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ADAM’S TOP 40 FLASHBACK: March 25, 2012

They're on each other's "Team".

They’re on each other’s “Team”.

Welcome back for another edition of Adam’s Top 40 Flashback! Every Saturday, the day before my new top 40 goes up for the week, I’ll be featuring a past countdown straight from chart files of Adam’s Top 40. They’re all here — the hit songs, the songs that flopped, and the songs that may be a little embarrassing to reflect on. The idea of graduating from college was all too real at this point during Senior Year. It was one crazy time. Meanwhile, here’s what was happening on my chart dated March 25, 2012:

40. THE FRAY, “Run For Your Life”
39. COLBIE CAILLAT (featuring COMMON), “Favorite Song”
37. DANIEL POWTER, “Cupid”
35. CARLY RAE JEPSEN, “Call Me Maybe”

Biggest Mover:
GRAFFITI6, “Stare Into The Sun” (36-28) (8 spots)

10. ADAM LAMBERT, “Better Than I Know Myself”
Nowadays, you might call him Starchild, the nickname of his character on the FOX show Glee. However, in the spring of 2012, Lambert was in the middle of promoting his album Trespassing. “Better” peaked for two weeks at #8, his third top ten single on my chart. During the summer, he’ll be touring with Queen and then releasing his third album later in 2014.

09. KATY PERRY, “Part Of Me”
Originally written and recorded in 2010 for the album Teenage Dream, the finalized version of “Part” (with an alteration in both lyrics and production) didn’t see a release until early 2012 when the album was rereleased. It entered at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to strong digital sales and a pretty large airplay debut. She still tops the charts two years later.

08. ADELE, “Set Fire To The Rain”
From her sophomore album 21, you know this song well and yes, you can actually produce a flame in rain. It just takes a little bit of chemistry. No demonstrations, please. What this song was demonstrating, however, was mighty chart muscle. “Set” was the third #1 in a row from that album following “Rolling In The Deep” and “Someone Like You”. That’s too hot.

07. THE SCRIPT, “If You Ever Come Back”
Released as the third single from Science & Faith, “Back” became the fifth top 5 single in a row for this Irish trio, going as high as #4. It wasn’t nearly as successful on any national charts and was only released in a handful of countries. Several months later, the group would return to the #1 spot for four frames with “Hall Of Fame”, a collaboration with

06. GRAFFITI6, “Free”
Not only did the duo of Jamie Scott and Tommy Danvers have the week’s Biggest Mover with “Sun”, but they were also working their way down the top ten with their former #1. “Free” spent four weeks at the top and became my top single of 2012. Though a new album from the two has yet to be released, Scott is previewing material from a new solo project live.

05. ONE DIRECTION, “One Thing”
After the ballad “Gotta Be You” just missed making my top ten during the fall of 2011, the five guys from London headed in a, well, different Direction. The energetic and fun “Thing” was at its peak on my chart a few weeks before it started to build on U.S. radio. The quintet is currently on my survey with two songs, “Story Of My Life” and “Midnight Memories”.

04. ED SHEERAN, “The A Team”
Holding in place at #4 for a second week was the debut hit for Sheeran, whose song peaked at #3 the previous summer in the United Kingdom. “Team” would spend a week at #1 in April and earned him a nomination for Song Of The Year at the GRAMMY Awards. The performer returns with a second album later this year. Look for a new single in about two weeks.

03. KELLY CLARKSON, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”
Here’s one of the top singles to reach my chart from the former American Idol winner. She’s gone to the top three times, but unfortunately, “Stronger” got stuck at #2 for four weeks behind an even stronger #1. It was very close. The singer’s been back into the top ten two times since this song, going to #9 with “Catch My Breath” and to #6 with “People Like Us”.

02. TRAIN, “Drive By”
The Save Me, San Francisco did wonders for this trio, responsible for four consecutive top ten singles on my chart. Two years ago, they followed it up with California 37, and “Drive” took the highway to #1 for three weeks. All in all, this era also landed four songs in the top ten, and it sets up the band particularly well for whatever is next. Looking forward to it!

