ADAM’S TOP 100 OF 2015: #40-31

Pop 'til you drop.

Pop ’til you drop.

Here it is, the annual countdown of the top 100 hits based on my weekly personal charts from the first week of December in 2014 to the last week of November in 2015. It was another great year for both chart veterans and newcomers, novelty hits and timeless ballads, country, pop, rock, and everything in between. We have them all, from “Hello” to “No Good In Goodbye”. Now, it is time to say “hello” to the Top 100 and “goodbye” to the year that was 2015.

In the next ten songs on this year’s Top 100, a former American Idol winner, a young performer who auditioned for Idol and had her big break many years later, two songs from an English performer and the incredibly shrinking group that first made my chart as a quintet and is now a trio. Let’s enter into the top 40 with some added trivia and check out the next ten songs on the list…

040. CAUSES – “Walk On Water”
Label: RCA (U.K.)
Album: Under Bridges That You Built For Me
Peak: #6 for two weeks

Top 40 Trivia: This quartet, led by Rupert Blackman, has one more song to go on the Top 100. Until we “dance” on over to the section of the chart, we have this miraculous musical moment, a title that’s been a hit on the Hot 100 two times before. In 1972, it was Neil Diamond who took his single to #17, and in 1988, Eddie Money took his song up to #9. That’s a whole lot of walking.

Kelly Clarkson
039. KELLY CLARKSON – “Invincible”
Label: RCA
Album: Piece By Piece
Peak: #7 for three weeks

Top 40 Trivia: Clarkson remains the biggest contestant from any American Idol season to rank on my personal chart. 17 of her singles have hit the top ten on my chart, and 25 of her songs have become top 40 hits, way ahead of the act in second place. In my current chart, the title track from her latest album could extend that top ten total to 18 shortly. Stay tuned to see if that happens!

Martin Luke Brown
038. MARTIN LUKE BROWN – “Take Out Of Me”
Label: Parlophone (U.K.)
Album: Take Out Of Me (EP)
Peak: #8

Top 40 Trivia: So far, in his short career, Brown has managed to place four singles in my top 40 in a year. I’d say that’s a pretty good start, and one that will hopefully lead him to even more success on the national charts in 2016. Though he hasn’t reached #1 yet, there is a Brown singer that has. In May 2010, it was VV Brown that spent four weeks at the top with “Shark In The Water”.

Ed Sheeran
037. ED SHEERAN – “Photograph”
Label: Atlantic
Album: x
Peak: #10 for two weeks

Top 40 Trivia: When Sheeran’s song hit the top ten on the CHR/Pop chart earlier this year, it became the latest title to reach a top ten peak in three different decades. The other “Photograph” songs to do it were by Ringo Starr (#1, 1973) and Nickelback (#3, 2005). Additionally, “Photograph” by Def Leppard managed a #16 peak in 1983. I guess photos are popular in any decade.

Tori Kelly
036. TORI KELLY – “Nobody Love”
Label: Capitol
Album: Unbreakable Smile
Peak: #6 for two weeks

Top 40 Trivia: Eight of the songs in this year’s Top 100 were a part of iHeartMedia’s On The Verge program, which gives radio stations at a given format a song to play for a minimum of 150 spins with special on-air branding. Kelly’s track is one of four from a CHR/Top 40 campaign, like the previously revealed Conrad Sewell and Prince Royce and a higher release by Nate Ruess.

Delta Rae
035. DELTA RAE – “Scared”
Label: Sire
Album: After It All
Peak: #7 for three weeks

Top 40 Trivia: They’ve been touring all over the States this year, but luckily, they get to take a breather over the holidays. This sextet from North Carolina is a fantastic live act, and their albums are certainly quality, including their latest set. In fact, it was in the spring that After became the group’s first album to make the Billboard 200. Here’s hoping that their profile continues to rise.

Scott Helman
034. SCOTT HELMAN – “Bungalow”
Label: Warner Bros. (Canada)
Album: Augusta (EP)
Peak: #8 for two weeks

Top 40 Trivia: 2015 wasn’t the biggest of years for Canadian-born artists on my top 40, but Helman, who lives in Toronto, had a solid debut with a track that just missed hitting the top ten on the Hot AC chart up north. Only Carly Rae Jepsen and Shawn Mendes managed to rank higher on my year-end list. Both “Machine” and “That Sweater” off his EP are now charting in Canada.

Years & Years
033. YEARS & YEARS – “Desire”
Label: Interscope
Album: Communion
Peak: #2 for two weeks

Top 40 Trivia: This single from the English trio was the third to be released from their debut album and their first to break the top 40 in their native United Kingdom. That was in November of 2014. Almost a year later, in September, the song impacted pop radio in the U.S. and unfortunately tanked harder than their previous single, “King”. Can the trio have a proper U.S. hit in 2016?

032. PARACHUTE – “Crave”
Label: Vanguard
Album: (single only)
Peak: #4 for two weeks

Top 40 Trivia: “Crave” was co-written by the leader of a former Adam’s Top 40 act. It’s the Gabe Dixon Band, and their one charting song, “Till You’re Gone”, peaked at #35 in the fall of 2008. Dixon, who now releases as a solo artist, is currently based in Nashville. (Another co-writer, Jamie Hartman, just missed making my chart in late 2007 as the lead vocalist of Ben’s Brother.)

Martin Luke Brown
031. MARTIN LUKE BROWN – “Nostalgia”
Label: Parlophone (U.K.)
Album: (single only)
Peak: #7 for four weeks

Top 40 Trivia: A few of the acts that made this year’s Top 100 countdown were featured in the Introducing rotation slot on the weekly playlist compiled by the heads of BBC Radio 1. This slot, which a song holds for just a week, enables a new artist to receive seven spins across several different shows. Brown’s great song was played in October 2014 and led to his current record contract.

Tomorrow, we’ll reveal #’s 30 through 21, so check back then! You can always follow and listen to the Top 100 reveal on Spotify.

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