RECORD REWIND: PGTC Picks, 10/9 – 10/15

Record Rewind - October 16, 2016

Our new Record Rewind is about highlighting the top new songs that you may have missed, or should discover, from many of my favorite independent acts out there. If you like what you see, let me know what you think!

Across the PGTC SoundCloud page and my playlists on Spotify, these stuck out as my favorite independent songs of the week…


BEACH WEATHER – “Chit Chat” (iTunes) (Spotify)
We could really use some beach weather with the recent fall chill starting up again, but I think this is about as close as we’re going to get. This trio had a song called “Wolf” that I enjoyed in 2015, and their latest song is another rockin’ release from the LAB crew.


DECO – “I T I W Y” (iTunes) (Spotify)
This English group was last on the Rewind in June, when their single “Apollo” was released. Now, “I T I W Y”, or “I Thought I Was Yours” to those of you who’d like to spell it all out, is making its debut and soaking up all that lovely mid-80’s new wave goodness.


GOLDEN COAST – “Comeback Kid” (iTunes) (Spotify)
If you’re a Country music fan, you’re probably familiar with a current radio song with the same title from a certain sibling trio. It’s definitely not this one, a pretty catchy track from Denny White and Steven Mudd that’s been knocking out the competition online.


YOUNG SUMMER – “Echo” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Yes, after months of waiting, it’s finally coming. Get ready for her new EP You Would Have Loved It Here, due on October 28. On the Rewind, I’ve featured the three previous singles from the EP: “Alright”, “Fallout” and “Paused Parade”. This tune is also good.


For more great new music, these tunes are worth a listen…
HUDSON SCOTT – “Panning For Gold” (SoundCloud)
SAM TINNESZ – “Dangerous Game” (SoundCloud)
TAY SALEM – “Recreate” (SoundCloud)

Want to be featured on this weekly wrap-up? Submit your music to and I’ll check it out. Thanks!


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