01. GOTYE featuring KIMBRA, “Somebody That I Used To Know”
It was the biggest duet of 2012 and with sales of 7.5 million copies in the U.S. alone, it also ranks as one of the top-selling hits of all-time. Who knew a simple song from Australia would travel around the world and strike it so big? Thankfully, it was an awesome tune, and it spent seven weeks at #1 on my personal chart. Both acts have made my top 40 since this fell off the chart: the former rose to #7 for three weeks with “Eyes Wide Open” and the latter got to #30 with “Settle Down”.

Check back next Saturday for another Adam’s Top 40 Flashback and don’t forget to follow the blog by using the tab below or find PGTC on social media by clicking the “Get Social!” tab at the top of the page.

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Be Good Johnny: The “Doe” Re Mi Of Chart Ditties

From dusk 'til "John".

From dusk ’til “John”.

The latest single from B.o.B is a collaboration with Priscilla on a song called “John Doe”. For the North Carolina rapper, it’s his sixth top 40 hit on the CHR chart as a main credit act, while it becomes the second for the singer who once charted as Priscilla Renea. (You may remember her minor 2009 entry called “Dollhouse”.) Sometimes, it’s all in the name, and in this case, a first name that’s been used in a lot of other hit singles throughout the decades. Considering that it was the 75th most popular name for boys last year, there’s quite a few more of them in the world.

So, with all the “John” song titles out there, I’ve limited it to just those that hit the top ten. After all, we can only hope that “John Doe” rises to the same region this summer. There’s some classic tunes among the handful of titles, plus a few fluffy numbers that are just so sugary sweet. Get ready to take attendance, because the pop pupils are all here:

Chuck Berry, “Johnny B. Goode” (#8, 1958)
He’s an icon and a pioneer of early rock ‘n’ roll music in the 1950’s. Released during the summer of 1958, “Goode” peaked just a few weeks before Billboard introduced its Hot 100 chart and climbed to #8 on what was then known as the Top 100.

Jimmy Dean, “Big Bad John” (#1, 1961)
Before breaking into the Breakfast business, Dean was a Country singer, and his biggest single topped that chart along with the Hot 100. After a string of hits in the 60’s, he would last break the Hot 100 in 1975. Dean passed away in 2010 at age 81.

Shelley Fabares, “Johnny Angel” (#1, 1962)
Known for her role on The Donna Reed Show, Fabares went from actress to singer and scored a #1 hit with her debut chart single. She managed another moderate hit for Colpix Records, a followup called “Johnny Loves Me”, which peaked at #21.

Joanie Sommers, “Johnny Get Angry” (#7, 1962)
The singer from Buffalo, NY broke into Billboard’s top ten in 1962 with what’s considered one of the more unusual songs in her catalogue of jazz and standards. It was her only top 40 single, and by the 1970’s, she began to pursue commercial work.

The Beach Boys, “Sloop John B” (#3, 1966)
Now, this “John” obviously isn’t a person; it refers to a sail boat of sorts, and it cruised through the chart waters to the high tides of the top 5. The origins of the song date back to the 1920’s. “Sloop” has been covered by several acts since it charted.

Dion, “Abraham, Martin and John” (#4, 1968)
After a string of flops, the former teen idol turned to religion, got clean, and recorded the original version of this tribute to four important American figures. It was a much-needed comeback, becoming his biggest song in five years and going Gold.

In 1971, a medley of this song along with “What The World Needs Now Is Love” went to #8 in a unique composition by disc jockey Tom Clay. It also featured interviews and clips from political figures of the time.

The Beatles, “The Ballad Of John and Yoko” (#8, 1969)
As “Get Back” topped the Hot 100 for five weeks, this tune was released as a followup to it, spending three straight weeks at #8 in July. Some radio stations at the time objected to playing the song due to religious issues. Of course, it’s all fine today.

El DeBarge, “Who’s Johnny?” (#3, 1986)
After leaving his family group at the end of their most successful era, he scored as a solo act in 1986 with a single from the film Short Circuit. Neither of the two followups from a self-titled album out later that year on Gordy Records went top 40.

For more games with names and titles with titles, follow the blog below or find PGTC on social media by clicking the “Get Social!” tab.

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Record Store Day 2014: Adam’s Top Picks

Viva la Vinyl.

Shop ’til you drop.

