ON THE RISE: Cool Cuts From The ‘Cloud III

As you may or may not know, the newest PGTC experiment is the SoundCloud page, where you can find both the songs on my personal chart and up-and-coming uploads from independent and small label acts. Since I certainly can’t fit everything I want to on the blog, PGTC on SoundCloud gives you even more of an opportunity to be interactive with all of the tuneage I’m jamming out to. Last time around, I highlighted cuts by Girls Who Care, In-Flight Safety, Nick Raven, TROVES and YURS. Now, here are five more acts to add onto your playlist:

Alexander WildwoodALEXANDER WILDWOOD – “Bad Blood”
Current location: New Zealand

Not much is known about this new singer/songwriter, although a point of focus in his bio notes that his younger years were spent on the seas and that the work of several 60’s musicians helped him to form a basis for his music. It’s not your typical start, but Wildwood delivers a rhythmic and retro tune with a solid pop core. Another cut, “Summer Skin”, is just as good.

DalaroDALARO – “Empty Apartments”
Hometown: Newcastle, England

Quite a few British rock groups have been popping up on the web lately and this one is definitely ahead of the pack. Mixing a synth-driven pop sound against a haunting vocal and layers of “oh-ee-oh” chants, the house may be empty, but your love of the band should be full. Check out their two other tracks online and watch out for “Empty” as it hits iTunes next month.

Kyle LionhartKYLE LIONHART – “On My Own”
Hometown: Byron Bay, Australia

His last name goes in like a lion, but his soft voice and elegant song are much smoother than that. Also the leader of a band Vernas Keep, Lionhart has been playing live for several years, but his first solo release has seen some big love from radio station Triple J and, of course, the blogosphere. It’s an excellent single with huge potential. An EP is coming later this year.

Robert MuinosROBERT MUINOS – “I Was Dreaming”
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Muinos is yet another discovery from down under and formerly one of the nine members of Saskwatch, an Australian act playing soul and rock music. Now, he’s striking it as a solo act and breaking out the harmonica on his first single, capturing the late 90’s Alternative sound of acts like Collective Soul and The Wallflowers. An EP will be released in early 2015.

The DuBarrysTHE DUBARRYS – “Undress Your Soul”
Hometown: Brighton, England

Alexander Schönfelder, Charlie Chich and Rax Behéshti comprise this folk and pop trio, though they first formed as a four piece two years ago. They began issuing some music then, but it’s been their last few songs in the past year that have really started to pick up their audience numbers. With a pretty vocal and lush harmonies, this is a beautiful effort from the guys.

For more great music (at least I’d like to think so) and/or to get in touch, you can find the appropriate link above or click the “About Us” section to email your act in. Until next time, keep making those tunes.

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