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ADAM’S TOP 100 OF 2017: Part Five, 5-1

The top five is here on Adam’s Top 100 of 2017! Can you believe it? Out of all the songs that came out in 2017, these five had the biggest impact on me and my personal chart. So, for the last day, here’s the conclusion of Adam’s Top 100 of 2017…

The 2017 chart year encompasses a period of 52 weekly surveys from the chart dated December 4, 2016 to the chart dated November 26, 2017. Peaks listed reflect the highest position reached by the final list of this period. For any ties in points, a song with a higher peak is listed first, and further ties are broken by the weeks charted in the top 40 and top ten. 176 titles had at least one point qualify towards the year-end chart, an increase from the 168 that did so in 2016.

05. JULIA MICHAELS, “Issues”
Album: Nervous System (EP)
Label: Republic
Peak: #1 for one week
Weeks: 25
Points: 675

This year marked Michaels’s transition from hit songwriter to hit singer, as the 24-year-old performer had no issues making her first run up my chart a very memorable one! Not only did “Issues” spend a week at #1 in April, as well as 13 weeks in the top ten and 25 in the top 40, but Michaels also becomes the highest-ranking woman on my year-end chart. Not a bad way to end 2017, right? Though her follow-up singles haven’t been nearly as successful, the Best New Artist nominee is still slaying.

04. BLEACHERS, “Don’t Take The Money”
Album: Gone Now
Label: RCA
Peak: #1 for five weeks
Weeks: 25
Points: 707

After three consecutive chart-toppers with the trio fun., Jack Antonoff and Bleachers returned to #1 on my personal chart in May 2014 with “I Wanna Get Better”. Things got even better for the multi-talented writer, producer and musician in the last year, with three of his co-writes/productions (songs for Lorde, ZAYN & Taylor Swift and Swift solo) spending time at #1 between February and October. Of course, that doesn’t even include his own lead single from Gone Now, which had a pretty solid five-week run during the month of May and early June. I’m sure Antonoff will continue to make great music next year.

03. SHAWN MENDES, “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”
Album: Illuminate (Deluxe)
Label: Island/Republic
Peak: #1 for three weeks
Weeks: 27
Points: 762

I’ll admit it: I wasn’t a fan of “Life Of The Party”. I didn’t really get it at the time, and it still doesn’t get much play at all from me now. Luckily, since that release, Mendes has been making the case for me to stan for his singles, and this song got plenty of love on the countdown earlier this year. Taken from a reissue of his chart-topping Illuminate album, “Nothing” held at #1 for three weeks on my chart and spent 27 weeks in the top 40, making it the teenager’s first #1 and longest-running single of his career so far on Adam’s Top 40. With 2018 just around the corner, will Mendes strike again with another #1 on my chart or even several chart-topping hits from an upcoming release? Nothing’s been announced yet, so stay tuned for more details.

02. RAG’N’BONE MAN, “Human”
Album: Human
Label: Columbia
Peak: #1 for six weeks
Weeks: 29 (25 applied to 2017 ranking)
Points: 770

Prior to 2016, I didn’t know much about Rory Graham or his music. However, when I first listened to “Human” sometime in September of last year, as it crossed over to the many European charts, I knew it was meant to be a worldwide hit. Though it did spend several weeks at #1 on the Alternative and Triple A charts here, it could’ve done way better at other radio formats. Alas, I’m biased. The musical monster that is “Human” spent six weeks at the top of my chart in January and February, with a total of 29 weeks in the top 40, a run that began in November 2016. Two follow-up singles from the Human album, “Skin” and “Grace (We All Try)”, failed to enter my list, though the former track did achieve some moderate success in a handful of countries. (Don’t call him a one-hit wonder yet, kids.) Though it fell short of the top spot on my year-end Top 100, “Human” remains a winner in my book, a very strong runner-up that will certainly get some play for me for some time to come.

01. NIALL HORAN, “Slow Hands”
Album: Flicker
Label: Capitol
Peak: #1 for seven weeks
Weeks: 29
Points: 870

If you’ve been watching my chart closely over the last year, you knew that One Direction‘s Niall Horan was on my radar in a big way. Two of his singles with the group, 2013’s “Story Of My Life” and 2015’s “Drag Me Down”, reached #1 on my chart. Then, in December of last year, “This Town” landed at the summit for one week. However, as much as I like the guy’s music, I never expected the young Irish singer/songwriter to dominate the summer months and the year with a dirty little ditty like this. At seven weeks on top, “Slow” was the longest-running #1 song of 2017, narrowly missing out on 30 weeks inside of the top 40. The big question now, of course, is will “Too Much To Ask” hit #1 after seemingly stalling at #2 for weeks now? Can’t say I have a definitive answer to that yet, but we’ll all know soon enough. For now, I’m so glad that Horan gave the world the quality singles and album (and tour) that he did in 2017; he really delivered in every aspect. Now, enshrined in the great hall of musical memories and spectacular singles, hangs a special recognition of the bop that was (and is) “Slow Hands”, proudly taking the title of my #1 song of Adam’s Top 100 of 2017.

