ADD LIB — Brace For (CHR) Impact (January 28, 2020)

Welcome to Add Lib, your Tuesday report on POP! Goes The Charts that’s mad about CHR/Top 40 adds, based on the station data provided by Mediabase 24/7 and Add Board. This week: just cuz we love Lizzo and Taylor Swift, the Top 40 panel has rewarded their latest singles with first and second place finishes on this week’s report. Who landed where? Let’s add ’em up:

CUZ THEY’RE MOST ADDED: After a very fierce battle for much of the day, Grammy nominee Swift’s “The Man” is just ahead of winner Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You” on the Top 40 adds report, earning 87 and 80 stations on impact, respectively. Swift’s track was in second place on yesterday’s report at Hot AC radio. Lizzo’s track tied for first place on the new report at Rhythmic radio. They’re both likely to fly into the top 40 by the weekend, “Cuz” from its #49 entry last Sunday and “Man” from just outside the top 50.

Two more impacting releases made the top five today: Doja Cat‘s “Say So”, earning 33 stations and a third place finish, and Noah Cyrus‘s “July”, earning 28 stations and a fifth place finish. The former title is the follow-up to “Juicy”, which reached the top 40 in late December and registered a new peak of #33 last Sunday. The latter song, which is available in its original form and an updated version with Leon Bridges, has appeared in the top ten on the adds report at Hot AC radio for the past two weeks. The two tracks should find their way into the top 50 at the format by the weekend, likely due to the recent lowered spin threshold to chart.

Charting songs from Roddy Ricch and the Jonas Brothers are among those returning to the top ten on this week’s report.

Next week, Selena Gomez‘s “Rare” (tied for third place) should have another huge week at the format for its official impact date.

1. TAYLOR SWIFT, “The Man” (Republic)
2. LIZZO, “Cuz I Love You” (Atlantic)
3-T. DOJA CAT, “Say So” (Kemosabe/RCA)
3-T. SELENA GOMEZ, “Rare” (Interscope)
5. NOAH CYRUS, “July” (RECORDS/Columbia)
6. RODDY RICCH, “The Box” (Atlantic)
7. CHELSEA CUTLER, “Sad Tonight” (Republic)
8-T. HALSEY, “You Should Be Sad” (Capitol)
8-T. JONAS BROTHERS, “What A Man Gotta Do” (Republic)
10. LEWIS CAPALDI, “Before You Go” (Capitol)

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