Back To The 90’s: The Decade Parade This Spring

Alright, kids, grab your things – we’re headed for time machine because this spring, we’ll be taking a trip back to the 90’s as these three acts give it their best shot at a comeback. (Leave the Beanie Babies and the Furby behind, thanks.) You know them from their smash hits on the pop and rock surveys, and now, the AAA and Hot AC radio airwaves are all theirs. Listen up!

Up all night to get "Lucky".

Up all night to get “Lucky”.

BETTER THAN EZRA – “Crazy Lucky”
Adds Date: at Hot AC radio now

From New Orleans, the rockers led by super songwriter and singer Kevin Griffin are back and making a return to the scene with their latest release. The last time the trio appeared on my chart was with 2009’s “Absolutely Still”, which made the top 20. It was the only single to chart from Paper Empire, issued on Megaforce. This time around, they’ve partnered with The End Records, along with Warner Music’s Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) on All Together Now, out in June. Lead single “Lucky” is a summer soaked hit with a bit of Train flair in the lyrical department, or perhaps just reminiscent of their 2001 single “Extra Ordinary”. Griffin sings, “There are six and three-quarter billion people in this world / And 51% of them are girls / …and if the world is four times bigger than the moon / then, tell me how on Earth did I find you?” It’s absolutely worth a listen and a spot on your summer playlist. Look for more soon!

A supersonic, Semisonic singer.

A supersonic, Semisonic singer.

DAN WILSON – “Love Without Fear”
Adds Date: March 24 (AAA)

During the decade that was, Minneapolis-based trio Semisonic gave us an anthem in 1998’s “Closing Time”, which was written by lead singer Wilson in anticipation of the birth of his first child and impending fatherhood. Well, over 15 years later, the song remains on the radio and has become a staple in film and television. As much as that song was a defining hit for the band, things have only gone up for Wilson since it. In fact, 2011 might’ve been his most exciting year yet, as his composition written and produced with Adele, “Someone Like You”, went to #1 on the Hot 100 for five frames. Now, three years later, he’s about to release his first studio album since 2007, which is also titled Love Without Fear. It’s out April 15 on his own Ballroom Music label. It’s another solid entry in the singer and songwriter’s growing catalogue and picks up the energy from first release “Disappearing”. The radio action should be decent for it.

The need for Creed.

The need for Creed.

SCOTT STAPP – “Dying To Live”
Adds Date: March 24 (Hot AC)

After personal troubles ruled his life for years, the 40-year-old leader for Florida rockers Creed, currently on hiatus for the time being, is looking to make a name for himself again with this second solo offering. Stapp released his first solo album, The Great Divide, in the fall of 2005 to a little success. Last November, Proof Of Life was issued, and this is the first single outside of rock radio from it. Though he and his group’s presence has been greatly diminished in the national spotlight beyond the occasional spin of “With Arms Wide Open” on the radio, Wind-Up’s been able to secure some Hot AC play in the past few months for singer/songwriter Five For Fighting’s “What If” (top 30) and James Durbin‘s “Parachute” (currently top 50), so all hope is not lost (yet.) Plus, the song is a twangier twist on the average rock ballad, and even if Hot AC isn’t that receptive to it, there’s still a good chance that AC could hop on it. We’ll see.

Which one of these throwbacks coming back is your favorite single of the bunch? Let me know you think below or find PGTC on social media by clicking the “Get Social!” tab.


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