It’s time yet again for another round of setting your Saturday morning alarm clock for 7AM, hopping out of bed and taking a trip to the local independent record store for another edition of Record Store Day. The seventh edition of this massive music fest is on April 19, so get ready to add to your collection with another set of exclusive CD and vinyl pieces. Heck, it may be even better than Christmas. Just remember to get there early, or you may miss out on what you want!

Later today, you’ll be able to see the full of release on the official RSD website. For now, here are ten vinyl releases that are already confirmed that I hope to pick up! (Thanks to Wax Poetic for their coverage as well.)

AMERICAN AUTHORS & THE MOWGLI’S – “In A Big Country”/”You Make My Dreams”
Format: 7″ single

It’s been four months since “Best Day Of My Life” hit #1 on my chart, but the band originally from Boston and now based in Brooklyn puts their spin on the 1983 Big Country single, which they performed on The Carrie Diaries last fall. On the flip side, the California pop septet take on a 1981 classic from Hall & Oates, a live favorite of theirs. It should be a fun release.

BASTILLE – Of The Night”
Format: 10″ EP
View artwork

“Night” is a former #1 single on my top 40 for two weeks and it also went top 5 in multiple European territories. The lineup on here is the same as its release overseas, with the album cut, the Icarus and MNEK mixes, and a live version of “Oblivion” recorded at the Capitol Studios in Hollywood. This is also one of the few picture discs of the bunch. I highly recommend it!

BLEACHERS – I Wanna Get Better”
Format: 7″ single
View artwork

In addition to an EP I’m looking at by fun., which you’ll see later down in the list, this new Jack Antonoff led band is also putting out a release of their own. “Better” is already soaring towards the top 20 on my weekly list and I’m quite excited to hear what the full album sounds like. The 7″ features an album version and a remix by Vince Clarke from the duo Erasure.

Format: 10″ EP
View artwork

They were one of the biggest acts of the late 60’s and today, they’re all over Classic Rock radio. Celebrating 45 years since some of their greatest successes, this 10″ EP combines four consecutive hit singles from the band: “Proud Mary”/”Born On The Bayou”, “Bad Moon Rising”/”Lodi”, “Green River”/”Commotion” and lastly, “Down On The Corner”/”Fortunate Son”.

FUN. – Point And Light
Format: 10″ EP

In 2012, the trio released a RSD-exclusive EP titled The Ghost That You Are To Me. (I was able to find a copy of it.) Their latest vinyl EP, five tracks in total, is a collection of demos from their first album, Aim and Ignite, released on Nettwerk in fall 2009. The track list includes “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)”, “I Wanna Be The One” and “The Gambler”.

MAYER HAWTHORNE & SHINTARO SAKAMOTO – Wine Glass Woman”/“In A Phantom Mood”
 Format: 7″ single

This split single featuring a cut from Hawthorne’s Where Does This Door Go? (a fantastic album, I might add) and a 2012 song from the Tokyo singer. Hawthorne has another RSD release this year as Jaded Incorporated, in which he partners with producer 14KT. That 7″ single, “Black Future”/”People Change”, is shaped like a triangle and costs significantly more.

NEON TREES – “Sleeping With A Friend”
Format: 7″ single
View artwork

This Utah band is also back for another RSD: two years ago, they issued a heart-shaped vinyl single of their hit “Everybody Talks.” However, not everybody was talking, because I was never able to find it. Very sad indeed. However, with this song being the current #1 single on my personal chart, I would hope there’s a better chance of locating this one. Stock up, folks.

ONE DIRECTION – “Midnight Memories”/“Rock Me (Live)”
Format: 10″ vinyl EP
View artwork

I know what you’re saying: this can’t be right, Adam. However, it very much is. The quintet is putting out a 10″ picture disc for the big day, which features their current U.K. single on the a-side and a live version of a fan favorite from their concert picture, One Direction: This Is Us, on the b-side. Have you seen the cover? It’s totally tubular, for sure. I love the 80’s fun.

RAY PARKER, JR. – “Ghostbusters”
Format: 10″ single
View (original) artwork

Speaking of the 80’s, I think you better call someone to pick up this release, which turns 30 years old in 2014! I apologize if that makes you feel old. Containing the original edit and dance mixes/dubs, along with an instrumental version, the record itself is also glow in the dark, which is a cute little novelty. Plus, who can resist a classic pop song? Let’s party like it’s 1984.

