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RADIO REPORT: What’s Hitting The Airwaves This Month (January 2013)

Every month, dozens of singles are sent to radio and are put up for adds, meaning that stations can choose to put them in rotation and they’ll be reported to airplay services like BDS and Mediabase/Media Monitors. Not every new single gets an adds date, but many do. I’ll be shifting through everything from my music sources and highlighting some of the top songs being sent to their respective formats. Record labels start packing on the releases on the next few weeks, so here’s a sample of what’s hitting the airwaves in January 2013:

Hungry like the wolf.

Hungry like the wolf.

CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio)
The terrific twosome of David Guetta and Sia are hoping that lightning does strike twice for their new collaboration, “She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)”. This is not the same song that Shakira released in 2009, even if the main titles are the same. “Titanium” hit the top five for the pair back in August. Already a top ten hit in the United Kingdom and all across Europe during its release in the Fall, it goes for adds on January 8. That’s also the same day that Ke$ha‘s “C’mon” goes for adds, though it’s already firmly in the top 40 after first single “Die Young” was decreased or dropped by many stations following the Newtown school shooting two weeks ago. (See my full post on that topic.) A video will be released soon. Olly Murs looks to score his second hit with “Troublemaker”, featuring rapper Flo Rida, the last of the January 8 adds date singles. It’s my pick of the week, already up to #3 on my personal chart, and making sold gains at radio (currently #38 and building) with early adds on big name stations like Z100/New York City. Murs recently hit the top spot on the U.K. Singles Chart with the song. His album, Right Place, Right Time, is out in the States in April. (More here.) Finally, there’s “How To Be A Heartbreaker” by Marina & The Diamonds, the followup to “Primadonna”, which just dented the top 40 several months ago. She’s profiled in the same article as Murs is.

Two songs take to the airwaves during the next week, January 15, both by performers with underwhelming debut singles and even more subpar second releases. Teenage singer Austin Mahone has teamed up with rapper Flo Rida on “Say You’re Just A Friend”, which samples the Biz Markie classic from 1990. It’s just a bit of a mess, vocally and sonically, although it looks like there’s a little more money going into it than his debut single, “Say Somethin'”. Don’t expect a high placing for it. (Check out a more in-depth description of it here.) Worse, however, is “C’mon Let Me Ride”, a double entendre laden track by Skylar Grey and Eminem. By some accounts, it’s meant to be a joke song. I’m not quite sure, but how do you go from the hook of “Where’d You Go?” by Fort Minor (credited as Holly Brook) to this? You can’t convince me that Queen actually approved clearance of the sample. It’s appalling, and thus, the CHR programming gods command thee to go back to more serious songs because this little ditty you got here is not working. An album is likely coming from the performer this spring.

Finally, on January 29, OneRepublic goes to CHR radio with “If I Lose Myself”, the second single from their album, Native, which is released in March after being pushed back a few times. It’s a pretty decent track that’s likely to be another big hit for the group. I recently did a full review of the song, which you can view here.

They've got passion in their pit and they ain't afraid to show it.

They’ve got passion in their pit and they ain’t afraid to show it.

Alternative and Adult Album Alternative (AAA)
Already top 40 on the Alternative chart, Boston-based Passion Pit looks to score another hit from Gossamer with “Carried Away”, an 80’s-synthesizer jam that may just be the next hit from an advertisement. It’s the followup to “Take A Walk”, which recently went top ten on the format. I’ve been listening to it quite a bit in the past few days and I’m really loving it. It officially goes for adds on January 8, along with “Inhaler” by Foals, who have had limited success on the U.K. Singles Chart. This one recently peaked at #50 there.

January 15 brings us a whole bunch of releases at Alternative radio, including the latest from Bullet For My Valentine, “Riot”. It’s not my cup of tea, but if you have a hard rocker in the family, they’ll probably enjoy this one. Shiny Toy Guns returns with “Somewhere To Hide”. I really enjoyed their 2007 release, “You Are The One”, and this is another solid record for the band. (P.S. Can you believe the singer on this #41 Hot 100 single from the fall of 1991 now plays guitar in the band? Not like I’d remember a song that was out when I was 1, but it’s a cute Pop track.) Rockers The Airborne Toxic Event are looking for their fifth entry on Alternative radio with “Timeless”. Of their four so far, two have hit the top ten: “Sometime Around Midnight” in 2009 and “Changing” in 2011. Lastly, there’s “Keep You” by the new group Wild Belle. You may recognize their song from its placement in the movie Pitch Perfect. Who wouldn’t want to capitalize on the success of it? We’ll see if it helps the group in the long run.

RCA Records is preparing two singles to go to radio during the next week: “Harlem” by Danish act New Politics, their first single in two years and “The High Road” by Three Days Grace, the second single from Transit Of Venus. Recent single “Chalk Outline” hit the top 15 on the Alternative chart. The third single from Papa Roach‘s album The Connection is also released on the date, entitled “Before I Die”. Then, on January 29, look out for “F— You” by Bad Religion, another hard single from the punk band, and “Two Fingers” by Jake Bugg. He’s been generating a lot of buzz over his native United Kingdom after his album debuted at #1. The singles haven’t done particularly well over there, but they may do something here. (You can find more on Bugg here.)

