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ON THE RISE: Cool Cuts From The ‘Cloud II

As you may or may not know, the newest PGTC experiment is the SoundCloud page, where you can find both the songs on my personal chart and up-and-coming uploads from independent and small label acts. Since I certainly can’t fit everything I want to on the blog, PGTC on SoundCloud gives you even more of an opportunity to be interactive with all of the tuneage I’m jamming out to. Last time around, I highlighted songs by CARLA, Fantastic Fantastic, Little Deed, Night Sports and The Young Wild. Now, here are five more acts to add onto your playlist:

Girls Who CareGIRLS WHO CARE – “Out Here”
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

The four guys and one girl who comprise this Michigan group have been posting demos online since 2011, but it’s this song that’s racked up attention thanks to its solid 80’s synthpop vibe and inclusion on some larger independent music websites. Granted, the sound is all over the place, but I don’t think the group will get lost in the shuffle. More tunes are coming soon.

In-Flight SafetyIN-FLIGHT SAFETY – “Animals”
Hometown: Sackville, New Brunswick,, Canada

Founded over a decade ago, the Canadian duo of John Mullane and Glen Nicholson, along with some additional pals, return with their third album Conversationist in just under a month. “Animals” is a great slice of guitar-driven indie rock, catering well to the Alternative crowd. The group next hits the U.S. in October for the annual CMJ Music Festival in New York City.

Nick RavenNICK RAVEN – “Strange Days”
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

A few months ago, this singer from the capital of New Zealand released a single titled “Nineteen Fifty Three”, which caught the attention of both music blogs in his native country and elsewhere. Now, he returns with this cut, which is growing quite faster than his previous release. The fantastic acoustic sound of it is reminiscent of classic R.E.M. and Tears For Fears.

TROVESTROVES – “Youth In Decay”
Hometown: Brighton, England

Here’s a new trio out of Brighton, also the hometown of one of my favorite acts of the past year and a half, Passenger. The three are serving a similar flavor to several female-fronted acts on the Alternative scene at the moment, like CHVRCHES and Haim, but the online buzz is already building. Plus, it helps that they have such a thought-provoking title. Good stuff.

Hometown: London, England

This looks to be the debut single from the English duo consisting of two men, Nick and Henry. They’ve been recording and performing live for at least a year and a half, according to their social media accounts. “Race” recently garnered airplay on Absolute Radio and BBC Radio 1. Take a strong chorus and a commercial sound and this track has legs in the musical race.

In case you need some more pop picks, check out the following…
“Break Away” by Nick Klein, a hip-hoppin’ new song from this Netherlands singer/songwriter.
“Just A Memory” by Billy Who, a chill pop song from this mysterious new male-female Swedish duo.
“Weekend” by VÉRITÉ, the second standout single from this future pop princess based in New York City.

For more great music (at least I’d like to think so) and/or to get in touch, you can find the appropriate link above or click the “About Us” section to email your act in. Until next time, keep making those tunes.

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