R.E.M. – MTV Unplugged: The Complete 1991 And 2001 Sessions
Format: 4 LP set
View artwork

This is bound to be one of the most sought after releases this season, which combines both performances by the band from Unplugged in 1991 and 2001. In addition to what aired on MTV, there are eleven unaired numbers on here: five from the former show and six from the latter. The trio’s always been pretty generous with their RSD givings, and this is no different.

More awesome pop choices:
BETTY WHO“Heartbreak Dream”/”Somebody Loves You (Acoustic)” (7″ single)
COLDPLAY“Magic”/“Midnight” (7″ single)
HAIM“Forever” (12″ single)
MKTO“Classic” (7″ single)
PARAMORE“Ain’t It Fun” (12″ single)
RAY LAMONTAGNE“Supernova”/”Pick Up A Gun” (7″ single)
THE STANDELLS“Dirty Water”/”Twitchin’ Clear” (7″ single)

Are you looking forward to the RSD celebration and is there another release not listed here that you’ve got to have? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter: click the “Get Social!” tab above to find us on there.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Karmin – Pulses

They want it all.

They want it all.

It’s been two years since the Boston-based duo Karmin released an EP on Epic Records titled Hello. Preceded by a minor airplay single in “Crash Your Party”, issued as a stand-alone release in 2011, the seven song effort would go onto moderate sales and decent promotion for two additional singles: “Brokenhearted” and the title track. Though their charting presence wasn’t stellar, it gave them enough recognition (on top of their already solid following from YouTube) and they once again stepped foot into the studio later that year to finish what is now their first full-length album out on the 25th, titled Pulses.

If you’re familiar with this ongoing story, you know that this effort has been plagued by many delays, originally intended to be released in Q4 of 2012. That would’ve made sense given the chart run for “Hello”, which peaked at the time. There were at least three dates set during 2013 for it to come out, but due to the underperformance of lead single “Acapella” and staff cuts at Epic during the summer, this was again put on the back burner. Feuds ensued and things got ugly, but both the duo and label have seemingly agreed to stick it out with this current date and track listing. Alas, followup “I Want It All” is faring even worse, but luckily, I like it and some of the other tracks on here, which is a special gift for the two’s core fans.

Let’s start with what works really well on here. Besides the aforementioned “All”, which grooves to a Nu Shooz style beat, by far the best cut on Pulses is “Hate To Love You”, produced by The Elev3n. This should’ve been the “Brokenhearted” of the era. It’s straight-up fun pop at its best, switching between Nick Noonan on the verses and Amy Heidemann on the raps. You may remember that it was used in a television ad for ShoeDazzle. Why couldn’t it have been promoted then? That is anyone’s guess. It’s nothing new sonically, but it’s surely meant to be a radio hit.

Two of the other standouts on here feature the duo riding a wave of reggae rhythms just in time for the summer. Satisfying tunes include the island pop vibe of “Gasoline”, which gives the album some much-needed life after a series of so-so tracks. Further down the lineup is “Try Me On”, co-written and produced by Canadian duo The Messengers. (One of its members, Nasri Atweh, is also the lead singer of the band MAGIC!, who have an international hit in “Rude”.) It packs the flavor and showcases a better lyric than the former song.

Of course, you may be interested in the more urban side of Karmin. For that, I would refer you to the Jon Jon produced banger “Pulses”, the title track, which could be compared to the “I Told You So” of this album. Jon Jon also had a hand in that album cut from Hello. The production is hot and the energy is up, but you’re probably going to cringe at lines like, “I wanna raise pulses, la chica with the mostest/Not in the mood for the Average Josephs.” Really? Yeah, I think I’ll pass too.

I can’t fault the duo for switching up the genres and tempos pretty regularly on here, but unfortunately, much of it comes off as slightly passable b-side material at best. The pop/rock turned electro “Night Like This” sadly falls flat; even though the night sounds interesting, they sound pretty bored singing about it. Ballad “Neon Love” is overdone thematically, much the same as “Tidal Wave”, in which they just add water (metaphorically) but nothing seems to grow. 3OH!3 also enters the mix, co-writing “Puppet” – that, at least, stirs things up a little bit, but it’s not one of my favorites.

