ADAM’S TOP 40 FLASHBACK: March 25, 2012

They're on each other's "Team".

They’re on each other’s “Team”.

Welcome back for another edition of Adam’s Top 40 Flashback! Every Saturday, the day before my new top 40 goes up for the week, I’ll be featuring a past countdown straight from chart files of Adam’s Top 40. They’re all here — the hit songs, the songs that flopped, and the songs that may be a little embarrassing to reflect on. The idea of graduating from college was all too real at this point during Senior Year. It was one crazy time. Meanwhile, here’s what was happening on my chart dated March 25, 2012:

40. THE FRAY, “Run For Your Life”
39. COLBIE CAILLAT (featuring COMMON), “Favorite Song”
37. DANIEL POWTER, “Cupid”
35. CARLY RAE JEPSEN, “Call Me Maybe”

Biggest Mover:
GRAFFITI6, “Stare Into The Sun” (36-28) (8 spots)

10. ADAM LAMBERT, “Better Than I Know Myself”
Nowadays, you might call him Starchild, the nickname of his character on the FOX show Glee. However, in the spring of 2012, Lambert was in the middle of promoting his album Trespassing. “Better” peaked for two weeks at #8, his third top ten single on my chart. During the summer, he’ll be touring with Queen and then releasing his third album later in 2014.

09. KATY PERRY, “Part Of Me”
Originally written and recorded in 2010 for the album Teenage Dream, the finalized version of “Part” (with an alteration in both lyrics and production) didn’t see a release until early 2012 when the album was rereleased. It entered at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to strong digital sales and a pretty large airplay debut. She still tops the charts two years later.

08. ADELE, “Set Fire To The Rain”
From her sophomore album 21, you know this song well and yes, you can actually produce a flame in rain. It just takes a little bit of chemistry. No demonstrations, please. What this song was demonstrating, however, was mighty chart muscle. “Set” was the third #1 in a row from that album following “Rolling In The Deep” and “Someone Like You”. That’s too hot.

07. THE SCRIPT, “If You Ever Come Back”
Released as the third single from Science & Faith, “Back” became the fifth top 5 single in a row for this Irish trio, going as high as #4. It wasn’t nearly as successful on any national charts and was only released in a handful of countries. Several months later, the group would return to the #1 spot for four frames with “Hall Of Fame”, a collaboration with

06. GRAFFITI6, “Free”
Not only did the duo of Jamie Scott and Tommy Danvers have the week’s Biggest Mover with “Sun”, but they were also working their way down the top ten with their former #1. “Free” spent four weeks at the top and became my top single of 2012. Though a new album from the two has yet to be released, Scott is previewing material from a new solo project live.

05. ONE DIRECTION, “One Thing”
After the ballad “Gotta Be You” just missed making my top ten during the fall of 2011, the five guys from London headed in a, well, different Direction. The energetic and fun “Thing” was at its peak on my chart a few weeks before it started to build on U.S. radio. The quintet is currently on my survey with two songs, “Story Of My Life” and “Midnight Memories”.

04. ED SHEERAN, “The A Team”
Holding in place at #4 for a second week was the debut hit for Sheeran, whose song peaked at #3 the previous summer in the United Kingdom. “Team” would spend a week at #1 in April and earned him a nomination for Song Of The Year at the GRAMMY Awards. The performer returns with a second album later this year. Look for a new single in about two weeks.

03. KELLY CLARKSON, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”
Here’s one of the top singles to reach my chart from the former American Idol winner. She’s gone to the top three times, but unfortunately, “Stronger” got stuck at #2 for four weeks behind an even stronger #1. It was very close. The singer’s been back into the top ten two times since this song, going to #9 with “Catch My Breath” and to #6 with “People Like Us”.

02. TRAIN, “Drive By”
The Save Me, San Francisco did wonders for this trio, responsible for four consecutive top ten singles on my chart. Two years ago, they followed it up with California 37, and “Drive” took the highway to #1 for three weeks. All in all, this era also landed four songs in the top ten, and it sets up the band particularly well for whatever is next. Looking forward to it!

01. GOTYE featuring KIMBRA, “Somebody That I Used To Know”
It was the biggest duet of 2012 and with sales of 7.5 million copies in the U.S. alone, it also ranks as one of the top-selling hits of all-time. Who knew a simple song from Australia would travel around the world and strike it so big? Thankfully, it was an awesome tune, and it spent seven weeks at #1 on my personal chart. Both acts have made my top 40 since this fell off the chart: the former rose to #7 for three weeks with “Eyes Wide Open” and the latter got to #30 with “Settle Down”.

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