ADD LIB — Brace For (CHR) Impact (January 5, 2021)

Welcome to Add Lib, your Tuesday report on POP! Goes The Charts that’s mad about CHR/Top 40 adds, based on the station data provided by Mediabase 24/7 and Add Board. This week: 2021 kicks off with a triple-digit trio of winners from superstar artists: Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. For those hits and much more, let’s add ’em up:

ED STAYS AHEAD: After three weeks off from station activity due to the holidays, the Top 40 panel was certainly back in action today. A total of three songs earned more than 100 adds each this week, with Sheeran’s 157 adds for “Afterglow” besting Swift’s 154 for “Willow”. The pair of tracks were released in mid-December and are currently in the top 30 at the format. In third place, Bieber put up 105 stations for “Anyone” in its first week, which came out this past Friday. It entered at #39 on Sunday’s published chart.

The Black Eyed Peas and Shakira entered the top five with a fifth place finish for “Girl Like Me”, which scored 36 adds today. It marks the tune’s best week to date. Newcomer Fousheé also started in the top ten with her recent viral hit “Deep End”, which tied for eighth place with 26 stations.

Charting singles from Megan Thee Stallion and The Weeknd returned to the top ten on the adds report this week.

No songs are currently scheduled to impact next week, but that will likely change soon.

1. ED SHEERAN, “Afterglow” (Atlantic)
2. TAYLOR SWIFT, “Willow” (Republic)
3. JUSTIN BIEBER, “Anyone” (Def Jam)
4. THE WEEKND, “Save Your Tears” (XO/Republic)
5. BLACK EYED PEAS x SHAKIRA, “Girl Like Me” (Epic)
6-T. MEGAN THEE STALLION, “Body” (1501 Certified/300 Ent.)
6-T. RITT MOMNEY, “Put Your Records On” (Disruptor/Columbia)
8-T. ALL TIME LOW featuring BLACKBEAR, “Monsters” (Fueled By Ramen/EMG)
8-T. FOUSHEÉ, “Deep End” (RCA)
10. MILEY CYRUS featuring DUA LIPA, “Prisoner” (RCA)

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