I hate to say it, I don’t want to say it… alright, I’m going to say it. This really could’ve been issued as an EP and not as a full album. I know Karmin has been pretty vocal about wanting to deliver a first album, but had Epic released this as a part of a two EP series in early 2013 with a sort of compilation album last spring, I think that ultimately would’ve created the best results for both the label and the duo. Instead, this will probably go away without much in the way of sales and no real huge single from it. It’s too bad because the material and the enthusiasm is there, but there’s obviously a real big problem in the handling of material properly at Epic. That isn’t to say the label is 100% at fault because there are some subpar songs here, but unless you’re A Great Big World or KONGOS or Prince at the moment, they won’t be throwing their coins at you.

Amy Heidemann sings it best in “Neon Love”: “Baby, sometimes it’s hard enough just getting by/This neon love is destined to die.” It’s downright true: they’re better off conserving that electric pop pulse for whatever label they end up at next.

(Stream and pre-order Karmin’s Pulses, due in stores March 25)

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TURN IT UP TUESDAY: What’s New In Stores This Week (March 18)

What's my "Age" again?

Foster on the roster.

Feels like, feels like it’s coming… that is, a rush to buy some new singles and albums this week, right? Here’s what you need to know about on the schedule for the week of March 18:

  • In 2011, Foster The People scored a major pop and rock hit with “Pumped Up Kicks” from their album Torches. Three years later, the trio returns with their sophomore album, Supermodel, and are currently riding high on the Alternative chart with the top 5 single “Coming Of Age”. Look for the album to debut at #1 next week ahead of the soundtrack to Frozen; the cold never bothered them anyways. (iTunes)
  • After several EPs released over the past few years, DJ and GRAMMY winner Skrillex is out with his first full-length album, Recess, which was just announced mere days ago. Pre-orders have been strong on this one; I’m expecting it to be top 5 on the album chart next week. (iTunes)
  • SEX + LOVE is the title of the latest album from Enrique Iglesias, but he hasn’t been receiving the latter at radio. All three of the English singles from the record have tanked, largely due to their generic nature. However, with the kind of fan base he has, they may come through for him and deliver a top ten debut. (iTunes)
  • Believe it or not, superstar George Michael has a new effort out this week, titled Symphonica. The largely live album features new takes on some of his hits, as well as cover versions, as performed on his tour of the same name. (iTunes)
  • Other releases out this week include: Black Lips‘s Underneath The Rainbow (iTunes), Jo Dee Messina‘s Me (iTunes), John Oates‘s Good Road To Follow (iTunes), Ronnie Milsap‘s Summer Number Seventeen (iTunes), Taking Back Sunday‘s Happiness Is (iTunes), The Pretty Reckless‘s Going To Hell (iTunes), The War On Drugs‘s Lost In The Dream (iTunes), YG‘s My Krazy Life (iTunes) and the soundtrack from Muppets Most Wanted (iTunes).

New digital-only EPs and singles that you can buy this week include:

  • “Chandelier”, a new release from super songwriter and singer Sia. (iTunes)
  • “Me And My Broken Heart” (+ EP), the first release from new U.K. boy band Rixton. (iTunes)
  • “Sirens”, a second single from Cher Lloyd‘s delayed Sorry, I’m Late album. (iTunes)
  • “Summer”, the first single from Calvin Harris‘s forthcoming album. (iTunes)
  • “Surfboard”, a new single from teen singer Cody Simpson. (iTunes)

Next week, Shakira shakes it up with a self-titled album on the schedule, plus Karmin and the soundtrack from Rio 2 arrive in stores. A full preview is coming in seven!

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Highlights from Adam’s Top 40: March 16, 2014

Catching ZZZ's and the #1 spot.

Read ’em and Sleep.

