RECORD REWIND: PGTC Picks, 11/13 – 11/19

Record Rewind - November 20, 2016

Our new Record Rewind is about highlighting the top new songs that you may have missed, or should discover, from many of my favorite independent acts out there. If you like what you see, let me know what you think!

Across the PGTC SoundCloud page and my playlists on Spotify, these stuck out as my favorite independent songs of the week…


BROADHURST – “Bones” (iTunes) (Spotify)
From Sneaky Sound System to sound systems all over the globe, Nick Broadhurst has just about four million Spotify streams for a super single of his, “Little Lover”, and all of the remixes that accompanied it. His latest song, a strong pop ballad, will intrigue you.


COURTSHIP. – “Love For Everyone” (iTunes) (Spotify)
This is the first time on the Rewind for the duo of Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon, and I think it’s a safe bet that this track will find its way into a commercial real soon. It’s just too catchy to be ignored, and the timely message makes it an even more important single.


KYKO – “Nature” (iTunes) (Spotify)
The last time London’s Scott Verrill was on the Rewind was in September; that’s when his track “Horizon” debuted. That single is a few days away from reaching 600,000 streams on Spotify. Pretty impressive! His tropical pop meets indie rock sound is a winner.


PATTERNIST – “Give It Up” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Musician Gabe Mouer has been making sweet sounds under this name for a couple of years now, so I guess I’m overdue for putting one of his songs on the Rewind. Luckily, this catchy indie pop bop is definitely on repeat for me. Check out his new EP next month.


PRETTY SISTER – “Thirsty” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Zak Waters continues to impress with this fun and funky number that’ll leave you parched for more pop perfection. Of course, I’ve been following the project for over a year now, and with excellent tracks like “Come To LA” and “West Coast”, he’s doing real well.


THØSS – “Submarine” (iTunes) (Spotify)
It’s great to have this performer return with a quality single. In June, the title track from his Benchwarmer EP was included on the Rewind, but the whole set is a pretty solid listen. In an ocean full of indie rock acts, this submarine is certainly making some waves.


For more great new music, these tunes are worth a listen…
ALLMAN BROWN featuring LIZ LAWRENCE – “Palms” (SoundCloud)
ANDIE CASE – “So Low” (SoundCloud)
BRAYTON BOWMAN – “Puff Puff Pass” (SoundCloud)
GRIFF’S ROOM BAND – “Part Of Me” (SoundCloud)
LIZZY LAND – “Sweet Melodies” (SoundCloud)
NATIVES – “Passion” (SoundCloud)
RKCB – “Enough” (SoundCloud)
VALLEY – “Drive” (SoundCloud)

Everybody had to get their new singles delivered and uploaded before Thanksgiving… well, at least there’s plenty to listen to now!

Want to be featured on this weekly wrap-up? Submit your music to and I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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