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RECORD REWIND: PGTC Picks, 4/23 – 4/29/17

Sunday afternoon means it’s time for the Record Rewind, highlighting the top new tracks that you might’ve missed during the work week, all from my favorite independent acts out there. If it’s on the site, it’s something that you need to check out!

Across the PGTC SoundCloud page and my playlists on Spotify, these stuck out as my favorite independent songs of the week…

FRILLS – “My Love” (iTunes) (Spotify)
This new duo is the first of two acts from Brooklyn on the Rewind this week, and though there’s essentially nothing out there about the two men or the origin of the project, “Love” is one catchy single. I can certainly hear it playing on the Alternative airwaves soon.


PETER WISE – “Sandcastle State Of Mind” (iTunes) (Spotify)
It’s been a little while since this Brooklyn performer was last featured on the Rewind, with previous singles “Sweet Solitude” (June) and “Denial” (August) making the weekly mix. Wise returns with a fusion of pop, reggae and R&B, a smooth sound that’s enjoyable.


PHANGS featuring R.LUM.R – “Always Been U” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Nashville’s Jake Germany continues to serve up the jams, regardless of whether he’s performing solo or with a group. With his new single, he shares the vocals with another red hot Nashville soloist, Reggie Williams. If you need pop done right, this is a great track.


For more great new music, these tunes are worth a listen…
George Taylor – “I Hear Your Song, Sweetness” (SoundCloud)
James Cherry – “Hold On” (SoundCloud)
Joe Hicks – “Talk To Me” (SoundCloud)
Lizzy Land – “Beat Goes On” (SoundCloud)

Want to be featured on this weekly wrap-up? Submit your music to adamfsoybel@gmail.com and I’ll check our your tunes. Thanks!

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RECORD REWIND: PGTC Picks, 5/29 – 6/4

Record Rewind - June 5, 2016

Our new Record Rewind is about highlighting the top new songs that you may have missed, or should discover, from many of my favorite independent acts out there. We’ll be testing it out this month, so if you like what you see, let me know what you think!

Across the world of SoundCloud and my Indie Summer Mix on Spotify, these records stuck out as my favorite independent tunes of the week…


Adam Friedman
ADAM FRIEDMAN featuring MIKE POSNER – “Lemonade” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Drink up on the latest single from Friedman and his pal Posner, a tangy track about a man looking for love. (It’s not that simple.)

Alexander Jean
ALEXANDER JEAN – “So Bad” (iTunes) (Spotify)
“Bad” is good when it comes to this highlight from the six-song Head High EP. You’ll be just as tempted as the protagonists here.

Bryce Fox
BRYCE FOX – “Voodoo” (iTunes) (Spotify)
This Los Angeles Fox is on the run with his cool third single, an edgy pop cut that just might have you believing in his sonic spirit.

Kiah Victoria
KIAH VICTORIA – “Cold War” (iTunes) (Spotify)
You know that voice from Postmodern Jukebox, and now, Victoria shines through her story of struggle in this smooth soul song.

Mark Elliott
MARK ELLIOTT – “Drink To Thunk”
We got our first taste of Elliott earlier this year with “Dead End Love Affair”. His new electro-pop jam may get us drite to wrunk.

R.LUM.R – “Frustrated” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Reggie Williams is several cuts deep into his project, and if you’re looking for a night drive necessity for your list, this one is hot.

Vinyl Thief
VINYL THIEF – “Healing” (iTunes) (Spotify)
These Nashville guys will not only steal your records, but your attention too. It’s true. The slick song leads their forthcoming EP.


FRENSHIP featuring EMILY WARREN – “Capsize” (iTunes) (Spotify)
The Los Angeles duo is having a major moment on Spotify with this pop gem, but hey, we knew the two would break months ago.

Sody and Martin Luke Brown
SODY & MARTIN LUKE BROWN – “Wasted Youth” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Brown is a blog favorite, and newcomer Sody has some nice potential. Two is better than one on this, and it’s not “Wasted” at all.

Want to be featured on this weekly wrap-up? Submit your music to afsoybel@hotmail.com and I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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