All The Right “Moves”: International Hits In Any Language

It’s beginning to look a lot like Europe all over the charts during the heart of the summer. Massive global hits from Clean Bandit/Jess Glynne, Kiesza and more are fitting in nicely on the pop airwaves. Plus, you’ll find Milky Chance on the Alternative survey, and SecondCity and Shift K3y impacting dance radio. What’s up next from across the pond? Here are three songs that could make the U.S. their second home later this year:

Up and "Away".

Up and “Away”.

ALLE FARBEN featuring GRAHAM CANDY – “She Moves (Far Away)”
Album: Synesthesia (2014)

28-year-old house DJ and producer Frans Zimmer worked at a number of jobs in his teens and twenties before making it in the clubs and as a remixer for other acts during the last few years. 23-year-old vocalist Candy, born in New Zealand, began in acting and musical theater before transitioning into a full-time singer. (He has an EP in the works.) Together, they seem to have found the right magic as “Moves” has become a big hit in several European countries, including Austria, Denmark, Hungary and Switzerland. A video clip for the song has totaled over four million views. Asaf Avidan‘s 2012 mix of “One Day/Reckoning Song” may not have blown up in the States, but even with its similar feel, this single could be one to watch.



CRO – “Traum” (“Dream”)
Album: Melodie (2014)

I know what you’re thinking… how is a single by a German rapper/singer in a panda mask sung in German going to capture an audience in the U.S.? It seems preposterous that it would make the smallest of waves here. However, “Traum” is one of those cases where the video really makes the song regardless of what the lyrics are saying. (How many of us actually tried to translate “Gangnam Style”?) Set on a dating show gone totally wrong, it’s racked up seven million views in just over one month and recently became his second #1 song in both Austria and Germany, his sixth hit overall in both territories. Even if Carlo Waibel doesn’t crossover with his “raop” (rap and pop) movement, he’s still got a great fanklub over in those parts.

Just like a "Prayer".

Just like a “Prayer”.

Album: Invincible Friends (2010)

Here’s an international hit with some history. Pounding that pop from Paris, the dynamic duo of Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto formed in 2006 and released two albums to very minor success. A handful of singles from these efforts also charted in their native France, but they all achieved minor peaks well below the top 40. This was the case until earlier this summer when super hot producer Schulz, already known for his remix of Mr Probz‘s “Waves”, boosted a four year old song from obscurity into a top ten smash in more than a dozen countries. There’s still more growth to go, including in the U.S., where  “Waves” is just starting to build. “Prayer” probably won’t get here until late 2014, but this scripture is worth the servicing.

Which of these three international smashes will make it to the U.S. first and potentially do the best here? Let me know! Comment below or click on the “Get Social!” tab above to find PGTC on Facebook and Twitter.

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