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ADAM’S TOP 100 OF 2015: #02 and #01

Pop 'til you drop.

Pop ’til you drop.

Here it is, the annual countdown of the top 100 hits based on my weekly personal charts from the first week of December in 2014 to the last week of November in 2015. It was another great year for both chart veterans and newcomers, novelty hits and timeless ballads, country, pop, rock, and everything in between. We have them all, from “Hello” to “No Good In Goodbye”. Now, it is time to say “hello” to the Top 100 and “goodbye” to the year that was 2015.

Well, we’ve made it to the top two songs on my year-end chart for 2015. Before we dive in, I just wanted to take a moment to say a quick thank you to everyone that’s been following the reveal and supported the blog this year. Whether you’ve liked it or shared it or even if this is the first time you’ve read it in 2015, it really means a lot that you chose to head on over to my blog. Here’s hoping that you stick around for what’s coming in 2016! Alright, let’s do this. Here are my #2 and #1 songs for the year…

Years & Years
002. YEARS & YEARS – “King”
Label: Interscope
Album: Communion
Peak: #1 for two weeks
Top 40 Weeks: 29

Formed in 2010, the London-based trio of Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy, and Emre Türkmen originally started out as a five member band before their current lineup was cemented. In 2014, the group made their U.K. top 40 debut as a featured act on the single “Sunlight”, which was credited to Belgian DJ/producer The Magician. They’ve now had five hits across the pond, with the song that comes in at #2 on my Top 100 of 2015 remaining their biggest thus far. Yes, it’s not quite the “King” of my year-end list, but it certainly put up a good effort.

On My Chart: “King” entered at #10 on the Next In Line list for the chart dated January 11. Two weeks later, it was on the chart, and by March 1, its sixth week on, it was safely in the top ten. On the chart dated April 12, its 12th week in the top 40, the song was on top of my chart, where it stayed one additional week. “King” spent an additional two months in the top ten after its run at #1, a rarity when most former chart-toppers in 2015 averaged about 5 or so weeks falling down and out of my top ten. Though “Desire” narrowly missed the top spot in October and November, they’ll hopefully find themselves at #1 again soon.

On The Charts: You might ask yourself, “How did this single tank in U.S.?” Unfortunately, the buzz from overseas, including its #1 peak in the U.K., wasn’t enough to make it a big hit here. On the pop radio survey, it stalled at #37 for two weeks in late June. A follow-up, “Desire”, couldn’t even reach the top 50. Some say that it wasn’t meant to be, but I beg to differ. Alas, life goes on.

Jukebox The Ghost
001. JUKEBOX THE GHOST – “Postcard”
Label: Cherrytree/Interscope
Album: Jukebox The Ghost
Peak: #1 for seven weeks
Top 40 Weeks: 33

For the first time ever, two trios occupy the top two slots on my year-end survey, and it’s the first time in five years that a trio is in at #1. Back then, it was the country act Lady Antebellum and “Need You Now”, a crossover hit that held down my #1 spot for 11 weeks. Now, it’s three pop pals that formed their group in 2003 at George Washington University that stamp their seven-week #1 and mail it to the top of my year-end chart. So, to band members Ben Thornewill, Tommy Siegel and Jesse Kristin, I apologize for the wait, but it’s time to celebrate! Congrats on your #1 song on my chart this year. It’s a good one.

On My Chart: “Postcard” debuted in the Mix on the chart dated March 22 and made its top 40 debut by April 12, moving up at a moderate pace. However, in its seventh week in the countdown, the single leaped from 11-5 and then to #1 the next week, the May 31 chart, marking one of the quicker runs to the top this year. With seven weeks atop my countdown, the song also claims the title of my longest-running #1 of the year. It held in the top ten until early September, and wasn’t out of my survey until the final week of the chart year, accumulating a total of 33 weeks in the top 40 this year. A follow-up release has yet to chart.

On The Charts: It slayed the charts, becoming a major crossover hit and multi-Platinum single… in my dreams. Sadly, this track couldn’t garner more than just a few radio stations on the Triple A panel when it was serviced. Needless to say, I think it was a real missed opportunity for both the label and radio as a whole. (Interscope could always try it again in 2016, I suppose. Please?)

You can always follow and listen to the Top 100 of 2015 on Spotify, or check out the full list with a point breakdown and the songs below the Top 100. Thanks once again for checking out the rankings, and we’ll see you back for the weekly chart on Sunday!

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