ADD LIB — Brace For (CHR) Impact (June 29, 2021)

Welcome to Add Lib, your Tuesday report on POP! Goes The Charts that’s mad about CHR/Top 40 adds, based on the station data provided by Mediabase 24/7 and Add Board. This week: Ed Sheeran does a whole lot of good with one of his baddest songs ever. Let’s add ’em up:

HABITS OF A HIT: The winner of this week’s adds report at Top 40 radio is “Bad Habits”, earning 177 stations for Ed Sheeran. The sum is only three adds short of clearing the whole panel. It entered the survey at #25 last weekend and should move up very quickly. Across all of the various North American radio formats monitored by Mediabase, the song picked up a massive 327 adds in total.

The new single from Doja Cat and her Planet Her album is a collaboration with The Weeknd. With 122 adds in its first week, “You Right” is totally right for a second place finish. A week ahead of impact, Dua Lipa checks into third place with 49 stations for “Love Again”.

Charting singles from Anitta, Bella Poarch and Tai Verdes returned to the top ten on the adds report this week.

We’ll see you next week for another action-packed adds session.

1. ED SHEERAN, “Bad Habits” (Atlantic)
2. DOJA CAT featuring THE WEEKND, “You Right” (Kemosabe/RCA)
3. DUA LIPA, “Love Again” (Warner)
4. TATE MCRAE x KHALID, “Working” (RCA)
5. BELLA POARCH, “Build A Bitch” (Warner)
6-T. NIC D, “Fine Apple” (Republic)
6-T. TAI VERDES, “A-O-K” (Last Nite/Arista)
6-T. TESHER x JASON DERULO, “Jalebi Baby” (Namah/Capitol)
9. ANITTA, “Girl From Rio” (Warner)
10-T. GIVĒON, “Heartbreak Anniversary” (Not So Fast/Epic)
10-T. MAROON 5, “Lost” (222/Interscope)

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