ADAM’S TOP 100 OF 2016: Part Three, 25-11

All the top tunes from the year that was.

All the top tunes from the year that was.

75 songs have come and gone, and now, we’re headed into the top 25 on my Top 100 of 2016. All 25 titles reached the top five at some point during their runs, which deserves a “HandClap” or two. From the U.K. to Canada and back to the U.S., we have a diverse group of acts coming to you in the next 15 songs. So, take the “Adventure Of A Lifetime” and scroll down to see what singles were powerful enough to rank just below the top ten on my year-end survey…

The 2016 chart year encompasses the period of 52 charts from the list dated December 6, 2015 to the list dated November 27, 2016. Peaks provided reflect the highest position reached by the final chart of the survey year. For any ties in points, a song with a higher peak is listed first, and further ties are broken by the weeks stayed in the top 40. 168 songs in total had at least one point qualify towards the year-end chart, an increase from the 165 that did so in 2015.

25. THE 1975, “The Sound”
Writer(s): The 1975
Album: I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
Label: Dirty Hit/Interscope
Peak: #3
Weeks: 23

They keep falling short of the top ten on Alternative radio, but this English quartet has five top ten singles on my own survey.

24. PHANTOGRAM, “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”
Writer(s): Eric Frederic, Phantogram, Dan Wilson, Edwin Bocage, Alfred Scramuzza
Album: Three
Label: Republic
Peak: #2
Weeks: 21

Though I was familiar with this duo’s music before 2016, this track was their first to make my list. The production is amazing.

23. SERENA RYDER, “Got Your Number”
Writer(s): Todd Clark, Derek A.E. Fuhrmann, Ryder
Album: TBA
Label: Atlantic
Peak: #2
Weeks: 22+

“Stompa” made my top 20 in 2013, but I’m a much bigger fan of this lovely single. It went top ten on Hot AC radio in Canada.

22. SHAWN HOOK, “Sound Of Your Heart”
Writer(s): Todd Clark, Hook, Stephen Kozmeniuk
Album: TBA
Label: Hollywood
Peak: #4
Weeks: 23

Todd Clark strikes again! He just knows how to craft an excellent tune. Hook’s been charting in Canada for several years now.

21. ADELE, “Hello”
Writer(s): Adele, Greg Kurstin
Album: 25
Label: XL/Columbia
Peak: #1 for seven weeks (2015/2016)
Weeks: 19 (25 total, including 2015 weeks)

Yes, it would’ve done better if those six weeks had counted for the 2016 year, but it’s a smash! She has two songs left on here.

20. FITZ & THE TANTRUMS, “HandClap”
Writer(s): Fitz & The Tantrums, Sam Hollander, Eric Frederic
Album: Fitz & The Tantrums
Label: Elektra/Atlantic
Peak: #3
Weeks: 22

Months after it reached the top five on Alternative radio, the crossover craze has begun for this single. Get your hands ready.

19. GWEN STEFANI, “Make Me Like You”
Writer(s): Stefani, Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels, Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredriksson
Album: This Is What The Truth Feels Like
Label: Interscope
Peak: #2
Weeks: 22

Stefani’s comeback album gave her three top 40 hits on my personal chart, with this outstanding single becoming the biggest.

Album: It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense
Writer(s): Michaelson, Barry Dean, Luke Laird
Label: Cabin 24/Sony RED
Peak: #4
Weeks: 23

Michaelson touched my top ten once before with 2009’s “Maybe”, but this ear candy was more than just a “maybe” this year.

17. JORDAN FISHER, “All About Us”
Writer(s): Rory Andrew, Jenna Andrews, Dylan Pace-Rodriguez, Francesco Yates
Album: Jordan Fisher (EP)
Label: Hollywood
Peak: #1 for one week
Weeks: 23

Best known for roles in Grease: Live and Teen Beach Movie, Fisher scored with a sensational set (his debut EP) during 2016.

16. THE STRUMBELLAS, “Spirits”
Writer(s): The Strumbellas
Album: Hope
Label: Glassnote
Peak: #2
Weeks: 25

Whether you have “guns” or “dreams” in your head, depending on the version, this Canadian sextet had a nice breakout year.

15. COLDPLAY, “Adventure Of A Lifetime”
Writer(s): Coldplay, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen
Album: A Head Full Of Dreams
Label: Parlophone/Atlantic
Peak: #1 for two weeks
Weeks: 20 (24 total, including 2015 weeks)

The English band scored their seventh huge #1 on my chart this year, a record at the time, but it’s since been passed by Adele.

14. BEN RECTOR, “Brand New”
Writer(s): Rector, David Hodges, Abe Stoklasa
Album: Brand New
Label: Aptly Named/Capitol/Caroline
Peak: #5
Weeks: 25

Rector’s first hit on my chart was a giant, and it certainly had some longevity. Bandmate Cody Fry’s “Go” also hit the top 100.

13. P!NK, “Just Like Fire”
Writer(s): P!nk, Max Martin, Karl Johan Schuster, Oscar Holter
Album: Alice Through The Looking Glass (Soundtrack)
Label: RCA
Peak: #3
Weeks: 23

2016 was another great year for soundtracks. This song gave the pop superstar her third top ten hit from a movie since 2001.

12. WALK THE MOON, “Work This Body”
Writer(s): Walk The Moon
Album: Talking Is Hard
Label: RCA
Peak: #1 for one week
Weeks: 23

Three #1 hits, three different calendar years, all from the same album. It’s a rare feat, but a cool one for this great Ohio band.

11. PASSENGER, “Somebody’s Love”
Writer(s): Passenger
Album: Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea
Label: Nettwerk
Peak: #1 for one week
Weeks: 23

You know how I love his music so, and the fifth #1 hit on my chart from this English musician was no exception. Great album!

Stay tuned for more of the Top 100 of 2016 tomorrow, when I reveal the first half of my top ten songs from the list…

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