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Adam’s Top 100 of 2013: #10, Michael Bublé – “It’s A Beautiful Day”

Pop the Bublé.

Pop the Bublé ’cause it’s party time.

First Chart Entry: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?” (#21, 2003)
Biggest Hit To Date: “Haven’t Met You Yet” (#1 for five weeks, 2009-10)

#1 for four weeks, 24 weeks in the top 40

Music Video:

Why be sad over a breakup when you can just parade in the streets about it? That’s part of the concept of the video for this hit from Michael Bublé, a poppy and peppy track that just makes you want to smile and wipe those blues away.

From his #1 album To Be Loved, “Beautiful” was cowritten by Bublé, Alan Chang and Amy Foster, and produced by Bob Rock. The single debuted on February 25 and it immediately impacted my top 40, rising quickly to #1 on the chart dated April 14 and spending four weeks there, tied for his second-longest run at the top. (2007 single “Everything” also achieved the same amount of time there.) With a quick rise also came a quick fall as the song failed to make as significant an outcome nationally as “Haven’t Met You Yet” made three years prior. Still, it went top 10 on his core radio format, Adult Contemporary, and once again provided the soccer moms (and maybe even chart geeks) with something to sing along to.

“Beautiful” also garnered some pretty beautiful peaks worldwide, going top ten in several European countries like Belgium, Finland and the United Kingdom. The current U.S. single from the effort is “Close Your Eyes”, which is doing moderately well on the AC airwaves. “After All”, a duet with fellow Canadian Bryan Adams, and a cover of “You Make Me Feel So Young” have also received the single treatment in Europe, but to little chart activity.

Congrats Michael on another great hit! His worldwide tour picks up again January 11 in Paris, France.

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The “Feel” Of Fall: Just A Touch Of New Pop

There comes a time every year when the wind becomes colder and leaves fall off the trees, but luckily, things are just heating up on the fall music scene, a land which isn’t barren at all. These two acts hail from two different musical landscapes, but their music resonates with millions of people, who this week will likely be raking up loose branches and even stringing together some Christmas lights. That is life in suburbia, but this is life on the charts. “Feel” these two new releases out:

Layin' it on Thicke.

Layin’ it on Thicke.

ROBIN THICKE (featuring KENDRICK LAMAR) – “Feel Good”
Release Date: November 12 (CHR radio) / Label: Star Trak/Interscope

It wouldn’t be a proper look back at 2013 without acknowledging the huge impact that Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, featuring Pharrell and T.I., had on the airplay and sales charts, and most of all, pop culture. From the viral video to the countless appearances and maybe a big number which featured the singer in a suit straight out of Beetlejuice with Miley Cyrus rubbing against him, you can’t deny that the song was the biggest hit of this year, whether you love it or you hate it. It’ll forever be his signature song. Unfortunately, followup single “Give It 2 U”, which also featured Lamar, stalled out recently on the charts due to dropping sales and the steady airplay of “Blurred”. It just wasn’t meant to be. Now comes this third mainstream single from the album; the original version features just Thicke only, while the remix with Compton rapper has yet to be released, but should be out closer to the adds date. Some people are getting hung up on the fact that this was produced and co-written by will.i.am, and while I’m generally not a fan of his, this is a disco smash, from that funky and fresh beat to the thin, high-pitched vocals reminiscent of early Prince. You’re going to boogie down into the new year. While it can’t compete with “Blurred”, this is another great surprise from the talented soulful singer.

No way to "Close" the era.

“Young” single, older album.

