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Dance Again: Making The Jump From Bubblegum To BPM

We loved them in those beautiful days of the boy band bonanza (even if they hate the term), but now, they’ve taken other routes and dramatically different ones at that. Now, I’m no expert when it comes to the world of electronic and dance music, but I certainly approve of these two guys getting a second chance at success. Both of these releases off of the Armada Music label are looking to take off as the summer season begins to sizzle. Who has the right moves and who can move over? Check these two groovy gems out.

Feelin' the power of two.

Feelin’ the power of two.

ARMIN VAN BUUREN featuring TREVOR GUTHRIE – “This Is What It Feels Like”
Release Date: at radio (Canada), May 6 (United Kingdom)

You probably don’t recognize the name, but if you were listening to radio in 2000, then you’re probably familiar with the act this guy was a part of. Trevor Guthrie is the former frontman of the Canadian trio soulDecision, who are best known for their 2000 hit, “Faded”. It actually hit #1 in Canada, while it made the top ten on the pop airplay chart here in the States. After expanding to a quartet and releasing a sophomore album that didn’t do particularly well (although I liked both singles from it), the group disbanded in 2005, with Guthrie pursuing a solo career to little attention. His foray into dance music began last year when he appeared on German DJ’s Markus Schulz‘s album Scream on one track, “Until It’s Gone”. Now, he’s teamed up with Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren to lead off his latest album, Intense, due to be released in May. This is his first single on which he sings solo to see the light of day as a commercial release. It’s already been picking up momentum at mainstream radio in Guthrie’s native Canada, while it’ll be released in the United Kingdom in a week and a half, where Van Buuren has placed four singles into the lower regions of the chart, but hasn’t charted since 2005. Perhaps this collaboration will be the trick. Guthrie may have gone from bleach blonde highlights to his shaggier look recently, but he’s still sounding great at the microphone on “Feels”. Plus, he’s a natural fit for this new twist of genre. He sort of reminds me a bit of Erik Hassle or Mr Hudson. I think the two of them have a hit on their hands. Plus, who doesn’t love a good video with car chases in it? Don’t miss this one; it’ll be on your local station this summer.

Gotta let it burn.

Gotta let it burn.

Release Date: May 27 (United Kingdom)

Just a few weeks later comes this new single, which originally appeared as just an instrumental when it was released online in the fall of last year. A video was shot and remixes were issued. However, last month, the song was essentially rereleased in a second form featuring vocals from a familiar face. Remember BBMak? Well, Christian Burns was one of the B’s in that British trio. Four of their singles managed to gain airplay here, including their first single “Back Here” from their 2000 album Sooner Or Later. A second album did moderately well in 2002, but quickly fell off the charts, and the trio disbanded by 2003. Years later, Burns made a big leap into dance music and it paid off, first hooking up with Dutch DJ Tiësto on the 2007 single “In The Dark”. It led him to appearances on other songs by top-named DJs like the aforementioned Armin Van Buuren, Benny Benassi and BT. His now finds him on this collaborative single between British producer Chicane and Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten. Chicane‘s been a regular on the Singles Chart in the U.K. since the late 90’s, charting as recently as 2009. Corsten’s had a few singles make the top 40, but 2006 was the last time he saw any kind of placement. This one’s a pretty decent record, although you’re more likely to hear this one in a club than on the airwaves. Burns sounds fine, and the production is great on “Suns”, but it’s a little too European sounding to make it anywhere outside of there. Plus, the video with the whole Twilight theme? Yeah… not my thing. That being said, let’s see if it can do anything in the U.K. on the 27th. It could catch on quickly with the buzzing EDM crowd.

Who are you rooting for to succeed with their newest release? Do you like Burns and Guthrie better as dance vocalists or back during their pop days? Let me know! Comment below or find me on Twitter: @AdamFSoybel.

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