PROFILE: Royal Wood Finds “Forever” On Latest Single

We'll never be royals... but he will.

We’ll never be royals… but he will.


He’s been kicking it in the music industry for more than a decade and, knock on Wood, a major breakthrough is in the cards for Canadian singer and multi-instrumentalist Royal Wood. The former business major and graduate of McGill University in Montreal put out his first EP in 2003, but it’s just now that Wood is bursting onto the Canadian airwaves with a sweet and catchy love song just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Forever And Ever”. Already top 40 at the Hot AC format and top 30 on AC, it’s catching on and is on course to keep building in the next few months. I think he’s destined for even more than that.

Born into a musical family, the Petersborough, Ontario born performer was already playing the piano at a young age, and through practice and time acquired the skill to play the bass, clarinet, drums, guitar and trumpet. That’s quite a selection. In college, Wood found himself playing at jazz clubs and then self-releasing his own material before being picked up by the independently-owned MapleMusic. That led to his first full-length album, the well-praised Tall Tales in 2004. He continued creating music over the next few years, began licensing his catalogue to television, and all’s been going up since that point.

With a total of seven EPs and full-length albums to date behind him now, he’s no newcomer to the scene. In fact, in 2011, he was nominated for a Juno Award for Songwriter Of The Year based off of songs from his 2010 album The Waiting. National Canadian radio network CBC Radio 2 has championed his material and video channel MuchMusic has also featured clips from him in the past. This time around, however, it’s been Bell Media and their chain of radio stations that are helping to back “Forever”. Since the beginning of this year, 10 of the 19 stations from the group across those two radio panels have added the song into light and moderate rotation, including larger markets like Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. It’s a hit!

Should the performer make it to the U.S. later this year, “Forever” would find a nice home at the same Stateside AC and Hot AC formats, as well as the more independent AAA airwaves. Taken only at its surface level, it’s a song with a simple message backed with a sonically pleasing folk-pop arrangement, a perfect fit given the musical atmosphere at the moment, but it also has a lot of heart. There’s something so deeply pure about it that you can’t help but be content and clap along to the beat. Promotion company DMD Entertainment is staying on top of the record up there; we’ll have to see just how far this can go.

Wood’s forthcoming album, The Burning Bright, will be released on March 18 in his native Canada and the singer has tour dates planned up north through mid-February and then again in the late spring and early summer. Be sure to check his official website for specific locations and ticket purchasing information. He also recently announced a deal with the small Toy Town Records for his latest releases in the United Kingdom. However, Canada will remain the focus market for now.

Just one song can change a career and this could be the moment. “Forever” lives up to that timeless feel of falling in love and rush of finding the perfect someone; now, finding the right opportunities will seal the deal for this song’s future.

(Download “Forever And Ever” on iTunes)(Discover other releases from Royal Wood on iTunes)

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