RADIO REPORT: What’s Popping At Top 40 Radio This Week (January 13-14, 2020)

It’s time once again to analyze the airwaves and find out if your favorite new releases will be lighting up your local station’s playlist this week. Which tunes will climb to the top and which ones will hit a stop? Here are three new hits impacting this week at the Top 40 format:

ALICIA KEYS – “Underdog” (RCA)
Album: TBA (2020)
Past T40 History: Keys reached the top ten in January 2013 with “Girl On Fire”, but larger success has eluded her in recent years.

HALSEY – “You Should Be Sad” (Capitol)
Album: Manic (2020)
Past T40 History: As “Graveyard” is laid to rest at the format following its #8 peak last month, this follow-up is building very fast.

TREVOR DANIEL – “Falling” (Alamo/Interscope)
Album: Homesick (EP) (2018)
Past T40 History: Fueled by TikTok and a notable sales and streaming response, Daniel recently earned his first top 40 song here.

At the current time, no songs are listed as impacting at the format next week. Stay tuned for updates to the schedule.

Which of these new songs would you like to see top the charts? Let me know!

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