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Be Good Johnny: The “Doe” Re Mi Of Chart Ditties

From dusk 'til "John".

From dusk ’til “John”.

The latest single from B.o.B is a collaboration with Priscilla on a song called “John Doe”. For the North Carolina rapper, it’s his sixth top 40 hit on the CHR chart as a main credit act, while it becomes the second for the singer who once charted as Priscilla Renea. (You may remember her minor 2009 entry called “Dollhouse”.) Sometimes, it’s all in the name, and in this case, a first name that’s been used in a lot of other hit singles throughout the decades. Considering that it was the 75th most popular name for boys last year, there’s quite a few more of them in the world.

So, with all the “John” song titles out there, I’ve limited it to just those that hit the top ten. After all, we can only hope that “John Doe” rises to the same region this summer. There’s some classic tunes among the handful of titles, plus a few fluffy numbers that are just so sugary sweet. Get ready to take attendance, because the pop pupils are all here:

Chuck Berry, “Johnny B. Goode” (#8, 1958)
He’s an icon and a pioneer of early rock ‘n’ roll music in the 1950’s. Released during the summer of 1958, “Goode” peaked just a few weeks before Billboard introduced its Hot 100 chart and climbed to #8 on what was then known as the Top 100.

Jimmy Dean, “Big Bad John” (#1, 1961)
Before breaking into the Breakfast business, Dean was a Country singer, and his biggest single topped that chart along with the Hot 100. After a string of hits in the 60’s, he would last break the Hot 100 in 1975. Dean passed away in 2010 at age 81.

Shelley Fabares, “Johnny Angel” (#1, 1962)
Known for her role on The Donna Reed Show, Fabares went from actress to singer and scored a #1 hit with her debut chart single. She managed another moderate hit for Colpix Records, a followup called “Johnny Loves Me”, which peaked at #21.

Joanie Sommers, “Johnny Get Angry” (#7, 1962)
The singer from Buffalo, NY broke into Billboard’s top ten in 1962 with what’s considered one of the more unusual songs in her catalogue of jazz and standards. It was her only top 40 single, and by the 1970’s, she began to pursue commercial work.

The Beach Boys, “Sloop John B” (#3, 1966)
Now, this “John” obviously isn’t a person; it refers to a sail boat of sorts, and it cruised through the chart waters to the high tides of the top 5. The origins of the song date back to the 1920’s. “Sloop” has been covered by several acts since it charted.

Dion, “Abraham, Martin and John” (#4, 1968)
After a string of flops, the former teen idol turned to religion, got clean, and recorded the original version of this tribute to four important American figures. It was a much-needed comeback, becoming his biggest song in five years and going Gold.

In 1971, a medley of this song along with “What The World Needs Now Is Love” went to #8 in a unique composition by disc jockey Tom Clay. It also featured interviews and clips from political figures of the time.

The Beatles, “The Ballad Of John and Yoko” (#8, 1969)
As “Get Back” topped the Hot 100 for five weeks, this tune was released as a followup to it, spending three straight weeks at #8 in July. Some radio stations at the time objected to playing the song due to religious issues. Of course, it’s all fine today.

El DeBarge, “Who’s Johnny?” (#3, 1986)
After leaving his family group at the end of their most successful era, he scored as a solo act in 1986 with a single from the film Short Circuit. Neither of the two followups from a self-titled album out later that year on Gordy Records went top 40.

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TURN IT UP TUESDAY: What’s New In Stores This Week (December 17)

Beysus rises again.

Beysus rises again.

Here it is, your preview of the last big new releases of the year, which included a major game changer out early last Friday morning. It’s the albums and singles you need to know about for the week of December 17:

  • Beyoncé stunned the industry when her long-awaited fifth solo album, a self-titled effort, dropped with no promotion, no singles, no nothing… except a solid effort of 14 tracks and 17 clips to accompany them, marketed as a “visual album”. With expected sales of 600,000 copies during just the past three days, it will be #1 on the latest Billboard 200 update later this week and most definitely next week too. Beyond that, it’s anyone guess. (iTunes)
  • Had Beyoncé’s surprise album not arrived last Friday, the big album this week would’ve been Justin Bieber‘s Journals, which has now been moved back a week due to an apparent last-minute track (and probably his team’s realization that a #1 album wasn’t going to happen against the Queen Bey.) However, there’s still a new album out from rapper B.o.B. titled Underground Luxury. The current single from it is “John Doe”, a collaboration with singer Priscilla Renea (credited as just Priscilla.) (iTunes)
  • The only other notable album releases this week are soundtracks, both from the movies and television: on the big screen, we have Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (iTunes) and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (iTunes), plus a compilation from the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally (iTunes).
  • Other albums out this week include Mac Miller‘s Live From Space (iTunes) and Somewhere Somehow by We The Kings (iTunes).

