Record Store Day 2014: Adam’s Top Picks

Viva la Vinyl.

Shop ’til you drop.

It’s time yet again for another round of setting your Saturday morning alarm clock for 7AM, hopping out of bed and taking a trip to the local independent record store for another edition of Record Store Day. The seventh edition of this massive music fest is on April 19, so get ready to add to your collection with another set of exclusive CD and vinyl pieces. Heck, it may be even better than Christmas. Just remember to get there early, or you may miss out on what you want!

Later today, you’ll be able to see the full of release on the official RSD website. For now, here are ten vinyl releases that are already confirmed that I hope to pick up! (Thanks to Wax Poetic for their coverage as well.)

AMERICAN AUTHORS & THE MOWGLI’S – “In A Big Country”/”You Make My Dreams”
Format: 7″ single

It’s been four months since “Best Day Of My Life” hit #1 on my chart, but the band originally from Boston and now based in Brooklyn puts their spin on the 1983 Big Country single, which they performed on The Carrie Diaries last fall. On the flip side, the California pop septet take on a 1981 classic from Hall & Oates, a live favorite of theirs. It should be a fun release.

BASTILLE – Of The Night”
Format: 10″ EP
View artwork

“Night” is a former #1 single on my top 40 for two weeks and it also went top 5 in multiple European territories. The lineup on here is the same as its release overseas, with the album cut, the Icarus and MNEK mixes, and a live version of “Oblivion” recorded at the Capitol Studios in Hollywood. This is also one of the few picture discs of the bunch. I highly recommend it!

BLEACHERS – I Wanna Get Better”
Format: 7″ single
View artwork

In addition to an EP I’m looking at by fun., which you’ll see later down in the list, this new Jack Antonoff led band is also putting out a release of their own. “Better” is already soaring towards the top 20 on my weekly list and I’m quite excited to hear what the full album sounds like. The 7″ features an album version and a remix by Vince Clarke from the duo Erasure.

Format: 10″ EP
View artwork

They were one of the biggest acts of the late 60’s and today, they’re all over Classic Rock radio. Celebrating 45 years since some of their greatest successes, this 10″ EP combines four consecutive hit singles from the band: “Proud Mary”/”Born On The Bayou”, “Bad Moon Rising”/”Lodi”, “Green River”/”Commotion” and lastly, “Down On The Corner”/”Fortunate Son”.

FUN. – Point And Light
Format: 10″ EP

In 2012, the trio released a RSD-exclusive EP titled The Ghost That You Are To Me. (I was able to find a copy of it.) Their latest vinyl EP, five tracks in total, is a collection of demos from their first album, Aim and Ignite, released on Nettwerk in fall 2009. The track list includes “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)”, “I Wanna Be The One” and “The Gambler”.

MAYER HAWTHORNE & SHINTARO SAKAMOTO – Wine Glass Woman”/“In A Phantom Mood”
 Format: 7″ single

This split single featuring a cut from Hawthorne’s Where Does This Door Go? (a fantastic album, I might add) and a 2012 song from the Tokyo singer. Hawthorne has another RSD release this year as Jaded Incorporated, in which he partners with producer 14KT. That 7″ single, “Black Future”/”People Change”, is shaped like a triangle and costs significantly more.

NEON TREES – “Sleeping With A Friend”
Format: 7″ single
View artwork

This Utah band is also back for another RSD: two years ago, they issued a heart-shaped vinyl single of their hit “Everybody Talks.” However, not everybody was talking, because I was never able to find it. Very sad indeed. However, with this song being the current #1 single on my personal chart, I would hope there’s a better chance of locating this one. Stock up, folks.

ONE DIRECTION – “Midnight Memories”/“Rock Me (Live)”
Format: 10″ vinyl EP
View artwork

I know what you’re saying: this can’t be right, Adam. However, it very much is. The quintet is putting out a 10″ picture disc for the big day, which features their current U.K. single on the a-side and a live version of a fan favorite from their concert picture, One Direction: This Is Us, on the b-side. Have you seen the cover? It’s totally tubular, for sure. I love the 80’s fun.

RAY PARKER, JR. – “Ghostbusters”
Format: 10″ single
View (original) artwork

Speaking of the 80’s, I think you better call someone to pick up this release, which turns 30 years old in 2014! I apologize if that makes you feel old. Containing the original edit and dance mixes/dubs, along with an instrumental version, the record itself is also glow in the dark, which is a cute little novelty. Plus, who can resist a classic pop song? Let’s party like it’s 1984.

R.E.M. – MTV Unplugged: The Complete 1991 And 2001 Sessions
Format: 4 LP set
View artwork

This is bound to be one of the most sought after releases this season, which combines both performances by the band from Unplugged in 1991 and 2001. In addition to what aired on MTV, there are eleven unaired numbers on here: five from the former show and six from the latter. The trio’s always been pretty generous with their RSD givings, and this is no different.

More awesome pop choices:
BETTY WHO“Heartbreak Dream”/”Somebody Loves You (Acoustic)” (7″ single)
COLDPLAY“Magic”/“Midnight” (7″ single)
HAIM“Forever” (12″ single)
MKTO“Classic” (7″ single)
PARAMORE“Ain’t It Fun” (12″ single)
RAY LAMONTAGNE“Supernova”/”Pick Up A Gun” (7″ single)
THE STANDELLS“Dirty Water”/”Twitchin’ Clear” (7″ single)

Are you looking forward to the RSD celebration and is there another release not listed here that you’ve got to have? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter: click the “Get Social!” tab above to find us on there.

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