Up The Waterspout: Chart Hits On The Crawl

These hits have legs.

These hits have legs. (Kind of.)

What’s that creeping and crawling onto the airplay survey? Why, it’s “Black Widow” from rapper Iggy Azalea and singer Rita Ora, the second big hit from Azalea’s recent album The New Classic. A music video for the song is set to be released soon, and with a single cover looking straight out of Kill Bill, we’ll have the see if the big film influences the clip.

With the Azalea/Ora collaboration about to climb up the waterspout we call the national charts, at both radio and retail, it seems like the perfect time to take a trip into the animal kingdom and go from iPods to arthropods. They might’ve scared Little Miss Muffet, but don’t you be getting arachnophobia. These are just song titles! From the cobwebs to the charts, the  sound of spiders in music history:

“Spiders & Snakes”, Jim Stafford (#4 R&R / #3 Hot 100, 1974)
From 1973 until 1975, Stafford hit the top 40 with a series of comedic songs, six in total on Billboard. This was the biggest of them, a Gold certified record that was produced by another big pop artist, Lobo, and written by David Bellamy of The Bellamy Brothers. By 1976, the shtick that made him famous had worn thin to both a fading pop and country audience.

“Coming Around Again/Itsy Bitsy Spider”, Carly Simon (#22 R&R / #18 Hot 100, 1987)
Sometimes they’re listed together and sometimes they’re not, but you can find both tracks sharing the same melody in the film Heartburn and on Simon’s 1987 comeback album Coming Around Again. After a jump in label from Epic to Arista, it did the performer well; the single and album were her first top 40 entries in six years and her biggest sellers with the label.

“Spiderwebs”, No Doubt (#11 R&R / #18 Hot 100 Airplay, 1996)
1995’s Tragic Kingdom became a major breakout for this California band, and with one smash under their belts in “Just A Girl”, they returned for some more fun with this hit. Although not eligible to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 due to a lack of physical single, “Spiderwebs” gained both Alternative and CHR airplay, making it one of their most recognizable songs.

Other creepy crawlers on and up the Hot 100:
“Inky Dinky Spider (The Spider Song)”, The Kids Next Door (#84, 1965)
“The Red Back Spider”, Brownsville Station (#96, 1972)
“Spider Jiving”, Andy Fairweather Low (#87, 1975)
“Tarantula”, The Smashing Pumpkins (#54, 2007)

Of course, there’s always the band Spider if you need an extra shot that’s too cool for spool. With a handful of charters in the 80’s, they made the top 40 once in 1980 with “New Romance (It’s A Mystery)”.

Which act or song will you spin your web around? Let me know! Comment below or find me on social media by clicking the “Get Social!” tab above.

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