RADIO REPORT: What’s Popping At Top 40 Radio This Week (September 28-29, 2020)

It’s time once again to analyze the airwaves and find out if your favorite new releases will be lighting up your local station’s playlist this week. Which tunes will climb to the top and which ones will hit a stop? Here are two singles impacting this week at the Top 40 format:

ALI GATIE featuring ALESSIA CARA – “Welcome Back” (Warner)
Album: TBA (2020)
Past T40 History: Gatie and Cara’s most recent chart entries here peaked at #34 and #28, respectively, during the past 12 months.

TRAVIS SCOTT featuring YOUNG THUG & M.I.A. – “Franchise” (Epic)
Album: TBA (2020)
Past T40 History: This collaboration charted just outside the top 50 for yesterday’s official update, but it’ll debut by next weekend.

Why Don’t We will have one of the songs fallin’ onto the adds report next week with their new release.

How will these songs perform on the adds report? Let me know!

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