A big thank you for checking out my Top 100 of 2017! Here’s to more awesome chart adventures in 2018. Happy holidays!

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Adam’s Top 100 of 2014: #01 – Christina Perri, “Human”

The cream of the pop!

The cream of the pop for 2014.

Another year is in the books and it’s time for the annual listing of the 100 biggest songs that ranked among my weekly top 40 chart from December 2013 to November 2014. It was magical year full of MAGIC! and “Magic” and a lovely twelve months of lovable hits from James Blunt and The Fray. We went “home” with A Great Big World and Andy Grammer, spun around in a “dance” with Milky Chance and Walk The Moon and ended up here with all that was awesome in the year we called 2014.

Peak positions listed are as of the last chart included in the year dated November 30, 2014. Those entries marked with a plus sign (+) had not yet reached their peak position as of the date. Ties in points were broken based on peak, number of weeks at peak and number of weeks in the top 40.

It was a Perri good year indeed.

It was a Perri good year indeed.

001. CHRISTINA PERRI, “Human” (911 points)
Writers: Christina Perri, Martin Johnson / Producer: Johnson
Label: Atlantic

Debut Date: November 24, 2013
Peak Date: January 19 to February 23, 2014
Peak: #1 for six weeks
Weeks on Chart: 36 (35 in 2014 Chart Year)

It was November 15 of last year in the late afternoon. I was loading some music files at the office when I noticed a tweet from SiriusXM’s The Pulse stating that this song was about to premiere. At that point, I was caught off-guard because the song was supposed to premiere and go on sale on Monday, and so I ran down to my car to see if I could hear it. Unfortunately, it ended before I was able to turn the dial. I knew I needed to find the song before it was officially out on the internet.

Two days later, that opportunity came when I was driving on the other side of the city I live in and, what do you know, on the air comes “Human” in all its glory. I remember feverishly trying to record it on my iPhone so that I could play it until it could be purchased the next day. It was beautiful. There was such an honesty to the lyric about the vulnerabilities of life and trying to fit a role that sometimes isn’t meant to be. It’s the insatiable thirst for perfection, yet the realization that flaws are a part of what make us who we are. Deep stuff, but I fell right into it, and I enjoyed the fall. I like songs that make you think. There are a few others like that on her gorgeous second album, Head Or Heart. Jake Gosling and Jamie Scott, among others, did a great job in the process as well.

“Human” officially entered the top 40 during the week of November 24 of last year at #38. During that period, Perri’s record was in direct competition with another solo female’s leadoff single, “Hold On” by Colbie Caillat. As we would later conclude in the spring, holding onto the chart wasn’t Caillat’s strong suit and the song created such little buzz that it fell off and couldn’t even land a spot on her album, Gypsy Heart. Meanwhile, Perri’s slow burner of a single made its way to the top 40 on the Hot 100 and earned a Platinum certification. On my chart, it held the #1 spot for six weeks in January and February, then took its time going down the top 40 to the tune of 36 weeks on, the longest overall run of the year. I’m very excited to crown it as my top song of 2014.

Perri is currently climbing my personal chart with the third single from her album, another ballad called “The Words”. A clip for the single should premiere in the new year. (She’s been teasing pictures with actor Colin O’Donoghue, who appears to play a role in it.) We’ll see where it shows up on 2015’s Top 100 survey. Until then, it’s a big congrats on this impressive feat. Well done, Christina, and happy holidays.

Well, that’s going to do it for the Top 100 of 2014. Thanks to everyone who has supported my blog in the past twelve months and for the two years that it’s been online. This has been an amazing year for me personally and, most importantly, proved to me that you never know who is actually looking out for you. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2015. I hope you’re ready. All my best to you and yours.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Christina Perri – Head Or Heart

Playing for Ceeps.

A Perri good effort indeed.

Life changed pretty quickly for singer Christina Perri during the summer of 2010 when her debut single, “Jar Of Hearts”, was featured in a performance on the FOX show So You Think You Can Dance. Three weeks later, she was signed, and her single took the slow and steady approach up the radio charts, breaking the Hot AC top ten by January 2011 and eventually topping the 3 million mark in sales. Her first full-length album, lovestrong., followed in the spring and debuted in the top 5 on the Billboard 200. Three more singles, a 2012 Christmas EP and lots of tour stops later, she’s returned with a gorgeous new album titled Head Or Heart; you’ll have to use both to pick up a copy of this.

