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ADAM’S TOP 100 OF 2015: #10, #09 and #08

Pop 'til you drop.

Pop ’til you drop.

Here it is, the annual countdown of the top 100 hits based on my weekly personal charts from the first week of December in 2014 to the last week of November in 2015. It was another great year for both chart veterans and newcomers, novelty hits and timeless ballads, country, pop, rock, and everything in between. We have them all, from “Hello” to “No Good In Goodbye”. Now, it is time to say “hello” to the Top 100 and “goodbye” to the year that was 2015.

Are we ready for the top ten, boys and girls? We’ll reveal three songs today, three tomorrow, two on Tuesday and the final two on Wednesday. Get excited, because here come the songs that rank at #10, #09 and #08 for the year 2015…

010. ROMANS – “Uh Huh”
Label: Roc Nation
Album: Overthinking – Part 1 (EP)
Peak: #1 for two weeks
Top 40 Weeks: 24

Singer, songwriter and producer Sam Roman has collaborated with acts such as Disclosure, Mary J. Blige, Naughty Boy and Olly Murs, but 2015 was his year to shine as a main-credited artist, and he did. “Uh Huh” was an exciting and energetic surprise.

On My Chart: “Uh Huh” immediately debuted at #3 Next In Line on the chart dated May 24, then came into the top 40 at #36 a week later. It hit the top ten in its sixth week and #1 in its 11th week (August 9) on the chart. After its run at the top, it began a slow descent down the top ten, then fell more rapidly once it exited that region. By the chart of November 15, it was out of the top 40.

On The Charts: This song went to two U.S. radio formats, Hot AC and Triple A, and though it picked up a handful of stations on both panels, it was not a hit on either one. However, it’s been spun nearly 1.3 million times on Spotify.

Gavin James
009. GAVIN JAMES – “The Book Of Love”
Label: Capitol
Album: Bitter Pill
Peak: #1 for two weeks
Top 40 Weeks: 25

24-year-old Dublin-born James made his debut on my chart this year, and the Irish singer managed to score two top ten singles in a row. (“Bitter Pill” came in at #46.) His album Bitter Pill recently debuted at #5 in his home country, though it’s not out here yet.

On My Chart: “Book” was first put into rotation beneath my chart during the last week of March and then made the top 40 four weeks later. It entered the top ten in its seventh week. On the chart dated July 19, it climbed 2-1 in its 13th week on. After a second frame at the top, it began falling down the top 40 until the week of October 18, when it fell out after a 25 week total on the chart.

On The Charts: Though “Book” was serviced to Triple A radio in the U.S., it didn’t chart at the format. However, it did make the top 40 on the Belgian and Dutch charts. It’s amassed over 9.2 million streams at Spotify across studio and live versions.

Walk The Moon
008. WALK THE MOON – “Different Colors”
Label: RCA
Album: Talking Is Hard
Peak: #1 for one week
Top 40 Weeks: 26

After hitting #6 on my survey in 2012 with “Anna Sun”, this Ohio quartet came back with a bang in the fall of 2014 with a giant hit, “Shut Up And Dance”, becoming one of the biggest crossover records of 2015. This splashy single followed it to the top of my list.

On My Chart: This hit from the band came in at #7 Next In Line for the week of April 26 and then entered at #40 the next week. Reaching the top ten in its eighth week, it took until its 14th week (August 2) to spend its sole frame at the top of my listing. By the week of November 1, it was off after a 26 week run, marking the group’s second consecutive single to reach the half-year mark.

On The Charts: “Different” was a success at the group’s core format, Alternative, where it peaked at #6 in October. It also made it to #40 on the Hot AC chart. In both cases, its performance was hindered by massive recurrent play of “Shut Up And Dance”.

Tomorrow, we go higher into the top ten, so check back then! You can always follow and listen to the Top 100 reveal on Spotify.

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