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Destination Summer: An Alternative Vacation For The Season

Summer vacation: you may love it when it comes around, but there are so many decisions when it comes to a great spot to travel to. Are you looking for a warm place where you can hang in the sun and tan? Are you looking for a place with family friendly attractions for the kids? Well, when it comes to music, these choices are just as hard for the artist to decide. However, we have a couple of options laid out in these new singles which are on the verge of breaking on the radio. Call them some alternative plans just in time for the month of June:

All in the Family.

All in the Family.

Release Date: June 18 (Alternative and AAA)

First off, we’ll be travelling down to the Caribbean for this tropical island escape. Part of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix has become frequently visited by tourists for its great weather, beautiful beaches and blend of cultures in entertainment, including colorful festivals and music styles like calypso and soca. It’s also the title of a song from Family Of The Year, the four man and one woman quintet. The California-based band is coming off their breakthrough single in the U.S., “Hero”, which spent a week atop the AAA chart, and climbed as high as #11 on the Alternative chart before recently going recurrent. It remains in the AAA top ten at #8. The song has also made an impact on Canada, recently going top twenty on their Alternative chart while breaking at Adult Contemporary radio. We were long overdue for a new single and now we’ve got one that has even more potential for success than their first. “St. Croix” is ready to bring the beach party onto the airwaves as it already has in its music video. The chorus is something straight out of the 60’s with the simple yet seductive line “You bring the ocean/I bring the motion/Together we’ll make a love potion.” Rawr, tiger. This single is all about summer and is perfect for radio, but is it too little too late? After all, it’s June already, it’s going to be gone before you know it. We shall see what happens, but this definitely has potential to be the dark horse on the format in the next few months.

History in the making.

History in the making.

BASTILLE – “Pompeii”
Release Date: June 25 (Alternative)

If you’re a history buff, you know about this ancient city and how that darn Mount Vesuvius destroyed it long ago. The site of the city is now located in Italy, and people still flock there to the total of up to 2.5 million tourists per year to see the stone structures and artifacts left behind from an interesting point in time. “Pompeii” also happens to be the name of an international hit by the British group Bastille, a quartet that makes its home in London. They formed in 2010 and first started releasing in 2012, just missing the top 20 with a song called “Flaws” (#21) in November on the U.K. Singles Chart. With growing anticipation for their debut album, Bad Blood, this single soared to #2 on the charts and spent eight weeks in the top ten. Similar top ten appearances occurred in Australia, Ireland and Scotland, going to #1 in the latter two countries. The album debuted at #1 in March. The group’s moved onto a new single over on that side of the world titled “Laura Palmer”, but it isn’t doing nearly as well in the shadow of their massive hit, which combines Gregorian chants with an electronic and indie rock sound. It’s a pretty neat track that a lot of people seem to love. It was recently featured as the Free Single Of The Week on iTunes here. An EP, Haunt, was issued here recently before a later album release due in the fall. It can easily crossover with a unique sound and the overseas hype it already has, so get ready for it to erupt.

Which track will you be taking a trip too? Are there any other songs you like with hot travel spots in their titles? Let me know! Comment below or find me on Twitter: @AdamFSoybel.

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The Social Nettwerk: Tangled In New Talent

You may remember that I wrote this little post about a month ago just putting a little idea out there that Passenger should definitely come to the U.S. after having a huge amount of success overseas. Well, it worked, but it also caught the attention of his record label here as well as the marketing team behind it, who decided to use my article as a part of their package for radio promotion. I mean, whoa! So, a big thank you to Bob Divney, Terry McBride, and the rest of the staff between The Artist Cooperative and Nettwerk Records who helped my post reach a wider audience. Hooray! These spiffy little things came in the mail yesterday (here and here) as a thank you from them, so hey, why just highlight one of their acts? They have an entire label. So, take a look at the five acts that you need to know from the label. They’re ready to break, but they need you to listen to them first!

Gaining traction "Little" by little.

Gaining traction “Little” by little.

Current Release: “Little Numbers” (top 30 at AAA radio)

This duo blends Sonja Glass from Germany and Valeska Steiner from Switzerland. They two met while studying together at the same university in 2005, then began to play live for several years before recording their debut album, Mutual Friends, back in 2011. Nettwerk signed them late last year and released the album in the States in February 2013. “Little” has been in the top 30 on the AAA survey for four weeks now and is making its way towards the top 20. They’re currently overseas playing a few festivals and various dates, but they do have a few concerts coming up here in May. Be sure to look out for them then.

All in the Family.

All in the Family.

Current Release: “Hero” (spent one week at #1 on AAA radio)

After eleven weeks slowly climbing up the top ten on the AAA chart, this quintet out of Los Angeles finally made it to the #1 spot on the chart almost two weeks ago. They’ve now fallen a bit, but still, the group has the momentum to make their followup single a success (TBA). “Hero” is still climbing on Alternative radio as well, currently top 15, and is approaching the Hot AC top 50. The band’s been recording together since 2009, recording various EPs and placing a few songs on advertisements and shows like the Showtime series Weeds. The four man and one woman band is touring behind their album Loma Vista (from Spanish, a hillside view) in Canada, while playing a few stops in the U.S. in-between. Look for that new single to be out just in time for summer. (I personally like “Living On Love” and “Never Enough”.)

Driving his way around the world.

“Let” it hit hard.

Current Release: “Let Her Go” (at AAA radio; goes for Hot AC adds this Monday)

A few things have happened since I initially wrote that post on Mr. Rosenberg last month. He has an impact date for U.S. radio at the Hot AC format, April 29. The song’s already been delivered both digitally and physically to stations, with a little bit of plugging to boot in the form of ads running in an online Billboard newsletter and in the RadioInformer series. “Go” has now hit the #1 spot in twelve countries and rose quickly into the top ten on iTunes in the United Kingdom, where it currently remains at this point. It’s been #1 in Australia for four weeks running, recently topping the airplay chart there, and is spending a fifth week atop Germany’s Singles Chart. I mean, things are really moving with this guy, so latch on now and enjoy the ride. He embarks on a small tour of the United States and Canada this July and August. Parent album All The Little Lights was released here last summer both digitally and physically. A followup single, “Holes”, has charted in a few countries in Europe thus far.

I Adore mi amor.

I Adore mi amor.

Current Release: “Dreamers” (digital EP recently released)

This terrific twosome is based out of Brooklyn. The mixed duo consists of Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer. After signing with a small label in 2007 and releasing a few albums, Nettwerk scooped them up earlier this year. You probably recognize their cover of the Men Without Hats hit “Pop Goes The World” as featured in an advertisement for Tide Pods that’s been running since early last year. A full-length album, Our Nature, was released last fall independently, and will be rereleased on June 4 on their new label. First single “Dreamers” was recently issued in digital form; no word on a radio date at the moment. Stay tuned for more developments on this project.

Flying high in the sky.

Flying high in the sky.

Current Release: Woodland and Young North (digital EP releases)

Here’s the newest of the acts on the list. They just revealed that they were signed back in March, and as a result, two of their EPs are now available at digital retailers. The four man and one woman group hail from Melbourne, Australia, releasing a few singles on the indie circuit down under while developing an online following. Their music was also featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. At this point, they’re back in the studio, and they seem to be suggesting maybe some U.S. touring based on one of the newest Facebook items. We’ll have to see what happens in the coming weeks.

Are you feeling any of the new artists featured here? Let me know! Leave a comment below or contact me on Twitter: @AdamFSoybel.

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