“Out” With The Old: In With The New Singles

Spring is here and the big bands are battling for their spots on the charts. You know their hit singles, you’ve seen them in concert and you have a t-shirt, a water bottle and maybe even a lunchbox with their name on it. However, when it comes to their latest releases, maybe you’re not so up-to-date on all the information. However, you will be now to the point that you can’t get these songs “out” of your head. OK, maybe you can, but that’s beyond the point. Time to get rocking:

Imagination's got the best of you.

Dragon the line.

IMAGINE DRAGONS – “Bleeding Out”
Release Date: out now

“On Top Of The World” may be this band’s biggest hit on my survey, but on the national charts, it’s not been so easy for this fourth single from Night Visions to rise to the top. It barely scraped the top 20 on Alternative radio and is making a small gain here and there on the Hot AC airwaves. Considering how huge “It’s Time”, “Radioactive” and “Demons” were, however, I guess it’s not too much of a stretch. Perhaps it would be best to make a change to this single, their current 5th release from the effort in Australia and New Zealand. In fact, it’s already into the top 50 on iTunes in the latter country. Although drastically different from “World” given its dark and synth-driven nature, “Bleeding” is another solid track on the album that could potentially do well in the States should it be given a chance, though it most likely won’t. Still, there are always the overseas markets and, of course, the hype that will lead into their second era. It should be cool to watch.

They've lost that lovin' feeling (again.)

For Tedder or worse.

ONEREPUBLIC – “Love Runs Out”
Release Date: April 7 (?) / May 6 (CHR radio)

For a few weeks, Interscope Records was promoting “I Lived” as the next radio single from this quintet’s album, Native. Then, for no good reason, the song was pulled from most radio servicing outlets, even though a handful of stations like SiriusXM’s The Pulse were steadily playing the song. It was a real shame as it made a great followup to “Counting Stars”. However, out of the blue comes this announced single about a month ago, which the group has been previewing live out on the road. “Runs” officially goes for adds at pop radio on May 6; however, this tweet from the band’s Twitter account (presumably leader Ryan Tedder answering back) would suggest that the single is coming within the next few days. It’s also unclear whether it will appear as a stand-alone release, on a reissue of the aforementioned Native that has yet to be announced, or on a new album. Described as a “swampy Southern stomp” by the BBC, we’ll see how it sounds very soon.

Which of these two new singles do you think will outdo and outshine the other? Let me know! Comment below or click on the “Get Social!” tab above to find PGTC on Facebook and Twitter.


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