New digital-only singles that you can buy this week include:

  • “Top Of The World”, the second single from Mike Posner‘s forthcoming album Pages, featuring Big Sean. (iTunes)
  • “You’re Always Here”, a new single from former High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale. (iTunes)

We’ll see you in 2014! Don’t forget to check out my year-end chart — new updates are up daily.

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“Beautiful” Sounds: Two Soulful Songs Hit The Airwaves

Springtime has got a whole lot of soul going on. At least, it may thanks to these two cool duets about to hit mainstream radio. One includes an artist who has already had a number-one song on the radio; the other features two relative newcomers to our shores, though it’s already hit the #1 spot in the United Kingdom. Does the format have enough room for these classy collaborations to hit the top of the chart? Let’s hope they dig these smooth grooves.

We couldn't "forget you".

We couldn’t “forget you”.

CEE LO GREEN featuring LAURIANA MAE – “Only You”
Release Date: at radio now (CHR radio)

It’s been nearly seven years since Cee Lo Green first made the transition from urban radio to the mainstream airwaves as one half of the duo Gnarles Barkley. Their one big hit in the U.S., “Crazy”, became a huge success. Five years after that, Green once again broke out with the viral hit, “Forget You”, which eventually went to #1 on CHR radio in April 2011 after an abbreviated top-40 run the prior fall. If you’re expecting this song to sound anything like those singles, that’s not happening. “Only” leads off Green’s forthcoming fifth studio album, Cee Lo Green… Is Everybody’s Brother, due out in the summer. You may remember that Green put out a holiday-themed disc last year, which did moderately well, thanks to some help from his judging role on NBC’s The Voice. Green has left the show for this season to pursue a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The show’s entitled Cee Lo Green Is Loberace, a play on famous pianist’s Liberace’s name. This single, which he will likely be performing in his act, features a newcomer, Lauriana Mae, who was featured four years ago on the MTV reality series, P. Diddy’s Starmaker. She came in fourth place. She’s been recording since, putting out an EP called Love Mae a few months ago through Atlantic Records. She was also featured on a track by B.o.B. on his 2012 release, Strange Clouds. The Green and Mae collaboration is a sweet little number that picks up sonically where he left off from his featured appearance on the Vicci Martinez single, “Come Along”, very much old school-influenced. However, this song skews more towards the Urban crowd than it does a mainstream audience. Despite that, it has a charming lyric about the symptoms of love and how each perspective completes the other one. They sing, “When everybody says, time will clean up this mess / But only you / Only you can make it better put me back together.” It isn’t the most conventional love song, but it gets the job done. It probably would’ve done better around Valentine’s Day, but it’s off to a decent start, picking up about a dozen stations at CHR radio last week. We’ll see how far it goes. It’s not an instant record, so it may take time to get this one fully started.

Rising stars don't look down.

Climbing buildings and the charts.

LABRINTH featuring EMELI SANDÉ – “Beneath Your Beautiful”
Release Date: March 19 (CHR radio)

Finally! It’s been a long time coming for this producer and singer based out on London. “Beautiful” hit the top spot in the United Kingdom last November and also went top ten in Australia, New Zealand and Poland. It appeared on his album Electronic Earth, which has yet to see a release in the U.S., but look out for it to potentially come later this year. This single wouldn’t have made it to the States had it not been for the sudden rise of Emeli Sandé here recently, over a year after she first began regularly charting overseas. Her first single, “Next To Me”, is steadily increasing in airplay on nearly half a dozen radio formats after a failed attempt to promote the song last year. Due to the popularity of it, RCA Records, the U.S. label that Labrinth is signed to, is releasing his collaboration with Sandé to mainstream radio in two weeks. You probably don’t remember that the label was going to promote his 2011 single, “Earthquake”, featuring Tinie Tempah, to mainstream radio early last year. The rapper was on the charts with a few singles in 2011, so I suppose it was to jump on his bandwagon. It was a dubstep driven effort that was ultimately pulled for reasons unknown, but most likely because Tempah’s follow-ups couldn’t match the success of his sole top ten hit with Eric Turner, “Written In The Stars”. So, second chance it is for the artist originally born Timothy McKenzie. “Beautiful” is a soft ballad that slowly picks up in intensity thanks to a powerful vocal from both singers, who blend perfectly into the arrangement, as well a strong use of strings throughout the track. The two characters come from different backgrounds, which they express in their own verses. The male knows the female is “out of my league / But that won’t scare me way out,” while the female can see beyond his put-on façade: “Behind your Broadway show / I heard a voice say please don’t hurt me.” However, they both attempt to scale a “wall so high” of the fortresses they’ve built around one another, and if they fall, they’ll only be falling in love. It’s a really pretty song, but with an awkward-sounding title and the potential to get cancelled out with Sandé’s solo single, it may be a bit of a risk. I’m thinking that it’s one worth taking.

Are you a fan of either song? Could we see them on top of the Hot 100 this summer? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter: @AdamFSoybel.

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