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PROFILE: Do You Believe In MAGIC!?

"Rude" boys.

Call ’em the “Rude” boys.

Once again, our friends down under are serving up a great new song just in time for the summer season there (and of course, the wintertime blues for us.) This one comes from a new four man group called MAGIC!, who are based out of Los Angeles. Their debut single, first released digitally back in October, took a quick rise up to #2 on the Australian version of iTunes and now looks to top both that and the national ARIA Singles survey in the coming weeks. In fact, it’s just been certified Gold there. So, after all that hard work, I guess you can’t really say the initial reception has been “Rude”, can you?

The quartet consists of Alex Tanas (drums), Ben Spivak (bass), Mark Pelli (guitar) and Nasri Atweh (lead vocals). All four grew up around the Toronto area before making it to the States. In the music industry, Atweh is best known as one half of the Canadian production duo The Messengers, gaining popularity over the last few years through their work with acts like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. More recently, the duo co-produced and co-wrote “Feel This Moment” for Pitbull and Christina Aguilera, as well as “We Own The Night”, a top ten hit in the United Kingdom for The Wanted. It was during a writing session in 2012 that Atweh and Pelli connected and began playing together, soon adding the two other members as they worked to complete a full-length album. The reggae and rock-influenced record will be available sometime next year.

If you love the sounds of 311, No Doubt, Sublime or any of those great ska acts of the mid-to-late 90’s, then you’ll definitely be interested in the breezy and carefree touch of “Rude”. It’s a single that keeps it upbeat despite the story of a man who, so excitedly, asks his girlfriend’s father for his marriage blessing over the two, to which he responds, “Tough luck, my friend/But the answer is no.” Ouch. Nevertheless, he questions, “Why you gotta be so rude?/Don’t you know I’m human too?” and stays determined to make it in their relationship to the point where he’ll “marry her anyway… and we’ll be a family.” Though it’s just a story and not actually based on any of the four’s life experiences, it does hit home in some instances. Yet, it’s the island sound and those prominent horns in that catchy chorus that leaves all those worries behind.

Given the small social audience the group has so far, one might expect that they’re independently signed, but that’s not true at all. “Rude” is distributed worldwide by one of the major record labels, Sony Music, with the group’s management company, Latium, currently behind its Canadian radio run. (They also manage several other Sony acts like Danny Mercer, Justice Crew and Pitbull.) It was Most Added at the CHR format up north this week, picking up 14 new stations, as well as 3 on the Hot AC panel, leading to an ascent into the 100’s on iTunes there. So far, there’s been no traction for the song in the U.S., but given the instant reaction to the song elsewhere, that makes a pretty strong case for a Stateside push in 2014. After all, the snow will melt at some point and we’ll need this jam around for the spring and summer.

Look out for more from MAGIC! in 2014 as they inevitably travel the world for what’s going to be a worldwide smash. It’s just a matter of time — so don’t be “rude” and get on it while it’s fresh.

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