MICHAEL BUBLÉ – “You Make Me Feel So Young”
Release Date: December 2 (United Kingdom) / Label: 143/Reprise

2013 was also quite a year for Mr. Bublé, who finds himself touring around the U.S. until the end of the month before racking up some frequent flyer miles in Europe early next year. Not only did he gain another #1 album this year which earned a Gold certification, but he also welcomed his first child into the world, a son named Noah. Well, now, the Canadian singer has a new release internationally, which I’m sure he’ll be performing to those sold-out crowds. “Young” is the fourth European single from the crooner’s most recent album To Be Loved, following “It’s A Beautiful Day”, “Close Your Eyes”, and a collaboration with Bryan Adams, “After All”. “Beautiful” has become the only hit of the bunch, either a big or moderate success depending on what territory you’re examining, so there’s likely little chance that this will come in and reignite the era at least in terms of high peaks and sales. However, he has a great take on a Frank Sinatra classic, originally introduced in the 1946 film Three Little Girls In Blue. The orchestra sounds impeccable on this one; big band fever is in full swing, and Bublé couldn’t sound any better on this album opener and highlight. Rich in tone and character, it’ll absolutely be a winner with the older audiences who know the original, and perhaps a few youngsters as well.

Let me know which “Feel” single you’re feeling the most with a comment below or on social media: find our Facebook and Twitter page in the “Get Social!” tab.

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“Eyes” On The Prize: Pop Goes To The Pupils

To see or not to see… that’s not really a question, but it is the subject of today’s post. Two songs are taking the field with “eyes” in their song titles: two very different artists from two very different countries going to two very different formats. Whether you’re swaying to the summer breeze of a pop melody or swaying to the dreamy flavor of a romantic rendezvous, we’ve got all sorts of mood music packed up for the beach and the boats. So, take a swim into this look at two new singles and put your goggles on. Your eyes are going to need them. Let’s go on then.

"Pretty" serious stuff.

“Pretty” serious stuff.

CODY SIMPSON – “Pretty Brown Eyes”
Release Date: at radio now

16-year-old Cody Simpson has been recording for three years now, releasing his first single in Australia back in 2010, “iYiYi”, featuring Flo Rida. He’s gained a pretty large fanbase, and since 2011, has been managed by Scooter Braun, who also manages teen singer Justin Bieber. After a few EPs and one studio album last year called Paradise, Simpson is back with a second full-length release in stores on July 16, titled Surfer’s Paradise. I guess he really likes the idea of chilling in a pleasurable place. This is the first single from it, which is not a hot Mint Condition cover (for those of you 90’s fans out there), and was issued to mainstream radio during this past week. In a world of Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone and Conor Maynard, among other young male singers, Simpson has struggled just as the latter two have to break the American scene, especially when it comes to radio. Two of his prior singles have been serviced here, one in the summer of 2011 (“On My Mind”) and one late last year (“Wish U Were Here” featuring Becky G) that have struggled to pick up airplay and never really go anywhere with limited larger market support. A video for the song premiered late last month and has amassed three million views on YouTube thus far. It’s your typical summer video with Simpson shirtless at the pool, trying to impress a few ladies that just happen to be there. We’ll see if the results for this single are “pretty” for Mr. Simpson and crew.

No way to "Close" the era.

No way to “Close” the era.

MICHAEL BUBLÉ – “Close Your Eyes”
Release Date: June 24 (U.K.)

It’s been several months since singer Michael Bublé began on a peppy note with the lead single from To Be Loved: the international hit, “It’s A Beautiful Day”. It’s still going strong here in the U.S. at several music formats. Now comes word via a weekly release schedule that Bublé is moving onto a second single overseas. “Close Your Eyes” is a change of pace from that first release, a full-fledged ballad that’s based around a piano and string accompaniment before gradually adding guitar and drum. The song was co-written by our favorite Canadian crooner, long-time collaborator Alan Chang (who has been behind all of his original song releases) and, in a bit of a surprise, Jann Arden. She’s another Canadian singer, far more successful in her native country, but best known in the States for her 1996 hit in which she looks for some advice to give on how to be “Insensitive”. It went to #12 on the Hot 100. (Sadly, Bublé has never been that high, only going to #24 with his biggest single to date, “Haven’t Met You Yet”.) This choice should come as no surprise to his diehard fans; it’s a favorite among them, with a tender lyrics about a woman who is “one of a kind… an angel dressed an armor/You’re my life and my safe harbor.” Though “Close Your Eyes” only has a release date in Europe at this point, it will likely serve as the second single in the United States as well once 143 and Reprise stop pushing “Beautiful” at radio. His American tour begins in September.

