ADAM’S TOP 100 OF 2018: Part Five, 5-1

The top five is here on Adam’s Top 100 of 2018! The cream of the pop is ready for you, so enjoy all the great music ahead…

The 2018 chart year encompasses a period of 52 weekly surveys from the chart dated December 3, 2017 to the chart dated November 25, 2018. Peaks listed reflect the highest position reached by the final list of this period. For any ties in points, a song with the higher peak is listed first, and further ties are broken by the weeks at a song’s peak position and the amount of time charted in the top 40. 171 titles had at least one point qualify towards the year-end chart, a decrease from the 176 that did so in 2017.

05. JUKEBOX THE GHOST, “Everybody’s Lonely”
Album: Off To The Races
Label: Caroline
Peak: #2 for one week
Weeks: 27
Points: 737

Writers: Ben Thornewill, CJ Baran, Peter Thomas
Producers: CJ Baran, Peter Thomas

Three years ago, this band galloped to the top of my year-end survey with “Postcard”, which had a seven-week run at #1 on my chart. Their song at #5 for the year didn’t quite match that, but its #2 peak and top 40 stay of over half a year are still pretty impressive. The single also became the band’s first song to chart at Alternative radio, entering the top 20, even though its parent album failed to rank on the Billboard 200 list. (The group’s self-titled album reached the lower rungs of the chart four years ago.) With “Fred Astaire” already leaving my survey, narrowly missing my top 20, the trio’s latest era is likely done for singles. However, you never know when a Ghost could haunt my top 40…

04. BACKSTREET BOYS, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”
Album: DNA
Label: RCA
Peak: #1 for three weeks
Weeks: 27
Points: 749

Writers: Jamie Hartman, Stephen Wrabel, Stuart Crichton
Producers: Jamie Hartman, Stuart Crichton

After “Drowning” reached the top spot on my chart during the fall of 2001, it would be struggle for the Backstreet Boys for over a decade to reclaim the summit. On two occasions, the band topped out at #10 with 2005’s “Incomplete” and 2007’s “Inconsolable”, but failed to enter the region with a handful of other entries. So, when the group re-signed with a major label and put out this tune, the nostalgia was real. It’s still hard to believe that it took nearly 17 years for the Boys to return to #1 here, but a chart-topper is a chart-topper, no matter what year it is. I’m also looking forward to their upcoming release DNA, which also includes “Chances”, a current top ten song on my list. I heart them!

03. NIALL HORAN, “On The Loose”
Album: Flicker
Label: Capitol
Peak: #1 for three weeks
Weeks: 30
Points: 803

Writers: John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, Niall Horan
Producer: Julian Bunetta

2018 was another awesome year for the one-time One Direction member, as he became the first performer to get five #1 songs on my chart from one album. Pretty impressive, right? This was the fourth of five, which had a solid three-week run atop my list. “On” was the last song from Flicker to be serviced to radio in the U.S., entering the top 20 on the Hot AC list and just missing the region at the Top 40 format. It’ll be hard for his next album to match that streak, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the music will be good. Of course, the performer’s hit “Slow Hands” was crowned my #1 track of 2017, spending seven weeks at the top of my list. I’ve gotta hand it to him: he’s one talented guy.

02. GEORGE EZRA, “Shotgun”
Album: Staying At Tamara’s
Label: Columbia
Peak: #1 for six weeks
Weeks: 25+
Points: 846

Writers: Fred Gibson, George Barnett, Joel Pott
Producers: Cam Blackwood, FRED

As of the end of the chart year in November, “Shotgun” was still well into the top 20 on my weekly chart, giving Ezra’s song the potential to land on 2019’s list as well. Until then, let’s focus on this tune’s massive run for the year, spending a hefty six weeks at the top in August and September. It was the perfect summer single, and an international audience loved it too, as it became Ezra’s first song to hit #1 in Australia and the United Kingdom. In the States, “Shotgun” became a sizable top ten hit on the Triple A survey earlier this year, with some moderate results at Hot AC radio and a Top 40 crossover planned for January. If you haven’t taken a ride with him yet, I would highly recommend it.

01. GEORGE EZRA, “Paradise”
Album: Staying At Tamara’s
Label: Columbia
Peak: #1 for three weeks
Weeks: 32
Points: 866

Writer: George Barnett
Producer: Cam Blackwood

Yes, you’re seeing double, but in a good way. George Ezra has both my #1 and #2 songs of 2018, with “Paradise” leading the way. On any of my year-end charts, it’s not uncommon to see an act with two songs in the top ten, but holding down the top two spots? That’s rare. As a #1 single for three weeks on my personal chart with a run of almost eight months in the top 40, I was sure for most of the year that “Paradise” (or “On The Loose”, back at #3) would end up as my top title for 2018. So, I’m certainly very happy with the final result. Would you believe that Ezra’s breakout hit “Budapest” never made my chart? It bubbled under during the spring and summer of 2014. That’s quite a jump for the man who now has the top two songs on my year-end list four years later. As far as 2019 goes, “Hold My Girl” is now climbing up my list and headed towards the top 20, while “Shotgun” (as mentioned above) descends after its #1 adventure during the summer. If another song from his album becomes a single down the line, who knows what’ll happen? Until then, I’ll have an extended stay in “Paradise” this winter.

A big thank you for checking out my Top 100 of 2018! Here’s to more awesome chart adventures in 2019. Happy holidays!

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