RECORD REWIND: PGTC Picks, 7/10 – 7/16

Record Rewind - July 17, 2016

Our new Record Rewind is about highlighting the top new songs that you may have missed, or should discover, from many of my favorite independent acts out there. If you like what you see, let me know what you think!

Across the world of SoundCloud and my Indie Summer Mix on Spotify, these records stuck out as my favorite independent tunes of the week…


CARDBOARD KIDS – “I Don’t Need Love” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Several tracks by this Nashville quartet have been featured in the Rewind over these last few weeks, and if you’re in the mood for a new band suggestion, they have a good thing going with their new EP, Mint. “Don’t” is one of the highlights in the five-track set.


GREER – “Love Me Less”
Boston’s Greer Wilson recently uploaded a pair of tracks, collaborating once again with Christian Medice, a co-writer on a couple of top ten hits on my personal chart from 2014. With a good lyric and a good bounce, he’s got a nice jam for the blog community.


HARLETSON – “Say Our Goodbyes (Quarter Song)” (iTunes) (Spotify)
The trio of Weston Wilson, Jackson Singleton and Nathan Harrington is off to a great start with their debut single, which follows a number of cover videos since last fall. You’ll want to invest more than a few quarters in this future radio hit. Look out for them.


KAPTAN – “Numbers” (iTunes) (Spotify)
The streaming numbers don’t lie; with over six million plays to date, Andrew de Torres’s project is a hit. Of course, you knew that already; he’s been featured on my PGTC playlists for nearly a year. His latest song is a solid addition to his diverse music catalog.


KIAH VICTORIA – “I Ain’t Goin Nowhere” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Summer never sounded so good for this New York singer and songwriter. With two massive tracks to date, she is definitely going to be around for some time. Serving empowerment and intelligence, it sends an important message during a time of uncertainty.


TAY SALEM – “Iron” (iTunes) (Spotify)
Salem is a new act on my radar, and the London musician doesn’t disappoint with this track. He could have a cinematic future if a good music supervisor finds his work. He paints with dark and lush tones that will grab you from the first listen. Very cool single.


VHS COLLECTION – “Ghost” (iTunes) (Spotify)
In a week of Ghostbusters coverage in the media, I ain’t ‘fraid of no “Ghost”. In fact, I’m embracing this one. The New York group pops in a new tape and comes out with a danceable little ditty. If you’re headed to Chicago for Lollapalooza, they play on Sunday.


For more new music, these tunes are worth a listen…
CHERRYADE – “The Crown” (SoundCloud)
DANIEL FEELS featuring CASSO – “Eyes Closed” (SoundCloud)
FINE PRINT – “Matter” (SoundCloud)
SKIES – “Hold On” (SoundCloud)

Want to be featured on this weekly wrap-up? Submit your music to and I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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