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Hits With A Hearth: Songs About “Coming Home”

It’s where you live and where the heart is. Sometimes, you feel the need to take someone to it for the night. Just hold on, we’re going there, whether you call it casa, maison, or just plain ol’ “home”. That’s the subject of today’s post, two new songs out at the moment that coincidentally have the phrase “coming home” in their titles. One’s by a soulful newcomer and one’s by a rock band looking at a comeback. Will either take up residence at radio? Dust off your shoes and listen up:


Leaving on a Jetta plane (and flying onto the charts.)

JETTA – “Feels Like Coming Home”
Label: Lava/Republic / Adds Date: at Hot AC radio now, April 1 (CHR)

You might have seen Google’s end-of-the-year video when it was released a few weeks ago and wondered what song was featured in it. It’s the same tune that’s found in the trailer for Winter’s Tale, starring Colin Farrell and opening in theaters this Friday. Her look is a bit Imani Coppola, and her sound is a nice mix British soul vocalists like Adele and Des’ree. In fact, the performer was born in Liverpool and is now based in London. This is her first single to be serviced to radio in the U.S. after signing a deal with Republic Records last year. Much of her radio support thus far is on the West Coast, including a key Hot AC add at KLLC in San Francisco and several test spins at KAMP, one of the two big CHR stations in Los Angeles. The East Coast will be following soon enough on this poppy, yet gritty ballad, which bares some resemblance to “All The Right Moves” by OneRepublic. For a limited time, you can download “Feels” for free on the her official site.

(Purchase “Feels Like Coming Home” and the Start A Riot EP on iTunes)


Hail to the Chiefs.

KAISER CHIEFS – “Coming Home”
Label: ATO / Adds Date: March 11 (AAA)

If you’re predicting a riot with this one, it may be a little farfetched, but it’s still good to see the guys back in action. The quintet’s made my top 40 a total of five times between 2007 and 2009, with two songs going top ten: 2007’s “Ruby” (#4) and 2009’s “Good Days Bad Days” (#8). Although the band struggled some with their last album, 2011’s The Future Is Medieval, lead singer Ricky Wilson’s new judging role on the U.K. edition of The Voice has attracted some reignited interest in the band’s material, old and new. This is the first U.S. single from their new album, which goes for AAA adds next month, a format they’ve not charted on before. Sadly, the boys only have a moderate size following here in the States, but I’m hoping this has a chance to break through. “Coming” features a mellower side to the band, but keeps it rocking and is a welcome return to form after an inconsistent era. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the new effort.

(Pre-order “Coming Home” and the Education, Education, Education & War album on iTunes)

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