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How About “That”: Will These Tunes Travel To The U.S.?

It’s another year of a big international presence at radio and sales as we continue to look to the overseas charts to see what’s in rotation across core playlists and services around the globe. Here in the U.S., George Ezra and James Bay are among many breakout stars in 2015, and already established European hits by Marlon Roudette and OMI are among this year’s Song Of The Summer contenders on the CHR radio chart. With so much new music out there in every country imaginable, the amount of acts and songs to go through can be overwhelming. However, here are three singles that are charting well elsewhere and not yet available in the States that I hope can make an impact later this year:

Jamie Lawson

JAMIE LAWSON – “Wasn’t Expecting That”
Origin: Plymouth, England

Opening for Ed Sheeran on his latest tour down under and being the first signing on his imprint, a label called Gingerbread, has some pretty nice benefits. Now, the 39-year-old English singer/songwriter is reaping the rewards of his cool connection with a major radio and sales hit in Australia and New Zealand. The tune originally charted in Ireland over four years ago, reaching its peak of #3 in February 2011. The understated song could break out here, much like “The A Team”. It’s perfect for AAA radio.

Leslie Clio

LESLIE CLIO – “My Heart Ain’t That Broken”
Origin: Berlin, Germany

Clio’s been making a name for herself overseas for several years now, releasing her first album in 2013 to modest numbers. At age 28, she’s moved onto her next album and her latest single in “Heart”, another moderate success in her home country and a more minor entry in nearby Austria and Luxembourg. Her sound is described as “bloodshot-eyed soul”, a modern twist on the classic vibe that many acts are embracing. However, this empowering pop song could easily sync and sit well on Hot AC radio.


NICKLESS – “Waiting”
Origin: Zurich, Switzerland

There is not a lot out there on young Nickless, but he’s a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Zurich and this is his debut single there, a top 20 digital hit with an even higher Shazam ranking just beneath the top ten. Swiss press has tried to compare he and fellow Swiss singer Bastian Baker, who had several songs chart in 2011 and 2012. The two also toured together in 2014. Baker never made his mark in the U.S., but this singer’s charming sound and image are ready to win over more fans across the world.

Which of these three cuts will make it to the U.S. first and do the best here? Let me know! Comment below or click on the “Get Social!” tab above to find PGTC on Facebook and Twitter.

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