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ADAM’S TOP 100 OF 2012 – #07 to #05 (Post 9 of 11)

From now until New Year’s Eve, I’ll be counting down my top 100 songs of the year. Every week, I make a top 40 list, and each position gets a certain amount of points, plus, I add in some extra points for weeks at #1, which goes towards their yearly total. The survey period is from December 4, 2011 to November 25, 2012. Ties are broken by (1) peak position, then (2) weeks at peak position, and then (3) number of weeks on chart should it go that far. Let’s jump back into the top ten at #7.

Here comes the "Sun".

Here comes the “Sun”.

007. GRAFFITI6 – “Stare Into The Sun”
ALBUM: Colours // LABEL: N.W. Free/Capitol
PEAK: #1 for three weeks // WEEKS ON: 28 // POINTS: 798

We just had fun. and Janelle Monae at #8 with “We Are Young”, and credited as the orchestration producer on the track is Tommy Danvers, who is also one half of the duo in the #7 slot, Graffiti6, along with lead singer Jamie Scott. The two are based out of London, England and they’ve been playing together since 2009. They released their first album, Colours, in their native U.K. in the fall of 2010 before it eventually made it to our U.S. shores in January 2012. Their first single to hit my chart, “Free”, is yet to come in the top ten of the year, but this was the followup single to it, which became a top 20 hit at Adult Alternative radio here in the States. “Stare” was an instant impact record on my chart, debuting in the #40 position on March 11, 2012 without any time in the Next In Line or In The Mix. It was quite the slow riser and for a while, I thought it would peak somewhere in the top 20 without making the top 10. Then, all of a sudden, it got a burst of energy in late May. After crawling to #11, it climbed to #8, then to #3 the next week, and by June 10, it was spending its first of three weeks at #1. After 28 weeks in the top 40 by mid-September, the sun set on the single, but the duo plans to release some new material in 2013, so it won’t be long before the sun is shining again. By the way, take a look at the video when you get a chance. It’s a trippy little clip that matches the throwback vibe of the song. No kaleidoscope is needed; they’ll provide one for free.

Fifty shades of "Way".

Fifty shades of “Way”.

006. TRAIN – “50 Ways To Say Goodbye”
ALBUM: California 37 // LABEL: Columbia/Sony
PEAK: #2 for six weeks // WEEKS ON: 28 // POINTS: 845

Okay, listen, if your song is called “50 Ways To Say Goodbye”, I’m expecting fifty ways. Sadly, there are only eleven. That’s alright, however, it’s more ways than Paul Simon mentioned in “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” (he only got up to five.) Train broke out the mariachi band for their second hit from California 37 before they gave them one way to say goodbye: a pink slip. Luckily, it was a catchy enough song that I’m sure the performance royalties will be piling up by the peso into 2013. The song bowed on my Next In Line on May 6, 2012 while “Drive By” was still in the top ten and debuted at #38 on the chart dated May 27. It finally reached the #2 spot August 19, but was held out of the top spot by two separate #1 songs: “Some Nights” by fun. for four weeks and “Good Time” by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen for two weeks. Its sixth and final week at #2, on the chart dated September 23, was two days before the beginning of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, which is name-checked in the lyrics of the song. (In verse 2, “She’ll think I’m Superman, not Super Minivan / How could you leave on Yom Kippur?”) Six weeks in the runner-up spot isn’t a record, by the way: as I mentioned earlier, Andy Grammer‘s “Keep Your Head Up” spent eight weeks at #2 last year. The song descended the chart pretty quickly from there, but it managed to stay on for 28 weeks, exiting in early December. Third single “Mermaid” looks like it will be an easy top ten in a few weeks. We won’t be saying “Goodbye” that easily to Train, however…

The Train pulls into the station one last time...

Seeing double? They’ll “Drive” you crazy.

005. TRAIN – “Drive By”
ALBUM: California 37 // LABEL: Columbia/Sony
PEAK: #1 for three weeks // WEEKS ON: 27 // POINTS: 868

You say “Goodbye” and I say Hello… again. The guys manage to make it two songs in a row in the top ten. The band has never made my year-end top ten before, so to score with two songs in one year is outstanding. (The closest they’ve come up to now is last year, when “Marry Me” was #15. “Hey, Soul Sister” would’ve easily been in had its run not been split between 2009 and 2010.) “Drive By” made its first appearance In The Mix on January 8, 2012 shortly after they premiered their song on YouTube. The following week, January 15, it made a stellar debut all the way up at #29.  By February 5, it was already up to #7, though it slowed down a bit from there and didn’t make it up to #1 until April 1, but it was certainly no April Fool’s joke. Spending three weeks at the top spot, it was the band’s first ever #1 single on my chart, having reached a high of #3 two times in the past: “Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)” in 2001 and the aforementioned “Marry Me” in 2011. From there, it drove down the highway and out of the countdown in July just as “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” entered the top 5. It’s still remarkable that the band is more successful now than they ever were in their first few years on the charts. They’ll be touring in Europe starting in February and with the money they’re taking in, I’m sure they’ll be able to stock up on their supply of Hefty bags.

Check back for the #4 and #3 songs of the year in the next post.

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