,000 views so far in the three full days its been up, which is outstanding considering that it’s about to pass a video for their song “Battles”, which has been up for a year. Like a lot of Polydor releases, most are distributed through Interscope and A&M in the United States, and this finds the two on an Interscope sublabel, Cherrytree Records, which is also home to Ellie Goulding, Sting and many others.

So, why should “Care” be the song that carries them in the U.S.? At the moment, Cherrytree doesn’t have a big single on the AAA, or Triple A survey, full of other singer-songwriters and independent acts. Hudson Taylor would be a perfect fit there. The song’s musically accessible and lyrically relatable, about a guy who is love struck over a girl who doesn’t understand that her current flame isn’t the right choice. Whether that’s just his opinion or what he’s actually observing, I guess that decision is to made by the listener. He cautions her, “Think a little harder when you’re feeling all alone/For heaven’s sake, I have been screaming at you all the time… he’s been cheating on you, messing with your head/I only say it ’cause I care.” It’s folk and indie rock, but it’s also poppy enough to stand out and get its message across in under three minutes in length. It’s capable of picking up major airplay at AAA, followed by a release to Alternative and Hot AC radio. It’s bursting with not only sincerity, but a ton of appeal as well. First, however, it needs to be made available for purchase. Then, we can all watch it explode.

At this point, the duo doesn’t have any plans to start touring in the United States. This fall, they’ll be all over England and Ireland on tour, first as a support act for the Irish band Kodaline and then headlining their own shows, which will probably be followed by the album. When the chance comes for that Stateside arrival to emerge, however, they should grab it and hold on tight. Sharing is caring, and since I “care” enough about them, let’s get the ball rolling and see where Hudson Taylor land on their worldwide trip to the top.

Purchase Hudson Taylor‘s “Care”. / Pre-order Hudson Taylor‘s Osea EP. (Both are U.K. iTunes only.)

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