Better Off Bread: A Poppin’ Playlist For Matzah Monday

Well, at least you can listen to these guys...

At least you can listen to these guys…

To all of my Jewish readers out there, you know that tonight begins the holiday of Passover, an eight night celebration commemorating how Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and to the Promised Land. Besides all of the prep work you’ll be doing for the seder, you also know that this marks the beginning of Matzahfest 2014. It’s not quite as hip as Coachella, but it’s something we have to eat instead of our usual round of bread and all the other products deemed as chametz for this period of time.

Now, even though bread can’t touch your plate around this time of year, it can touch your playlist. Thankfully, looking through the chart archives, we’ve certainly had our small fill of acts and songs that takes their names from nourishment and load their lyrics with loaves and lots of them. Don’t throw these treats out yet!

“Bread And Butter”, The Newbeats (#2, 1964)
The trio from Louisiana individually played in separate groups for several years before forming their most recognized configuration in the early 60’s. This was their biggest single together, which spent two weeks at #2 in September 1964. A few followups by the band charted until the end of the decade; three of those went top 40. A cover of “Bread” sung by Robert John peaked at #68 on the Hot 100 in 1983.

“Toast And Marmalade For Tea”, Tin Tin (#20, 1971)
Do you remember this four man band from Australia? During the summer of 1971, they hit with their only significant single, best known for its warbled piano melody. It was produced by Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees, who is also behind the bass on the song. A followup single, “Is That the Way?”, peaked at #59 later that year.

Outside of the top 40, a handful of other “Bread” titles charted in the 1960’s: “Jelly Bread” by Booker T. & The MG’s (#82 in 1963) and two versions of the same song, by Paul Chaplain and His Emeralds (as “Shortnin’ Bread”, #82 in 1960) and The Bell Notes (as “Shortenin’ Bread”, #96 in 1960).

This is probably the most obvious of the selections in this post; after all, look at the group’s name. The quartet from Los Angeles totaled 12 top 40 singles, including soft rock classics like the #1 “Make It With You” in 1970 and “Everything I Own”, a #5 hit in 1972. Leader David Gates also made the top 40 three times as a solo artist. He appears to be active as live act.

Cornbread and Jerry
Both of the charting singles from girl group The Dixiebelles gave a featured credit to this act, which were “(Down At) Papa Joe’s” (#9 in 1963) and “Southtown, U.S.A.” (#15 in 1964). After a third single failed to break the big Billboard survey, the group parted ways.

Not much else in the way of acts baked their way into the heat of the Hot 100 except for a spoken word record credited to Cornbread and Biscuits, who climbed to #75 in 1960 with a double-sided single titled “The Big Time Spender”.

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