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SINGLE REVIEW: The Script – “Superheroes”

Kids in the "Hall".

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… hit?


The trio of Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power and Mark Sheehan, better known as The Script, are writing a new passage in the text they call their career. This September, they’ll be out with their fourth album, No Sound Without Silence. Yet, the talk is out there about some of the changes regarding this era.

No longer is the group with Epic Records in the U.S.; they’ve made the jump to Columbia Records, a giant step in the right direction. Both are divisions of Sony Music; however, you might recall that the promotion of their third set with Epic, #3, was halted in the midst of a layoff, leaving second Stateside single “If You Could See Me Now” abandoned at Hot AC radio with only a handful of stations of it. Given Columbia’s big successes as of late, I’m sure the boys will be more of a priority to the label, especially with a strong leadoff single.

At just over four minutes in length, “Superheroes” comes off as a slightly toned down version of their international smash “Hall Of Fame”, though this one is (thankfully) without the assistance of will.i.am as a featured act. The piano led song is also aided by a percussive heavy chorus and verses and an emotive lead vocal from O’Donoghue, primarily singing on this one with a touch of light rapping (as heard in the chorus.)

Lyrically, the song follows two ordinary people: in verse one, it’s a female who has been weathered by all the events of her life thus far. She’s also been taken advantage of; as O’Donoghue states, “They took away the prophet’s dream/For a profit on the street.” Nevertheless, “she’s stronger than you know” as “a heart of steel starts to grow.” Likewise, the male half of the equation is down and out, “told/He’ll be nothing when he’s old.” He faces his share of problems, but “he won’t ever let it show.”

This leads to the focal point of the chorus, a reminder that one’s rough beginning can become determination and strength as a leader later in life. The section begins, “When you’ve been fighting for it all your life/You’ve been struggling to make things right/That’s how a superhero learns to fly,” with O’Donoghue chanting along that “every day, every hour”, one can “turn the pain into power.” Of course, it comes off as really inspiring, much to the same degree that the “Hall” encouraged listeners to do their best because one day, they would be recognized for all the work that they fostered. With many people finding themselves in the same position, there’s doubt that this song will click on a relatable level.

This is further exemplified in the middle eight, which leads back to the couple described in the initial verses of the song. It starts, “She’s got a lion in her heart/A fire in her soul,” compared to the “beast in his belly/That’s so hard to control.” The passion is there, and a request is made to “light a match, stand back/Watch ’em explode.” The two are finally free to let go of their reservations and be the people they want to be. They’ve learned that the dream is inside them, even when it felt as though nothing would change.

It’s got a great lyric and is pleasant melodically, so I will definitely be rooting for it as it soars into the stratosphere we call the radio airwaves. Realistically, I’m hoping for a return to the top ten at Hot AC radio and somewhere around/just below the top 20 at CHR, unless kryptonite strikes it earlier than I’m anticipating it could. With four #1’s to date on my personal top 40, this should be in contention for their fifth this fall. Get your capes on, kids: the flight is about to begin.

Check your local time zone for the song’s premiere: (BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show) (SiriusXM The Pulse)

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