RADIO REPORT: POP! Goes The Picks (January 2016) (Part One)

It’s time once again to analyze the airwaves and find out if your favorite new releases will be lighting up your local station’s playlist during the month. Which tunes will climb to the top and which ones will hit a stop? Here’s a selection of new singles being serviced in January from four different radio formats in the first part of this month’s Radio Report:

CHR (*), HOT AC (**)

CAM – “Burning House” (January 5) (**)
Label: Arista Nashville/RCA
A recent #1 hit on the Country chart, “Burning” is losing its flame on that survey, but here’s hoping that it becomes a hit on Hot AC radio as well. Born Camaron Ochs, the 31-year-old singer faces at least two other crossover singles that are currently racking up an increase in airplay at the format, but she’s the only solo female in the bunch. This Gold-certified single is definitely worth the love.

Shawn Hook
SHAWN HOOK – “Sound Of Your Heart” (January 5) (*)
Label: Hollywood
Hook’s had a handful of charting records in his native Canada, but this one has been his most successful thus far. Last year, it went into the top ten at both CHR and Hot AC radio up north. After a shift in his U.S. record label, Hook looks to, well, hook the people here with his catchy single. With the large amount of Canadian artists dominating lately, it’ll be nice to see a new face on the chart.

AUDIODAMN! – “Radar” (January 12) (* + **)
Label: Epic
24-year-old singer Oliver Wimmer, the leader of this German trio, first gained notoriety as the winner of the show Starmania, the Austrian equivalent of an American Idol type of show. A few years later, he and friends Ali Grumeth and Daniel Mudrack formed a new group called AmsterDamn!, and after a name change in 2015, here they are. They recently performed this on the Today Show.

Ben Rector
BEN RECTOR – “Brand New” (January 12) (**)
Label: Caroline/Capitol
Nashville’s Rector has had a presence on the independent music scene for some time now, with several successful albums on Aptly Named Recordings, his own label. About two years ago, his song “Beautiful” registered some adds at the Triple A format, but with no radio promoter backing it, it couldn’t go far. Now, with a major label on his side, he may have the perfect spring Hot AC record.

Hailee Steinfeld
HAILEE STEINFELD – “You’re Such A” (January 19) (*)
Label: Republic
“You’re” is the second single taken from the EP HAIZ, with first single “Love Myself” becoming a notable streaming hit. Despite an unusually high debut on the pop radio chart thanks to its On The Verge status, it quickly fell apart, hitting a brick wall in the top 15. While this track isn’t the strongest from the EP, and it isn’t eligible for iHeartMedia’s program, it should do moderately well here.

Troye Sivan
TROYE SIVAN – “YOUTH” (January 19) (*)
Label: Capitol
South African singer and YouTuber Sivan is headed to pop radio for the first time with this single from Blue Neighbourhood, a set that recently debuted and peaked at #7 on the Billboard 200. That full-length album followed two successful EPs, both entering in the top five on that same chart. Early action on the single seems to be positive and a lot of growth lies ahead of it. Watch out for it.

Mike Posner
MIKE POSNER – “I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix)” (January 26) (*)
Label: Island/Republic
It’s been nearly five years since Posner last hit the top 40 on the CHR chart with “Bow Chicka Wow Wow”. Since mid-2011, the guy just hasn’t had much luck at the format, with four of his main-credited singles and an additional feature failing to make the top 40. (Three of the five made the top 50.) This particular remix is already a hit in countries like Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Which of these new singles would you like to see on top of the charts? Let me know! Comment below or click the “Get Social!” tab to find PGTC on social media.


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