What song will you be keeping your “eyes” on this summer? Don’t blink or you might miss them topping the charts. Comment below or find me on Twitter: @AdamFSoybel.

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SINGLE PREMIERE: Michael Bublé – “It’s A Beautiful Day” (+ Lyrics)

That's what makes you "Beautiful".

That’s what makes you “Beautiful”.

Our favorite Canadian crooner is back! 37-year-old Michael Bublé returns with his first regular studio album in three-and-a-half years, To Be Loved, which is out on April 23 here in the States. Of course, his 2011 seasonal release, Christmas, rocked the charts once again this past holiday season, with two singles from it being released to radio: “Cold December Night” and a virtual duet with Bing Crosby, “White Christmas”. They both did particularly well on his core format, adult contemporary radio. I’m sure you caught his NBC special as well. However, we’ve been due for some original music from the guy for a few years now. It’s been over two years since “Hollywood” was released and I loved that one a lot. It peaked at #1 on my chart for two weeks, his third song to make it to the top. Now, our first taste of some new selections from the album comes via the first single from the effort, a sunny little single called “It’s A Beautiful Day”. It’s one of several original songs on the album, which includes duets with Bryan Adams, Naturally 7 and Reese Witherspoon. There are some interesting cover choices as well, though it appears we’re getting more original content from him this time around than on previous albums. More information about that is on iTunes, which you’ll see a link for below.

This song essentially picks up where “Haven’t Met You Yet” left off, except that now Bublé has met the girl, it sounds like she ain’t all that. She wants to be friends, but he’s played that game before and he’s heard it all. Plus, she ends up running off! Rude. I mean, too bad for her. Even if this ends up being your new soft rock break-up song, it’s surprisingly cheerful. He’s happy that she’s out of his life. He wants to be free. It’s like everything around him turns into a musical where he’s the star. I can see the video already. He struts through the streets, patrons twirling out of restaurants with plates in hand, cyclists in formation on each side of him. It would be a flash mob like no other. Hey, maybe it will happen. In the end, I guess he got his wish. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and Mr. Rogers didn’t even need to stop by. How charming. He has a smooth mix of drum, guitar, piano and some strings behind him at times, but it all blends together into a musical masterpiece that will please all of Bublé’s fans. I mean, how can you not smile when he’s smiling too?

Look for this one to, not shockingly at all, be a huge seller and a good-sized hit on the adult contemporary survey. If “Yet” could crossover to CHR radio, maybe this one will have a chance closer to the summer months. The format’s taking more chances now then when that prior single was a hit, so it bodes well for him. Until then, get your fill with the link and lyrics below. Have a “beautiful” time listening!

Listen to a 90 second preview of the song.


I don’t know why
You think that you could hold me
When you can’t get by by yourself
And I don’t know who
Would ever want to tear the seam of someone’s dream
Baby, it’s fine, you said that we should just be friends
Well, I came up with that line and I’m sure
That it’s for the best
If you ever change your mind, don’t hold your breath

‘Cause you may not believe
That baby, I’m relieved
When you said goodbye, my whole world shined

Hey hey hey
It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling
If I’m drinking, then I’m buying
And I know there’s no denying
It’s a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music’s playing
And even if it started raining
You won’t hear this boy complaining
‘Cause I’m glad that you’re the one that got away
It’s a beautiful day

It’s my turn to fly, so girls, get in line
‘Cause I’m easy, no playing this guy like a fool
Now I’m alright
Might’ve had me caged before, but not tonight

‘Cause you may not believe
That baby, I’m relieved
This fire inside, it burns too bright
I don’t want to say “so long”, I just want to say “goodbye”

It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling
If I’m drinking, then I’m buying
And I know there’s no denying
It’s a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music’s playing
And even if it started raining
You won’t hear this boy complaining
‘Cause I’m glad that you’re the one who got away

‘Cause if you ever think I’ll take up
My time with thinking of our break-up
Then, you’ve got another thing coming your way
‘Cause it’s a beautiful day
Beautiful day
Oh, baby, any day that you’re gone away
It’s a beautiful day

For more song premieres, follow the blog by clicking the tab below or follow me on Twitter: @AdamFSoybel.

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