This Is Gonna “Hurt”: Harmful, But Charmful Hot AC Hits

The pain of pop music.

The pain of pop music.

Just below the top 40 on Hot AC radio, and heading for adds at the top of the year, is “Let’s Hurt Tonight” by OneRepublic. It has the potential to be the band’s biggest hit from their Oh My My era, and as the third single from this album, it would follow a similar pattern that the guys have been involved in for several cycles now. (Remember how “Counting Stars” was the biggest song from the album Native, and “Good Life” was the biggest from Waking Up?) You can also find an alternate mix of the song on the soundtrack to Collateral Beauty, the Will Smith film that hasn’t had such a beautiful run at the box office.

At the band’s core format, there have been a number of hurtful hits over the years. In fact, if (more like when) this track breaks into the top 40 next year, it would be the third year in a row that “hurt”, or a variation of the word, was included in a charting song. This year brought us a lot of it, so let’s hope that in 2017, it’s just a function of song theme and not in the news every second. Check them all out below:

(Stats taken from: Radio & Records – April 1994 to August 2006, Mediabase 24/7 – August 2006 to current)

“Tell Me Where It Hurts”, Kathy Troccoli (#23, 1994)
Prior to the creation of the Hot AC listing in April, this performer’s “Everything Changes” hit the top ten on both Pop and AC radio.

“Why Does It Hurt So Bad”, Whitney Houston (#23, 1996)
Houston’s final (and least successful) release from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack had a solid top ten charting on the AC survey.

“Hurt By Love”, BoDeans (#27, 1997)
From “Closer To Free” to farther from charting, the Wisconsin band wouldn’t release another album until 2004. No songs charted.

“What Hurts The Most”, Rascal Flatts (#10, 2006)
In a year dominated by Nickelback and The Fray, this country trio scored at several formats with their biggest crossover hit to date.

“Hurt”, Christina Aguilera (#14, 2007)
Aguilera’s Back To Basics era wasn’t nearly as big with Hot AC programmers, but this did manage to outpeak “Ain’t No Other Man”.

“Hurtful”, Erik Hassle (#31, 2010)
This song peaked at #8 on my chart, and I’m still disappointed that it didn’t have a true U.S. breakout. Hassle is now signed to RCA.

“This Summer’s Gonna Hurt…”, Maroon 5 (#7, 2015)
For an act that’s had plenty of big hits, this one came and went very quickly, largely due to overwhelmingly negative research. Ouch.

“Hurts”, Emeli Sandé (#31, 2016)
Sandé’s single recently peaked at #2 on my chart. Sadly, both this song and album tanked. I’m hopeful that the era will turn around.

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