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Advance Australia Fare: From “One” To The “Sun”

It’s a race for space on some powerful playlists across the nation as two really great Australian bands compete for airtime on our favorite niche U.S. radio format, Adult Album Alternative, or AAA. That’s the wonderful little panel of stations that brings us the best of singer-songwriters, folk and rock music and the occasional crossover selection. One of these acts has charted there before several times; one could be making it on for the very first time. So, break out the Vegemite and tie your kangaroo down, sport, because the dudes from down under are ready to make a stand up north. Check ’em both out.

"Only" a taste of what's to come.

“Only” a taste of what’s to come.

Release Date: January 6 (AAA radio) // U.S. label: Vanguard

Hard to believe that these guys from Fremantle have been around since the late 90’s, but they’ve been racking up new fans ever since, first establishing a base in their native Australia before moving onto a worldwide audience. That audience includes the United States, where the word began spreading about them several years ago. 2007’s Grand National, promoted by Atlantic Records, provided them with a radio hit in “Better Than”, which quickly raced into the top ten at the format (followup “Good Excuse” saw much less action later that year), while 2010’s April Uprising, released on ATO, saw two singles rise onto the AAA chart: “One Way Road”, a top ten record, and “I’d Do Anything”, which just slipped into the top 20. Another three years have passed and recently, the band announced that their latest album, Flesh & Blood, will be out on February 7. “Only One” hits U.S. iTunes on December 10. It’s another solid single from the guys, who serve up a little steel drum on this for a little bit of an island vibe in the midst of their jam band sound. Given their past rankings and the help from Vanguard, this should be accepted at radio and become their latest placing single on the chart. Good luck, mates!

The South's gonna do it again.

The South’s gonna do it again.

BOY & BEAR – “Southern Sun”
Release Date: January 13 (AAA radio) // U.S. label: Nettwerk

The five piece band out of Sydney formed in 2009 and were promoted through the Alternative radio station Triple J and national networks like NovaFM. They released an album Moonfire in 2011, which went to #2 in Australia and was certified Platinum. One release from it, “Fall At Your Feet”, became a minor top 40 hit. The effort and a lesser-peaking single, “Feeding Line”, earned them five wins at the yearly ARIA Awards, including Album Of The Year and Best Group. They returned earlier this year with Harlequin Dream, which became their first #1 album in the country. Though this missed the top 50 on the Singles Chart there a few months ago, Nettwerk Records is bringing the band and “Sun” to the U.S. where they have yet to find a big audience. A 16-date U.S. and Canada tour begins in March, including a date near here at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on the 26th. “Sun” has a rustic feel to it a la Gerry Rafferty in the late 70’s, or even Al Stewart or 10CC from the same era, but it’s really likable song that’s suited perfectly for the springtime airwaves. Nettwerk is also a more recognizable name at the format given successes with Family Of The Year and Passenger, although acts like Hey Ocean and Lily Kershaw haven’t fully blossomed there. I’m inclined to think they have a hit on their hands with this one.

Which Aussie act are you rooting for to be 2014’s first success story? The returning John Butler Trio or the new kids on the block, Boy & Bear? Both perhaps? Let me know in the comments below and find PGTC on social media by clicking the “Get Social!” tab.


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“Cooler” Than Before: Mike Posner Looks To Pop Once More

Will he soar Sky High again?

Will he soar Sky High again?

25-year-old Mike Posner has been through a lot at his young age, from putting out mixtapes to getting signed just before his senior year at Duke University, but it all paid off when he struck big with the 2010 single “Cooler Than Me”, which became one of the hottest songs of that summer. It went to #6 on the Hot 100, and was certified 2x Platinum. An album, 31 Minutes To Takeoff, also debuted in the top ten. Yet, after the hype cooled off and several other mid-charting singles like “Please Don’t Go” later, Posner was nowhere to be seen on the American charts. He dropped off the national scene just like that. Although it seems like he’s been quiet lately, he’s actually been preparing a lot of material behind the scenes, and much of that hard work will be released soon as Posner looks to reclaim that success that he once was able to attain.

Things began to crumble in the fall of 2011. In Europe, he was featured on the Cher Lloyd single “With Ur Love”, which went top 5 in the United Kingdom. However, this version never made it to the U.S. shores at that time, and when it did earlier this year, Posner was replaced by Juicy J on a new version. You may also remember that late in 2011, RCA Records released the first single off what should have been Posner’s “new” Sky High album, entitled “Looks Like Sex”. This came several months after the shutdown of his original label, J, and as a result, the release got lost in the shuffle. Plus, saying that someone looks like sex is a little out there for some audiences. The song bubbled under the Hot 100 and missed the top 40 on CHR radio in early 2012. No followup singles were released and there was no sign of an album release date, but Posner remained active in the studio. This resulted in several big singles for other artists, including the U.K. #1 “Beneath Your Beautiful” by Labrinth and Emeli Sandé (co-writer) and the international smash “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber (co-writer and co-producer).

So, fast forward to a month ago when it’s revealed that we’ll be hearing a second single from Sky High nearly a year and a half later. You should expect that there’s been some label drama, some cut tracks, sound changes, etc. It may be that his long-awaited single “The Way It Used To Be”, also came out of these sessions that I mentioned above, although it’s unclear because a tracklisting for the effort has never been released. The song is due in about three weeks, and writer Mike Stern at Billboard says that it’s “a great summer record with an amazing melody and lyric that will definitely appeal to women.” So, I guess that you should expect that it will lyrically be about recalling past memories of a relationship. Maybe it’ll be like “Summer Nights” from Grease. Tell me more, tell me more… well, I can’t. I haven’t heard the song, but, we’ll all hear it together by the end of the month. You would think that with a summer-sounding single that RCA could have issued it earlier; I mean, the guy’s not really been around recently, pad that release with some extra time. Oh well.

At the same time, RCA is working a new Sammy Adams song that features Posner entitled “L.A. Story”, with Ryan Tedder credited as a writer and likely had some involvement from Posner as well. As you can see from this video filmed a few weeks back in concert, Posner sings the pre-chorus, hook, and raps a bit of the second verse. Pretty good and catchy chorus, at least from what I can hear in the lyrics: “I’m waking up on Sunset Boulevard/Maxing out all my credit cards/Living my own L.A. story/Living it up ’til the morning/We’ll be taking shots under the stars/Living off the hotel mini-bar/Living my own L.A. story/Living it up.” Adams’s team tried to push his single “Only One” to mainstream radio last year, which ultimately ended with a peak in the 30’s. He then appeared as a featured rapper on the Enrique Iglesias song, “Finally Found You”, which just missed the top ten on the format. Stern writes once again, “This will be the song that punches Adams through in a big way at pop and rhythmic radio.” He’s originally from Cambridge, MA, so I’m rooting for him as the local boy. As to not interfere with Posner’s solo single, this will probably be issued midway through the summer, and once that’s hot, this can easily attract from stations.

(Edit: the studio version of “L.A. Story” is now out.)

Posner still has a pretty decent-sized social following, with over 2 million fans on Twitter and another 640,000 on Twitter. He can definitely build that up and get rank highly on the charts again. His comeback is mainly a question of whether his label can support his needs after such a long time away from the spotlight here. We’ll find out the answer in the next few months.

Ready for new material from Mike Posner? Leave a comment below or find me on Twitter: @AdamFSoybel.


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