ADAM’S TOP 40 FLASHBACK: January 16, 2000

Da ba dee, da ba "Bye".

Da ba dee, da ba “Bye”.

Welcome back for another edition of Adam’s Top 40 Flashback! Every Saturday, the day before my new top 40 goes up for the week, I’ll be featuring a past countdown straight from chart files of Adam’s Top 40. They’re all here — the hit songs, the songs that flopped, and the songs that may be a little embarrassing to reflect on. Second half of fourth grade meant that the Projects Fair was on the horizon; I’ll have you know that I had a fabulous report on firefighters. It was fun. Meanwhile, here’s a look at my top 40 from January 16, 2000:

40. SPLENDER, “I Think God Can Explain”
37. KID ROCK, “Only God Knows Why”
20. *NSYNC, “Bye Bye Bye”

Biggest Mover:
S CLUB 7, “Bring It All Back” (36-26) (10 spots)

10. SUGAR RAY, “Falls Apart (Run Away)”
We start off the top ten with this track from the California band and their third hit (fourth single overall) from their 14:59 era. “Falls” was produced by David Kahne and co-written by he and the group. It may not have had the longest shelf life on the charts, but it did make an impact and drove its parent album sales to over 3 million copies in the U.S. alone. They last made my top 40 in 2005.

09. SMASH MOUTH, “Then The Morning Comes”
Coming off a big #1 on the pop chart, “All Star”, Steve Harwell and the boys had to follow up their summer anthem with this chilled-out track just in time for fall and winter. Lifted from Astro Lounge, their only top ten album on the Billboard 200, the song rose to #11 on the Hot 100 and cracked the top 5 at CHR radio. Sadly, night had to fall on “Morning” and the band’s success diminished after it.

08. BLINK 182, “All The Small Things”
I was one of the many who had a chuckle or two when the music video for this used to air on Total Request Live, parodying recent clips at the time from the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and more. Plus, who can’t resist a good “na na na na” chorus? Simple, yet effective. “Small” remains their trio’s largest single to reach my chart, which they last entered in 2004 with the ballad “I Miss You”.

07. FILTER, “Take A Picture”
Hey man, nice song. The rockers out of Ohio burst onto the scene in 1995, but it wasn’t until 1999’s Title Of Record that they reached their commercial peak with this top 5 Alternative record. It was inspired by frontman Richard Patrick’s drunken adventures on a plane trip. This would be their only song to reach my chart, though they’re still together and reached the rock charts as recently as 2013.

06. ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, “The Rhythm Divine”
The Latin explosion in 1999 brought us a lot of great new acts and Iglesias was one of them with his English breakthough hit, “Bailamos”. This was the next release, which wasn’t nearly as big, but still made the top ten on my chart. The singer is still at work on his next album, another bilingual effort. Three English singles have been issued from it so far; the most recent is “I’m A Freak”, with Pitbull.

05. CELINE DION, “That’s The Way It Is”
Representing for Canada, Dion is the only performer from the Great White North in the week’s top ten. The song was co-written by Max Martin, which was unusual at the time because he was known for his work with teen pop acts. However, “Way” was yet another hit for the diva and helped her first greatest hits compilation, All The Way… A Decade Of Song, rise to #1. She last went top 40 in 2008.

04. SAVAGE GARDEN, “I Knew I Loved You”
It led the pop radio chart for five weeks and ranked on the Adult Contemporary for what seemed like an eternity; this was one big song you heard everywhere back in the day. It was also coming off a run atop my own list. The Australian duo would rank two other singles on my chart, “Crash And Burn” and “Affirmation”, before splitting in 2001. Darren Hayes charted as a solo act beginning in 2002.

03. BACKSTREET BOYS, “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely”
There was about to be a boy band battle brewing on the survey with the high debut of *NSYNC‘s “Bye Bye Bye” and this quickly rising ballad, which was up to #3 after just six weeks on the chart. “Lonely” had a pretty dramatic, but memorable video, one that I remember seeing quite a lot on television. This would eventually hit #1 later that month before it was knocked out by “Bye” in February.

02. CHRISTINA AGUILERA, “What A Girl Wants”
Long before the Lotus rose and the Bionic woman claimed that she wasn’t herself on that particular night, Aguilera was deep in the heart of her debut era and continuing to shine with this light and fun single. Certified Gold, it went to #1 on the Hot 100 for two weeks, though it was kept out of the top spot on my own chart. She would rack up another two big singles from her self-titled album in 2000.

01. EIFFEL 65, “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”
In 1992, three friends based in Turin, Italy began their ride to a huge worldwide hit, a novelty song about a man stuck in a “blue world” emotionally and physically. It was addictive, and for three weeks in January 2000, it ruled my chart. Unfortunately, the song wore out quickly, and after a minor followup in “Move Your Body” (which did much better in Europe), their days on the U.S. scene were done. After two more moderately successful albums in their homeland, they broke up, but reformed in 2012 to tour.

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