The “Jealous” Type: A Skeptical Set Of Singles

Blossoming all over the charts.

Blossoming all over the charts.

If you’ve been enjoying the latest music from Canada’s Chromeo, you’ll know that their new effort, White Women, is out now. The first single from it, “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)”, is at CHR radio and recently passed one million views on YouTube for its video clip. It has yet to enter the Hot 100. However, don’t be wary of it – there have been five other songs that went top 40 on Billboard’s big lists that rose against their rivals with an attentive watch on the top. In the grand scheme of things, I guess that the character of the countdown hasn’t been that jealous at all after five decades of music. Judge for yourself:

“Hey Jealous Lover”, Frank Sinatra (#3, 1956)
Ol’ Blue Eyes was seeing red on this song, his biggest of the year, which peaked at #3 on Billboard’s Most Played By Jockeys survey. It was also a Jukebox hit. Though this pre-dated the Hot 100, Sinatra had plenty of songs chart when the list began.

“Jealous Of You (Tango Della Gelosia)”, Connie Francis (#19, 1960)
As both an actress and a vocalist, the talented Francis got a nice response from a young audience, singing in many languages and styles. “You” served as the b-side to “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool”, which racked up two weeks at #1 on the Hot 100.

“Jealous Kind Of Fella”, Garland Green (#20, 1969)
From a large family in Mississippi, this performer made it in Chicago and found his greatest success on Uni Records. “Fella” was Green’s only hit to reach the Hot 100, but he continued to hit the R&B survey through the 70’s and last ranked in 1983.

“Hey Jealousy”, Gin Blossoms (#25, 1993)
It may have taken a year for the Arizona quintet to score their first big song from the album New Miserable Experience, but their debut was a classic. Gaining airplay on both pop and rock radio, it remains one of the band’s most well-known releases.

“Jealousy”, Natalie Merchant (#23, 1996)
Two years after departing her group 10,000 Maniacs, Merchant began on what would become a successful solo trek with 1995’s Tigerlily. “Jealousy” was the third single from it and ranked during the summer months, peaking at #5 on CHR radio.

Some other of my favorite “Jealous” jams from just below the top 40:
“Jealous Guy”, John Lennon (#80, 1988)
“Jealous”, Gene Loves Jezebel (#68, 1990)
“Jealous Again”, The Black Crowes (#75, 1990)
“Jealousy”, Will Young (DNC, 2011 – #5 UK)

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