ON THE RISE: Cool Cuts From The ‘Cloud

As you may or may not know, the newest PGTC experiment is the SoundCloud page, where you can find both the songs on my personal chart and up-and-coming uploads from independent and small label acts. Since I certainly can’t fit everything I want to on the blog, PGTC on SoundCloud gives you even more of an opportunity to be interactive with all of the tuneage I’m jamming out to. So, if you’ve checked already, you know I’m loving these five artists lately and hopefully, you will too:

CARLACARLA – “Heart Trips”
Hometown: Liverpool, England

There’s an air of mystery to this new release, but the largely secretive British quartet is off to a great start with their debut single. Very much in tune with the current music landscape, “Trips” is a great nod to 80’s pop and a little bit of British glam rock and funk. It wouldn’t sound of out of place on INXS‘s 1983 The Swing album or something comparable. Lovely song.

Fantastic FantasticFANTASTIC FANTASTIC – “Never Enough / Houses”
Hometown: London, England

Their name says it all. The dynamic duo of Kris and Micke have danced their way onto the radar with “Never Enough” and a rerelease of “Houses” in the last few weeks, both of which the blogosphere has received well. Their sound falls neatly into the early 90’s synth dance vibe that’s now popular, similar to the Pet Shop Boys‘s 1993 Very album. Watch out for them.

Little DeedLITTLE DEED – “Neon”
Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Here’s a really smooth track from a Sydney songstress that will have you wanting more. Fusing minimalist pop with a rock core, the result is a composition that goes in and out like a lamb, but roars like a lion. There’s a subtleness to her voice that also carries a nice energy, a mix between Annie Lennox and Tracey Thorn. This colorful character is shining brightly.

Night SportsNIGHT SPORTS – “Youthquake” (EP)
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

You may remember Champagne Riot from an EP they had out a few years back. One part of that duo, Caspar Bock, now leads this new project, already lighting up the web with three solid releases. The vocals on “Youthquake” are performed by Danish model/singer Nanna Kristiansen, though different soloists are involved. As far as this sport, his music’s on the ball.

The Young WildTHE YOUNG WILD – “Moment Goes”
Hometown: San Diego, California

Hey, Class of 2015, I think you’ve found your anthem of the year thanks to this California quintet. Very close to hitting my personal top 40 is “Moment”, a pop-driven Alternative song that’s currently picking up airplay on 91X (XTRA-FM) in San Diego and X107.5 (KXTE-FM) in Las Vegas. The album For Now Not Forever is out September 2; sounds like it’ll be great.

In case you need some more pop picks, check out the following…
“David Gray” by Marie Naffah, a cute ode to hearing your jam in the hardware store. It’ll make you “Babylon” and on.
“Jungle Punch” by Fox & Fowl, the sweet taste of Aussie goodness from this fresh quartet. This is worth a few bottles.
“Promises” by Ryn Weaver, because there’s no need to (octa)hate this new pop princess in training. She’s a fine talent.

For more great music (at least I’d like to think so) and/or to get in touch, you can find the appropriate link above or click the “About Us” section to email your act in. Until next time, keep making those tunes.

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