ADAM’S TOP 40 FLASHBACK: August 1, 2004

Going all the "Way".

Going all the “Way”.

After a little time off, we’re back with another round of way back wonders on Adam’s Top 40 Flashback! Every Saturday, the day before my new top 40 goes up for the week, I’ll be featuring a past countdown straight from chart files of Adam’s Top 40. They’re all here — the hit songs, the songs that flopped, and the songs that may be a little embarrassing to reflect on. Let’s take a trip back to the summer before my first year of high school for the top songs this week in 2004…

40. FATBOY SLIM featuring BOOTSY COLLINS, “The Joker”
39. JAMIE CULLUM, “All At Sea”
38. STORY OF THE YEAR, “Anthem Of Our Dying Day”

Biggest Mover:
KELLY CLARKSON, “Breakaway” (25-11) (14 spots)

10. RYAN CABRERA, “On The Way Down” (down 3)
Album: Take It All Away (2004, E.V.L.A./Atlantic Records)
Peak: #1 for six weeks

09. AVRIL LAVIGNE, “My Happy Ending” (up 3)
Album: Under My Skin (2004, Arista/RMG Records)
Peak: #5 for one week

08. BLACK EYED PEAS, “Let’s Get It Started” (up 1)
Album: Elephunk (2003, A&M/Interscope Records)
Peak: #7 for one week

07. BOWLING FOR SOUP, “1985” (up 1)
Album: A Hangover You Don’t Deserve (2004, Jive/Zomba Records)
Peak: #1 for five weeks

06. COUNTING CROWS, “Accidentally In Love” (steady, third week)
Album: Shrek 2: Motion Picture Soundtrack (2004, Geffen Records)
Peak: #5 for one week

05. TRAIN, “Ordinary” (steady, third week)
Album: Music from and Inspired by Spider-Man 2 (2004, Columbia Records)
Peak: #5 for three weeks

04. NICKELBACK, “Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good” (steady, third week)
Album: The Long Road (2003, Roadrunner/IDJMG Records)
Peak: #4 for three weeks

03. ASHLEE SIMPSON, “Pieces Of Me” (down 1)
Album: Autobiography (2004, Geffen Records)
Peak: #2 for two weeks

02. DARREN HAYES, “Pop!ular” (down 1)
Album: The Tension and the Spark (2004, Columbia Records)
Peak: #1 for three weeks

01. MAROON 5, “She Will Be Loved” (up 2)
Album: Songs About Jane (2002, Octone/J/RMG Records)
Peak: #1 for one week

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