The majority of the album is spearheaded by the great British producer Jake Gosling, who does an amazing job with the cuts he worked on. He’s previously worked with acts like Ed Sheeran and One Direction, and he gives the tracks he created with Perri such a life and energy that the experience is not only entertaining, but a genuine one. Head Or Heart marks a set of songs about a woman and her newfound romance, one who has overcome a lot and yet still has some doubts amongst her many desires. Yet, the days of lovestrong. are gone. This is a new era, and this is a new Christina Perri.

It all begins with opener “Trust”, one of the more emotive songs on here and one that seems to be influenced by the new age genre. Perri takes a direct approach in the lyrics: “I knew better than to trust myself, to trust someone else/To trust the lies that slip from my mouth, trust the heart I’m so quick to sell.” That’s some pretty strong language, but they are words from a matured and experienced singer. Following that is second single, “Burning Gold”, an emphatic expression of passion as co-written by Tom Hull, better known as musician Kid Harpoon. The result is a piece not unlike Florence + The Machine, whom Hull also worked with, dazzling in a percussive-driven pop radiance.

Tracks three and four on the album are the most single-worthy of the bunch, led by the sweet sounds of “Be My Forever”, a bubbly and charismatic tune that matches Perri with singer Ed Sheeran to an absolutely perfect result. (Although, shhh… I would’ve secretly loved to hear co-writer Jamie Scott as the male lead on it.) From one lover to the other, Perri gleefully sings, “We’re on top of the world, now darling, so don’t let go.” This has future wedding song written all over it, regardless of the season, although it does lend itself nicely to a warm spring or autumn day. From there is the dramatic, but truly real “Human”, co-written by Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls. With a tender build, enhanced by a lyric about the flaws we all possess and try to look beyond, it’s a stellar number and, as you may know from reading my chart, spent six weeks at #1 and currently ranks as one of my top songs of 2014 thus far. It’s beautiful.

You probably don’t want to hear me go on for hours about this, but the thirteen tracks that encompass Head Or Heart make for one cohesive listening experience. Other favorites from the list include the dreamy “One Night”, about a woman “so out of breath and hungry” for her love that she wants to “be the moon hanging over” and “the star falling where you are,” as well as “Sea Of Lovers”, which brings Perri into metaphorical mode against an arrangement reminiscent of Coldplay‘s “Yellow”. She sings, “You’re the only way out of this sea of lovers losing time/…will you let me follow you wherever you go?/Bring me home.” Ballad “The Words” introduces a slightly darker tone into the mix, perhaps comparable as the “Jar” of this album, as does “Butterfly”, which slightly resembles the Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram duet, “Somewhere Out There”. I also have give props once again to Jamie Scott, who co-wrote “Shot Me In The Heart”, which is just pure pop goodness.

Like any album, this one could’ve had a tweak or two particularly about two-thirds into it, but it’s not serious enough to put a damper on it. Believe me, Head Or Heart was one of my most anticipated albums of this year since first heard “Human” in the middle of November, and it’s far from disappointing. With all the new writers, producers and collaborators participating on the effort, it’s wonderful to see that the time and work all paid off. To see the confidence boost and growth in any artist is admirable, but to also love their love is something really special. Since “Human” is still growing at radio, and Perri’s base of fans is growing along with it, my own confidence in the record is pretty high as well. You won’t want to pass it over.

As she states at the end of closer “I Believe”, “This is not the end of me/This is just the beginning.” We can all believe in that.

(Stream and pre-order Christina Perri’s Head Or Heart, due in stores April 1)

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SINGLE PREMIERE: Christina Perri – “Human” (+ Lyrics)

You're only "Human". (Don't forget that second wind!)

You’re only “Human”. (Don’t forget that second wind!)

She’s the singer behind hits like “A Thousand Years” and “Jar Of Hearts”; now, Christina Perri is back with a brand new single called “Human”. She’s been hard at work on her second full-length album, including some studio time with Jamie Scott of Graffiti6 and other writers. Though the album doesn’t have a title yet, it will be out in early 2014. This first single from it goes to radio and iTunes on Monday.

Listen to “Human” by Christina Perri. / Download “Human” on iTunes.


(Verse 1)
I can hold my breath
I can bite my tongue
I can stay awake for days
If that’s what you want
Be your number one
I can fake a smile
I can force a laugh
I can dance and play the part
If that’s what you ask
Give you all I am

I can do it (x3)

But I’m only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I’m only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
I’m only human, yeah

(Verse 2)
I can turn it on
Be a good machine
I can hold the weight of worlds
If that’s what you need
Be your everything

I can do it (x2)
I’ll get through it

But I’m only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I’m only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
I’m only human, yeah

(Middle 8)
I’m only human (x2)
Just a little human

I can take so much
Until I’ve had enough

‘Cause I’m only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I’m only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
‘Cause I’m only human, yeah

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