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TOP TEN: A New Direction

The Zayn event.

The Zayn event.

Yesterday, it was announced that Zayn Malik would be leaving the hugely successful boy band One Direction, which brings the act down to a quartet for the remainder of their current tour and forthcoming fifth studio album, which is expected out in the later part of the year. In a statement, Malik said, in part, that he is exiting to be “a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight.” He also wishes his four bandmates well: “I know they will continue to be the best band in the world.” Of course, this led to immediate speculation that Malik could pursue a solo career and that the group of four could split entirely at some point, but let’s take the wait and see approach with those two thoughts. This is still fresh.

As a quintet, One Direction launched over a dozen singles into the top 40 on various charts around the world, including on my own chart. Though the future isn’t entirely clear, for the current time, these are the top ten songs (so far) from the former X Factor contestants on my top 40:

*** Rankings are based on year-end point totals from 2011 onward; “Night Changes” total is as of the chart dated March 22, 2015

10. “Kiss You”
Album: Take Me Home (2012)
Peak: #9

09. “Best Song Ever”
Album: Midnight Memories (2013)
Peak: #10

08. “Gotta Be You”
Album: Up All Night (2012, U.S. release)
Peak: #11

07. “Little Things”
Album: Take Me Home (2012)
Peak: #10

06. “Steal My Girl”
Album: FOUR (2014)
Peak: #7

05. “Live While We’re Young”
Album: Take Me Home (2012)
Peak: #2

04. “Night Changes”
Album: FOUR (2014)
Peak: #5 for two weeks

03. “One Thing”
Album: Up All Night (2012, U.S. release)
Peak: #5

02. “Story Of My Life”
Album: Midnight Memories (2013)
Peak: #1 for three weeks

01. “What Makes You Beautiful”
Album: Up All Night (2012, U.S. release)
Peak: #3 for two weeks

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