The Girl Next “Adore”: Cherishing These Chart Hits

Hard at twerk.

Hard at twerk.

If you were hoping Miley Cyrus was going to take 2014 off, sorry, she’s not. In fact, it looks like she’ll be just as big this year as she was in 2013 with a sold out tour and her continued placement on the charts. Her third single from her album Bangerz, titled “Adore You”, just re-entered on the Hot 100 at #22 thanks to the premiere of a video clip for it on December 26, as well as increased airplay and sales. It’s now the fifth Hot 100 entry to adorn the big survey with an “Adore” title, which includes two #1 singles in two decades. Will Cyrus’s latest passionately pop to the top? We’ll see in a few months. For now, here are the other four singles to bang and bounce up the chart:

“I Adore Him”, The Angels (#25, 1963)
This American trio earned a couple of small to moderate entries before blasting to the top with the summer hit, “My Boyfriend’s Back”, in 1963. A few months afterwards, this single was released by their label at the time, Smash Records. While it wasn’t a big smash per se, it did provide the group with their last top 40 single. The three are still together today.

“My Eyes Adored You”, Frankie Valli (#1, 1975)
After failing to crack the top 40 in seven years, the lead singer of the Four Seasons finally made it back in 1975 and soared to the #1 spot. “Eyes” was technically a band recording, but only credited to Valli per a decision by label Private Stock. They finally returned to a full credit on singles like “Who Loves You” and “December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)”.

“I Adore Mi Amor”, Color Me Badd (#1, 1991)
With pencil thin mustaches and a pop-driven R&B sound, the quartet from Oklahoma City burst onto the scene with some big hits. “Amor” was the second single from C.M.B. following “I Wanna Sex You Up” and spent two weeks at #1 in September. Though they continued to chart through the late 1990’s, their presence was diminished after that first era.

“Ava Adore”, The Smashing Pumpkins (#42, 1998)
Recorded during a challenging time in the band’s history, this era ultimately showcased a darker side both in image and sonically. It just missed the top 40 and was their closest pass there since “Thirty-Three” peaked at… #39 (so close!) in 1997. Parent album Adore will be rereleased on both CD and vinyl with some special bonus material sometime this year.

So, who do you “adore” off this list? Let me know! Comment below or click the “Get Social!” tab to find PGTC on social media.

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