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ON THE RISE: Cool Tunes, Hot New Acts (March Update)

The PGTC SoundCloud page is still going strong with updated songs from some great talents, both in the U.S. and abroad. I certainly enjoy posting about my favorites here on the blog, and this new artist spotlight has become a semi-regular feature since the summer of 2014. There have been several artists I’ve covered with new songs in the last few weeks, so in case you missed them, listen to these great tunes ready to spruce up your spring playlist:

Matt WoodsMATT WOODS – “Impression” (iTunes)
Location: London, England
First Featured: “In The Dark” (January 2015)

You know a gorgeous voice just mere seconds into a song, and those chills were coming fast and furious listening to “In The Dark” for the first time. That soul-stirring experience has touched a lot of new fans since the track was first uploaded about six weeks ago, and the feelings continue on his latest, another vulnerable vocal paired with that mysterious musical quality. It’s everything, even as he’s “losing all control.” Woods has knocked two home runs out of the park and the game is sizzling.

New MotionNEW MOTION – “Honesty” (iTunes)
Location: Hitchin, England
First Featured: “Anyway” and “She Said” (January 2015)

Just weeks away from their EP debut at the end of the month, this English quartet caught my attention with their glossy hits and colorful image. Now that the band’s tour schedule has finally gone into, well, motion, the four guys have one more solid sound on their hands with “Honesty”, an unabashedly great pop song that expands the group’s reach beyond the first pieces of their project. Look out for the final track “Caught In The Middle” very soon, and check out their forthcoming dates here.

The ScoreTHE SCORE – “Catching Fire” (iTunes)
Location: Los Angeles, California
First Featured: “Don’t Wanna Wake Up” (May 2014)“Oh My Love” (January 2015)

These two guys have become regulars on my blog, but their profile is still on the rise after a massive online reaction for “Oh My Love”, which just passed 175,000 plays on SoundCloud. It looks like the song could become their biggest original track to date. With that in mind, I guess their latest song’s title makes sense; coming at a hot time in their career, “Fire” is another pleasant pop ditty with a radio-friendly touch that accompanies much of their material. In short, the duo scores once more.

The Young WildTHE YOUNG WILD – “Not A One” (iTunes)
Location: San Diego, California
First Featured: “Moment Goes” (August 2014)

During the summer of last year, this California group’s first single got some nice love from radio station 91X (XTRA-FM) in San Diego, which then prompted me to chart it, making them one of the only fully independent acts to break my top 40 last year. The anthemic, in-your-face sound of their first single bares a slightly different energy than this, which builds and then deconstructs again, but “Not” is still done well. A new chapter for this quartet needs a new flavor and this cut does the trick.

For more great music (or at least I would like to think so) and/or to get in touch, you can find the appropriate link above or click the “About Us” section to email your act in. Until next time, keep making those tunes.

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ON THE RISE: Cool Tunes, Hot New Acts (January 2015)

The PGTC SoundCloud page is still going strong with updated songs from some great talents, both in the U.S. and abroad. I wanted to recap some of those discoveries, being that it’s the end of the month, so here’s a sample of some of the cool tunes and hot new acts that came onto or re-emerged on my radar during the month:

Day WaveDAY WAVE – “Nothing At All” and “Total Zombie”
Location: Oakland, California

If you’re a fan of the duo Carousel, then you know Jackson Phillips and his solo venture, which is buzzing all over the blogs just as quickly. With two tracks over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud, Phillips’s indie rock vibe is proving to be more chilled out than the weather. “Zombie” was the one that got me hooked as I am known to be one in the mornings, but it’s more than just a title of course. Calm and inviting, it’s a surprise that neither project has gone national yet. That could change in 2015.

John SteenJOHN STEEN – “Yes I Know”
Location: Dallas, Texas

We’ve had some great acts from Texas outside of the Country circuit in the last few years and Steen’s intelligent pop tracks have flown under the radar for several years now. “Know” is one of them, a piano-driven single with a standout chorus and solid background harmonies. Steen knows his way around a melody (prior cut “Why?” shows that off especially well) and it seems that things will be getting even busier for the singer/songwriter as he tries to put out an album. I’m waiting for more.

Matt WoodsMATT WOODS – “In The Dark”
Location: London, England

Working with one of my favorite producers and writers, Jake Gosling, and his Sticky Studios, the performer from Cornwall and now based in London has recorded two solid EPs for the group over the past two years. However, this song looks like it will be his breakout release, a hauntingly beautiful yet fragile piece of pop that is drenched in a soul-stirring and tormented vocal, one that only a handful of people can pull off. It’s so genuinely gorgeous and lovely that the repeat button is a given.

New MotionNEW MOTION – “Anyway” and “She Said” (iTunes)
Location: Hitchin, England

New to the scene is this quartet out of London consisting of Harvey Downes, Jack Cox, John Heatley and Josh Clarke. Last fall, the group changed from Front Row to their current name and the results have given them a few new fans, including the person writing this post. Mixing the hot sound of glossy 80’s indie rock with a bright, youthful image in those clean-cut city polaroids, the four guys are certainly destined for more as they look to neatly fill the void between boyband and blog band.

The ScoreTHE SCORE – “Oh My Love” (iTunes)
Location: Los Angeles, California

First mentioned on my blog back in May when the duo was entered in an iHeartRadio sponsored contest, former New York musicians Edan Dover and Eddie Anthony headed out to the West Coast where they’ve been in the studio crafting music. It marks a shift in their career, from a safer soft rock sound to an energetic and vibrant pop melody that shakes things up, yet stays true to their core tastes. It’s a great rebranding, both sonically and socially, and should help the guys continue nicely.

For more great music (at least I’d like to think so) and/or to get in touch, you can find the appropriate link above or click the “About Us” section to email your act in. Until next time, keep making those tunes.

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