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RADIO REPORT: What’s Popping At Top 40 Radio This Week (January 15-16, 2018)

It’s time once again to analyze the airwaves and find out if your favorite new releases will be lighting up your local station’s playlist this week. Which tunes will climb to the top and which ones will hit a stop? Here are four tracks impacting this week at the Top 40 format:

HUNDRED HANDED – “Too Good” (Swimwear/The Artist Cooperative)
Album: TBA
Past T40 History: This trio-turned-duo, fronted by TV personality Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan McGraw, impacts with their new release.

JACK & JACK – “Beg” (Island/Republic)
Album: TBA
Past T40 History: Known for their viral videos across the web, these two 21-year-old guys impact at the format for their first time.

MAROON 5 – “Wait” (222/Interscope)
Album: Red Pill Blues (2017)
Past T40 History: 2018 marks 15 years since the group first hit the format with “Harder To Breathe”, which peaked at #4 that fall.

SYMON – “Lonely Girl” (Artbeatz/RED)
Album: TBA
Past T40 History: Headed closer to the top 50 at two formats, this California singer just missed charting two years ago with “Say”.

Will Kesha put a woman on top of the leaderboard, or will Troye Sivan be shouting “that’s my my my Most Added song!” at the top? Find out a week from now!

Which of these new songs would you like to see top the charts? Let me know!

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RECORD REWIND: PGTC Picks, 1/15 – 1/21/17

Record Rewind - January 22, 2017

Sunday afternoon means it’s time for the Record Rewind, highlighting the top new tracks that you might’ve missed during the work week, all from my favorite independent acts out there. If it’s on the site, it’s something that you need to check out!

Across the PGTC SoundCloud page and my playlists on Spotify, these stuck out as my favorite independent songs of the week…


CASTLECOMER – “If I Could Be Like You” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Sydney’s smashing Alternative quintet keeps on making great music, with this song being one of their more accessible tracks to date. I guess it’s because you can both rock out and dance to it, which is always a good thing. The catchy jam is ready to make some moves.


KEVIN GARRETT – “Strangehold” (iTunes) (Spotify)
A surprise release from New York’s Garrett, still making quite a name for himself in the blog and streaming worlds, gives us another great entry this week. The soulful sound of Garrett’s vocals and musicality is so enticing that you’ll be wishing for more. I know I am.


MAX AND THE MOON – “Killing Time” (iTunes) (Spotify)
It’s a bittersweet moment for this Rewind entry, as the Los Angeles quartet is going their separate ways. However, their last single is actually my favorite of theirs, ironically enough, combining anthemic rock and pop into a lush sound for their fans. We’ll miss them.


REYNA – “Matinee” (iTunes) (Spotify)
This Milwaukee duo came onto the PGTC radar in the spring of last year with a song called “Ink On My Skin”, which is closing in on a solid 200,000 streams on Spotify. Their latest guitar-driven single digs into some late 80’s roots, inspiring one smooth pop dream.


For more great new music, these tunes are worth a listen…
AUGUST – “Ghosts” (SoundCloud)
Eliason – “Heaven Knows” (SoundCloud)
Hundred Handed – “Vibe” (SoundCloud)
Pierre Stemmett – “Unfair” (SoundCloud)
Sabrina Parker – “Write You Down” (SoundCloud)
Sam Seg – “Lover” (SoundCloud)

Want to be featured on this weekly wrap-up? Submit your music to afsoybel@hotmail.com and I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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