40. Paolo Nutini – Scream (Funk My Life Up)
37. Better Than Ezra – Crazy Lucky
36. Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne – Rather Be | HIGHEST DEBUT

32. Rixton – Me And My Broken Heart (39)
29. Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire (40) | BIGGEST MOVER
21. Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better (26)
18. Coldplay – Magic (28)
13. DJ Cassidy featuring Jessie J & Robin Thicke – Calling All Hearts (20)

10. Eric Hutchinson – Tell The World (13) | PEAK: #10
09. Karmin – I Want It All (09) | PEAK: #09
08. The 1975 – Settle Down (10) | PEAK: #08
07. Gary Barlow and Elton John – Face To Face (07) | PEAK: #07
06. Grouplove – Shark Attack (05) | PEAK: #03
05. Foster The People – Coming Of Age (06) | PEAK: #05
04. Christina Perri – Human (02) | PEAK: #01 for six weeks
03. Bastille – Bad Blood (04) | PEAK: #03
02. MAGIC! – Rude (03) | PEAK: #02
01. Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend (01) | PEAK: #01 for three weeks

Top 10 Next In Line:
1. Benny Tipene – Make You Mine (1)
2. Aer – Says She Loves Me (3)
3. Vance Joy – Riptide (8)
4. Kylie Minogue – Into The Blue (2)
5. Hedley – Crazy For You (-)
6. Guy Sebastian – Like A Drum (-)
7. O.A.R. – Peace (10)
8. Justin Timberlake – Not A Bad Thing (7)
9. Chromeo – Jealous (I Ain’t With It) (-)
10. Taylor Henderson – When You Were Mine (-)

In The Mix:
5 Seconds Of Summer – She Looks So Perfect
Augustana – Ash And Ember
Betty Who – Heartbreak Dream
Christina Perri – Burning Gold
Daughtry – Battleships
Foster The People – Best Friend (new)
Gary Barlow – Since I Saw You Last
Grizfolk – The Struggle
Hot Chelle Rae – Don’t Say Goodnight
Hunter Hayes – Invisible
Lo-Fang – When We’re Fire
Matt Cardle – Hit My Heart
Miner – Hey Love
OneRepublic – I Lived
Parmalee – Carolina
Ray LaMontagne – Supernova
R5 – (I Can’t) Forget About You
Sebell – Till The Sun Burns Out (new)
Sheppard – Geronimo
Strange Talk – Young Hearts

Chart Notes:

  • In May of 2008, a song called “Rock & Roll” entered my then Up & Coming section by a newcomer named Eric Hutchinson. Nearly six years later and now 33 years old, he has his first top ten single on my chart with “Tell The World”, advancing 13-10. Hutchinson’s Pure Fiction album is out April 8.
  • “Raging Fire” is the latest single from former American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, and that flame is burning bright this week as it leaps from 40-29, the Biggest Mover on the chart. It’s his third single to hit my survey, and the first from his forthcoming sophomore album, due later this spring.
  • The week’s Highest Debut at #36 recently spent four weeks at #1 in the U.K., selling over 400,000 copies since its release in January. Still top 5 all over Europe, it’s quartet Clean Bandit and vocalist Jess Glynne‘s time to shine in the U.S. with “Rather Be”. It was added on SiriusXM’s 20 on 20 and goes for adds at CHR radio this week.
  • Debuting a notch below that at #37 is the first top 40 single in five years for Better Than Ezra, “Crazy Lucky”. During the spring of 2009, they rose to #13 with “Absolutely Still”. Of course, the trio is best known for songs like 1995’s “Good” and 1997’s “Desperately Wanting”, which hit both pop and rock radio back in the day.
  • Finally, in at #40, is the latest from Scottish singer and songwriter Paolo Nutini, titled “Scream (Funk My Life Up)”. Seven years ago, Nutini peaked at #10 with “New Shoes”, his biggest single to date. His new album, Caustic Love, is out next month.

(See my full chart on the M4BCC message board)

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ADAM’S TOP 40 FLASHBACK: March 17, 2002

This chart (tastes so sweet.)

This chart (tastes so sweet.)

