A New “Dance” Or Three: Will The U.S. Step To These Global Hits?

It’s certainly not easy to break the music market in one country, but these fellows are doing it by the dozens. The three acts highlighted here have proven themselves worthy of the international crowd, but will it translate into yet another big success here in the U.S.? The time is ticking, but a combination of chart data and social stats has my pop prediction cap buzzing a little bit louder than usual. If you don’t know these guys by now, get ready to pump up the jams:

Sometimes he feels like the only Cab on the road.

Sometimes he feels like the only Cab on the road.

CRIS CAB featuring PHARRELL WILLIAMS – “Liar Liar”
Album: Where I Belong (2014)

You may remember this now 21-year-old singer’s 2012 single “Good Girls (Don’t Grow on Trees)”, which featured rapper Big Sean. It was sent to radio in the U.S., but failed to pick up any traction. This new single of his, however, has been all over the global charts, breaking the top ten in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and more. It also ranks within the top 40 on iTunes currently in over a dozen countries, not to mention that the music video just passed ten million views. He may be singing about liars, but that success is the truth. 2014 looks to be another banner year for Williams, who co-wrote and co-produced this, so why not give it a shot in the States? With an island meets R&B sound, this will chill things right away.

Better than Ezra.

He may be better than Ezra.

GEORGE EZRA – “Budapest”
Album: Did You Hear The Rain? (EP) (2013)

Here’s another young musician who went from playing at Glastonbury last year to playing on his own headlining tour this year. It’s amazing what time can do, can it? The 21-year-old from Bristol has issued two EPs in the past six months and it is the former one that’s given him his breakout hit. Ezra’s single is climbing all over Europe, with top ten peaks in Belgium and The Netherlands and some modest action in Denmark and Switzerland. It’s also notable for a pretty simple clip with the performer strumming his guitar against various colored backgrounds, but three million views later… who needs a big budget to get attention? With a much older voice and a pleasant vibe, this feels like a promising AAA radio hit. We’ll see!

No use crying over spilt Milky.

No use crying over spilled Milky.

MILKY CHANCE – “Stolen Dance”
Album: Sadnecessary (2013)

If you’re not one of the 22 million views that this video has accumulated on YouTube, then what are you waiting for? The duo of singer and musician Clemens Rehbein and DJ Philipp Dausch formed just two years ago in Germany, but acclaim has come their way and quickly at that. The two have absolutely dominated the charts overseas with their rhythmic folk track, going to #1 in a handful of countries and top ten in many others. While a followup single, “Down By The River”, is being promoted in several territories (including the United Kingdom, where “Dance” has yet to be a hit), it would seem as though the bigger cut could fly onto the Alternative chart and beyond with a good push before its momentum is “stolen”.

Which of these three international smashes will make it to the U.S. first and potentially do the best here? Let me know! Comment below or click on the “Get Social!” tab above to find PGTC on Facebook and Twitter.


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