TOP TEN: The Music Of The (Nick and) Knight

New kids on the backstreet.

New kids on the backstreet.

It’s not a full NKOTBSB reunion, but Jordan Knight from the New Kids On The Block and Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys are back as the duo Nick & Knight for their self-titled release. The album is currently in the top ten on iTunes in Canada and the top 20 on the U.S. survey, though it isn’t projected to be as high once the final Billboard 200 numbers are released. Nevertheless, fans are embracing the new project. A single from it, “One More Time”, saw its video premiere two weeks ago and was serviced to radio several weeks prior to that.

In honor of all the boy band love as of late, I give you my favorite ten songs from both acts: five from the New Kids, five from Backstreet, and as a bonus, my favorite solo single from each. Good enough? Let’s see how your picks match up to mine:

5. “Shape Of My Heart” (#7 CHR, 2000)
This one may not be a Sting cover, but it was certainly a risky (but solid) single as the leadoff release from Black & Blue.

4. “All I Have To Give” (#6 CHR, 1999)
The sixth and final single from their U.S. self-titled debut was yet another top ten, a lovely R&B pop tune from Full Force.

3. “The Call” (#17 CHR, 2001)
Released in the spring of 2001, both the original version and remix by The Neptunes propelled “Call” to #1 on my top 40.

2. “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely” (#1 CHR, 2000)
Sad, dark, but ultimately, it was gorgeous. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it went to #1 at radio very close to my tenth birthday.

1. “Larger Than Life” (#6 CHR, 1999)
I remember many a day watching Total Request Live in awe of this song’s clip. It’s classic Max Martin and just a pop jam.

Top solo cut: “Do I Have To Cry For You?” (#65 CHR, 2002)
“Help Me” may have been his solo song to go top 40 at CHR, but I always thought that this followup was a stronger effort.

5. “Hangin’ Tough” (#1 CHR, 1989)
If you ever wanted to “get on the floor and do the New Kids dance”, this was your song back in the day. Nice edge to this.

4. “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” (#6 CHR, 1989)
This was one of a handful of the quintet’s singles to go top 40 on the R&B chart. Can’t say I ever got that leg shuffle down.

3. “Tonight” (#6 CHR, 1990)
The Kids tried their hand at a baroque pop influence on this forgotten top ten single, which showed some needed growth.

2. “Cover Girl” (#3 CHR, 1989)
When music turned to magazines, this was a front page frenzy. Well, maybe not a full frenzy, but it is really a great single.

1. “Step By Step” (#1 CHR, 1990)
Sure, I was four months old when the song went to #1, but how can you deny a catchy tune like this one? Awesome song.

Top solo cut: “Give It To You” (#14 CHR, 1999)
My first ever CD single: can you believe it? It wasn’t the most appropriate song to listen to at age 9, but it’s still hot today.

Loving the Nick & Knight album? Do you prefer the guys with their own bands? Let me know! Comment below or click the “Get Social!” tab to find PGTC on social media.


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