Welcome back for another edition of Adam’s Top 40 Flashback! Every Saturday, the day before my new top 40 goes up for the week, I’ll be featuring a past countdown straight from chart files of Adam’s Top 40. They’re all here — the hit songs, the songs that flopped, and the songs that may be a little embarrassing to reflect on. By March of sixth grade, we were all itching to get out and head off to middle school. It was just a few months away. Meanwhile, here’s a look at my top 40 from March 17, 2002:

40. LENNY KRAVITZ, “Stillness Of Heart”
39. P. DIDDY featuring USHER and LOON, “I Need A Girl (Part 1)”
34. NO DOUBT, “Hella Good”
33. NICKELBACK, “Too Bad”

Biggest Mover:
ALICIA KEYS, “How Come You Don’t Call Me?” (40-27) (13 spots)

10. SHAKIRA, “Underneath Your Clothes”
After shaking her hips and rolling around in the mud until “Whenever, Wherever” became a worldwide hit and her debut English one as well, our favorite Columbian singer slowed it down a bit for her followup single. Luckily, it was also pretty big, going top ten on the Hot 100 and my own chart. Today, you’ll find her on The Voice and promoting her new album.

09. NELLY FURTADO, “…On The Radio (Remember The Days)”
Remember the days when Furtado ruled the airwaves? The performer’s 2000 debut, Whoa, Nelly! went 2x Platinum in the U.S. alone. After two pretty big hits here, “Radio” failed to secure much airplay, and missed the Hot 100 completely. Her next era, 2003’s Folklore, was severely under-appreciated worldwide, but became her biggest to date on my survey.

08. MICHELLE BRANCH, “All You Wanted”
18-year-old Branch became the newest superstar on Madonna‘s Maverick Records in the summer of 2001 with her top ten CHR and Hot AC single “Everywhere”, but “Wanted” did even better at both formats during this spring season. She last made my chart in 2011 with “Loud Music” and has been struggling to release an album, West Coast Time, since then.

07. KYLIE MINOGUE, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”
After five weeks at #1 on my chart, the U.S. comeback smash for this lovely lady was slowly falling down my top ten. It made waves across the world, and lifted Fever to Platinum status here. Minogue’s latest album is Kiss Me Once, in stores on Tuesday. First single “Into The Blue” looks to break the top 20 in the U.K., her biggest hit there in nearly four years.

In 2002, Iglesias still had his trademark mole and could still deliver the hits on his own, like this track from his album of the same name. You may remember the video in which tennis star Anna Kournikova played his lover, which turned into a real-life thing. He’s still nursing the damage from three consecutive CHR radio flops from his latest effort, Sex + Love.

05. *NSYNC (featuring NELLY), “Girlfriend”
Whether you enjoyed the rap remix of this or not, it’s clear that it helped the boy band garner their third big single from the album Celebrity and showcased a more urban side to them. Unfortunately, it would also be their last appearance on the Hot 100. The five went on a “hiatus” shortly after the run for this and the subsequent PopOdyssey Tour wrapped up.

04. ALANIS MORISSETTE, “Hands Clean”
Under Rug Swept was the name of this singer and songwriter’s album at the time, but someone must’ve left the broom in the closet because it entered at #1 on the Billboard 200. “Hands” performed the best from it, though followup “Precious Illusions” also entered my chart. Morissette last made it on during the summer of 2012 with “Guardian”, peaking at #17.

03. PINK, “Don’t Let Me Get Me”
When in doubt, call out the head of your label and a fellow pop star and you may just get yourself a huge song. L.A. Reid and Britney Spears may have been her targets, but so was the coveted top spot. This was her second #1 following her contribution to 2001’s massive “Lady Marmalade” from the film Moulin Rouge. She recently performed at The Oscars.

02. IIO, “Rapture (Tastes So Sweet)”
When I was 12, I just wanted to dance… I think. Once again, the U.S. was late to the party with this global dance hit, and it peaked just outside the top 40 on the Hot 100. However, it was hot in the clubs and on my chart, where it was holding at its peak. It was the biggest single on my chart for the New York duo of Markus Moser and Nadia Ali, who left in 2005.

01. DARREN HAYES, “Insatiable”
From Savage Garden to his solo material, I’ve always loved Hayes’s music; he could sing the phone book and I would consider charting it. (Maybe that’s going a little too far.) It was this week in 2002 that “Insatiable” was atop my chart for a fifth frame as it also graced the AC and CHR radio surveys. Parent album Spin was one of my favorites that year. The 41-year-old Brisbane born performer last ranked on my top 40 in 2012 with “Stupid Mistake”, which got as high as #9.

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