Over at Adult Album Alternative, a new one from Best New Artist nominee Alabama Shakes goes for adds on January 8, “Hang Loose”. Matt Costa also returns on the date with “Good Times”. The Neighbourhood, who went for Alternative adds with “Sweater Weather” back in December, also go for adds this week with the song at the AAA format. The band Stars release “Give It” the following week, along with Tristan Prettyman‘s “Say Anything”, and look for Bugg’s song at Adult Album Alternative on the same date it goes to Alternative.

That’s it for this month’s Radio Report. See you in February for even more releases.

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Kids These Days: The Latest Tweenage Hits

Headed in the right Direction.

Headed in the right Direction.

Every generation of teenage girls have their male teen idols. They include singing sensations like Elvis PresleyRick Nelson, The Beatles, The Jackson 5, The Osmonds, Shaun Cassidy, Rick Springfield, New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, The Jonas Brothers, etc. I could go on for ages listing them all out and I still wouldn’t get them all. Point is, one replaces the other, and several compete all at one time for our fair maiden’s attention.

Now, there are a few teen idols from the last wave of singers that are still around on the charts today. The most prominent one is Justin Bieber, but even Bieber is between his 3rd and 4th year mark on the charts and releasing the most urban sounding songs on his album Believe, which I guess happens to the best of them. Remember when the Backstreet Boys had The Neptunes remix “The Call” in 2001? Nelly featuring on *NSYNC‘s “Girlfriend” in 2002? Justin Timberlake followed in a similar vein for his solo career. Well, Bieber’s latest single is “Beauty And A Beat”, which features rappper Nicki Minaj, preceded by a single featuring rapper Big Sean. Followup and fourth single “All Around The World”, featuring Ludacris, is out in the United Kingdom in February, so expect it in the States in a few months.

Sadly, The Wanted‘s newest falsetto-laced release, “I Found You”, is struggling to find a wide American audience, though it essentially comes off as a part two continuation of their big hit “Glad You Came”, which is still regularly played on the radio. It did hit #3 in their native United Kingdom… before falling to #20 the next week, then to #29, and then straight out of the top 40. Expect them to have a few more hits before they call it a day. It’s not like they’ll be wanted forever. Cody Simpson‘s also been struggling on the radio here and Ryan Beatty never really caught on. Oh well.

Here are three new tween hits on the radar in the States that’ll crossover into 2013 – the good, the bad, and the ugly:

ONE DIRECTION – “Little Things”
The boys have changed it up on us! “Kiss You” was initially meant to be the second U.S. single from Take Me Home, but the boys have opted to release this pretty ballad in the States as it recently hit #1 in their native United Kingdom. This is their first slower song to get a release here (Ballad “Gotta Be You” off their last album hit #3 in the U.K. last year) so it will be interesting to see how radio reacts to it since lead single, “Live While We’re Young”, hit a brick wall before the top ten on radio. I actually liked that one a lot, but it did sound similar to some of their earlier material. Ed Sheeran co-wrote this song, but the lyrics aren’t exactly the strong point of this composition. Who has dimples on their back at the bottom of their spine? No, it’s the tenderness of their singing and their vulnerable side that will get the teenage girls swooning. I can hear the collective sighs of “Awww!” already. It’s already #32 on CHR radio and climbing. Look for it to make it through the winter season alright.

CONOR MAYNARD featuring NE-YO – “Turn Around”
This twenty-year-old British singer has three top ten hits under his belt in the U.K., including this recent one which is now just making it to the States. It’s been in the top 50 on the CHR chart for a few weeks now, but it’s only been making small gains as of recent. It has your typical Stargate produced-sound, but it’s a cute little Pop song that, at least to me, is more enjoyable than some of Bieber’s latest stuff, but because he’s still ruling the charts, Maynard can’t seem to break through. I mean, there’s even a floating elevator in the video, and it’s giving me Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory vibes without going too far. At least it didn’t end up like this. Maynard releases his fourth single in the United Kingdom, “Animal”, this month.

AUSTIN MAHONE featuring FLO RIDA – “Say You’re Just A Friend”
Sorry to be a heartbreaker, Mahomies, but this one just isn’t going to do it for me. Buzz single “Say Somethin'” was at least halfway decent because it was a essentially a second-rate version of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”, but this one is even more generic and his vocals on the chorus are grating as hell. Plus, they got a rent-a-rapper, Flo Rida feature on this single, which means that his label is desperate for a hit. This “song” samples the classic Biz Markie track, “Just A Friend”, although Flo  can’t seem to figure out what year it came out as a single, based on his rap. It was 1990, two years after “Piano In The Dark” by Brenda Russell, the sample destroyed on his latest single, “I Cry”. (Blame that one primarily on the Bingo Players, though.) Try Mario’s 2002 remake of “Just A Friend” if you want something a little better. All things of this musical tragedy considered, it’ll probably be a minor hit, although I’d like to say you’re just a flop. Nothing against Mahone himself, but this is just bad. Better luck next time.

Who knows what could be next in the Pop world? I’m sure you’ll find out here first.


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